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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?





I got a 3D printer - and I just realized I don’t have to find the kind of shelf I want, I can just measure my bottles, add a mm, and make sure I have the nail notches I want (people seem to love screw mounts, and I don’t want to put a whole bunch of huge holes in my wall). It’s basically just a couple rectangles and circles - my total perplexity re 3d modeling is irrelevant.


Ohhhhh… That’s just evil!!
You dirty little enabler you!

I didn’t even know I needed a 3d printer until just now. (wanted one? Of course… :laughing: )


We’d love to see what ya come up w/ post it Storing and organizing your DIY supplies? I just had to re do the shelves i built from wood since NR’s bottles w/ the new caps are taller then the original 30s i built em for. The 15mls ones are even taller then the new 30s so glad i procrastinated doing it till now.


https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3360374 Printing the first draft now. Should hold 2 groups of 6 10ml bottles.


Welcome to the 3d printing rabbit hole!


Ahhh, using the KISS method I see! :wink:


Hey, I put a design thing on one side. … (check the thing viewer to turn to the front) :stuck_out_tongue:


Nooooo! Not George!


Slight derail and just suggestion but how long is it? For a secure mount you would want to hit studs in the wall, normally on center every 16" but my guess is that it will be close if not tad more then 16" long. I would space your mounting tabs that distance which would be in or near the corners. I prefer Kiss projects as well and if u care to save filament and not to some fancy mounting/backing plate, you could just put the holes inside the box and the flavors will hide your mounting screws. Does look cool tho and wish i had a 3d printer to make ideas come alive.


16" is 406.4mm . . . I certainly can’t print anything that long (200x200x200 bed, basically) and I’m not sure anyone (with a cheap consumer printer) can as a single part - tho the walls could be much thicker to allow for a peg-and-glue merge, and either hot-glue or melted PLA to kinda-sorta weld two bits together might work just as well. Hell, super glue might work all on its own.

But, this tray weighs about 8oz with full bottles in it, so a couple drywall tacks and/or mounting tape should be enough. . .I hope :P. I’ll put it up with mount tonight and see if it stays up until I get home, and then try nails with the second one printing now in the morning when I get off work.

Another option would be to make some mounting hooks on the next design and use those nails with the bracket that makes them go down at a 45 angle and have a hook on the bracket? Not sure this design is thick enough for that, but we’ll see if I need to try that.


Epoxy glue would hold just fine to join 2 together since its not really taking any weight. If ya get better at the program, designing ones that hook together on the ends so u can print more to attach as your stash expands would be an awesome design!! am sure hollow wall anchors be just fine just always nice to grab a stud for them drunkin’ mixing sessions, hanging on the shelf mumbling “what can i make?” :rofl:


Ahhh… You’re a Saint!
I knew there was a reason I didn’t need a 3d printer!

(want one, of course… :crazy_face: )


Nobody “needs” a 3d printer - but they are DAMN handy. Also, if yer looking for a bit bigger, the Creality 10 is more like 300x300x400 (12x12x15.75)/ Now, that 15.75 is Height, but, you’d be surprised how much you end up printing vertically due to the better resolution anyway, so doing it for extra length works too.

Depending on your idea of “affordable”, I suspect you can get something more like 300x300x500 googles Creality CR-10 S5 is 500x500x500 at 900-ish USD. That’s about all I found at over “stud distance” in the under 1k price range.

I paid 280 for my anycubic I3 tho. Absolutely a worthwhile purchase


3D printing. Neato. I’m still smiling over Extrateresticles :laughing:



Scammerz Busted… Dont pass GO. Dont collect $200 dollars. Go directly to jail. :star_struck:


It’s Friday. So I’m smiling!


I’m blaming you for wasting the last 2 hours of my day. Watching this guy’s videos is like the old Lay’s Potato Chips commercial. Can’t have just one!

Awesome seeing revenge in action :slight_smile: