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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


LOL I know right ?


Making this meme haha


That’s why I abandoned all shooters!


Ellie Mae makes me smile. I don’t know if @Cutlass92 mentioned it or not, but our 14 year old black lab, Sadie, passed away on Monday. This week has been exceptionally difficult at times. Sadie was Ellie’s best bud. We all miss her, but Ellie is making sure we all get extra loving from her!

So, here she is eating peanut butter!


Sorry to hear about Sadie. :cry:


Thank you, she was a good girl, very loyal and protective.


:pensive: sorry to hear.


Very sorry to hear it you guys.
Thoughts are with you.


Sorry for your loss guys.


@Cutlass92, @Molly_Mcghee so very sorry about Sadie.


Thank you all, we really appreciate it!


Thank you, @TheTinMan, @SthrnMixer, @Sprkslfly, @MisterSinner, & @Lostmarbles. It means a lot.



Very sorry for your loss @cutlass92, and @molly_mcghee.


Damnit man! My eyes are all wet.


Thank you.


Mine too, eh? Just because she was not mine…means nothing.
I have been in animal rescue since the 1960’s, seen so many
come and go, and it NEVER gets any easier.
Every one shoots a hole in my heart, and makes my eyes leak.


I completely understand, we bring in strays, get them healthy and find them homes.


A story about her.
So I left home for a year for the army. When I got home and she saw me she booked across the yard and jumped in my arms and licked my face off. She was so happy to see me she didn’t leave my side for at least a week.


You made my eyes leak again.

It’s been a week since she’s been gone, but I still expected to see her when I came in the door this evening.