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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


I know Im hooked also :astonished: … been watching a lot of them.

It’s hysterical hearing the scammers scream and swear at him. :rofl:


Indeed. And to hear how they really feel about “you Americans” as with this asshat…


Yep haters with be haters. :nauseated_face:


This little guy, his name is asshat


To clarify, @Cutlass92 is referring to the cat.


Hey! I resemble that remark.


Dang, just when I thought I guessed correctly!




I bet that’s what the cat says too. Lol.


Holy cow you guys are mean!


I woke up to my two Manx sisters next to me this morning. They had that look of, “Wake up Momma, we’re in need of snacks!” Those two sweet sisters can be a mess. Went to sleep with one holding her hand! (Yes, they use their hands more than many kitties I’ve ever seen.) Normally we think of a kitty trying to size us up for the kill, not this morning. They had their heads tilted just looking at me. Yes, I gave in and have them snacks. Lol :slight_smile:


I just figured out I live 30 minutes from Capella Flavors…SWEET now I can buy that 55-gallon drum with no shipping :slight_smile:


Plan on rolling it home?:laughing:


Yep :slight_smile: I can’t imagine how long it would take to go through 55 gallons of anything


If you’re @Ken_O_Where, when it comes to Capella Vanilla Custard…not long! :crazy_face:


Suddenly remembering that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow (Monday). We have a public holiday for Australia Day! Woo-Hoo! :+1:




Ha-ha! Cheers @ozo. This reminds me of Oktoberfest (the beer that is) :wink:



For whatever reason, I was FULLY expecting to see a drummer and set being flown among the mountains… They did say “Most Epic” after all.


(great message though, just not at all what I was expecting. Especially considering the ‘build up’ about the sick bags.)