What Happens When Your Mod Disappears

My SXmini MLclass is gone forever :sob: I own a small maintenance business and don’t have a lot. But my sx mini ml class with (my new) kayfun 5 were the only highend devices I’ve owned. Now some ass that most likely doesn’t vape or can’t appreciate the vape is like with my setup. Or that if they did vape on it, how good notthatcharlsemansons strawberry shortcake bar is.
Living in Maine you don’t aways lock your doors especially when you’re going in and out. My wife and I was working tonight cleaning banks. We are in and out, in each in about 30min and go I out to my truck and few times during that time. So why lock up right.
Well to make this story short. We finished this branch and as I was putting things away, my wife to asked me to stop playing and to give her phone and purse back. I didn’t know what she was talking about. I couldn’t believe it they were gone. How could someone steal her phone and purse.
It didn’t hit me at first, not until we were waiting for the cop to show so we could report it and I went to have a vape to melo me out that my mods was gone :confounded:. To be honest up til that point I was like oh well, but after was like why, why me, I’m here every night, nothing like this has ever happened, why my mod.
This experience has made me understand how much vaping, my mods, my rta’s rda’s and my diy supplies mean to me. How much vaping becomes a part of you, your setup and your liquids part of your personality. I feel like that guy stole a part of me when he took my setup and what hurts me more is I don’t believe he will appreciate the setup that took a long time for me to work up to. It’s not all about the mod or tank it’s about the journey I’ve had to get to it.
Thanks for letting me rant.


See - House was robbed today =(

People that steal are despicable, karma will get them, let that comfort you…


just dont go back to cigs.


It absolutely is a part of you. People that don’t vape can’t understand how important it really is to us , not just because it saved our lives. That wasn’t cheap gear either. I would love to have that mod but I will earn it not steal it . You’re right they probably don’t even vape and don’t realize what they have. One of the top mods on the market ( if not the top mod )and they can’t appreciate like you do because they didn’t work for it. I would replace it for you if I could. Plus stealing a purse is just low. My wife has personal things in hers, things that can’t just be replaced. I’m sorry that happened to you and your wife.


Sorry about your loss. Scumbags deserve to be caught. I hate when shit like this happens.
I’ve worked all my life and if i wanted anything, i knew i had to work to pay for it. It has never entered my head to go and steal it, coming form a family that have all worked since leaving school, me since i was 12yrs old, we are firm believers of “if you want something you work hard to get it” period.


One thing to consider is banks have LOTS of cameras. And since you work for them in a way, they would probably be willing to get you some video footage. They have enough cameras to get license plate bumbers from anywhere around the branch. Hope this helps.


I’m so sorry that is awful. I hope you can get a nice replacement. I understand exactly what you mean about the journey my stuff is nothing impressive to others but they mean a lot to me.


Sorry to hear this happened to you. Living in rural West Virginia myself, like you I do not lock up when I stop at local country stores to run in. Been lucky I guess. I agree with what @LordVapor said, banks normally have cameras and I hope they caught something that helps.


Sorry to hear that brother. You’re absolutely right in that vaping is a highly personal experience. it isn’t just a mod or a tank or an RDA. For most of us they are markers that highlight a journey that we wouldn’t have thought possible (personally, I tried quitting the analogs a dozen times with no joy until I vaped). I hope the security cameras are at least able to ID the person(s) responsible and you get all your items back.


The bank does have cameras and where I park there are 2 pointed on my truck. There is video of a guy riding up on his bike 6min after going in looking in my truck. He rides off then comes back 5min later and opens the passengers side grabs everything and runs off. Just like a bigger city the police aren’t going to do much. But I am insured. So I’ve already placed an order for a sx350j v2 diy kit but until this happen I didn’t realize how personal my vape was to me. It suck to see this happen to so many others. And thanks to everyone who replied and understand. If I talked to nonvapers about how I felt about losing a mod they would just think I was insane.