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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


I still see some of them, walk by, out of the corner of my eye.
Happens all the time.
Who can tell me it isn’t real, eh?
Makes me smile !!!
(and I talk to them)


Nothing will stop them from taking care of there dad.


For the new(ers) that didn’t know about this (reposting)…




Sorry for pups loss @Cutlass92 and @Molly_Mcghee

Putting up some funny memes to make yall chuckle, olds but still goodies


Thank you!


weasel%20thing vape%20hype

Anyone remember this guy?


This was years ago on the old facebook vaping groups but I think it was a an old mixing group, but he ended getting accused of making “bath tub” juice or made really subpar juice and selling it for like 2x the going rate.

vape history memes haha


Thanks for the laughs! It helps a lot!! :joy::grin:


I can honestly say I’ve never seen any of those. Thanks!


Super Duper Juice Mixer !!! LOL, never seen that before either.


The glasses guy was notorious for going in vape groups saying “im going to sue you” to everyone, he eventually disappeared like a fart in the wind but his memes will remain secured in history.

The sweet vape bruh is Tony Cortina, this vid was spread around a lot back in the day

The strawberry adds strawberry…that’s just one that I made a few years ago haha

the rip trippers is a literal translation of his famous quote

…the wow weasel thing is like …when you mix a juice and its just …perfect and you cant stop vaping it


Good stuff, definitely nailed the youngins.



G ggvj


this made me criy, with my 1-st size(


Welcome to the circus.
Rides on the carousel are free, but I suggest you not sit on the red pony (teehee).



Oh shit! Instant cringe!


3 years on ELR :boom::dizzy::firecracker::tada: Can’t stress how much this forum and it’s family has meant to me.


Thanks Uncle Ozo! Glad to see you back in the fold :grinning: