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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


this :)……………


“hump day, yyeeeaah”… totally guilty, I’ve said this out loud …too many times haha



Enjoy Key West! Call me when you are good and ripped. Always make me laugh.


I need a Bob


Surprising… But no problem!
We gotcha covered! :rofl:


Hahahahaha too funny ROTFLMAO


That photo was from a 2 hour cruise on Saturday evening. We got there on Thursday and just got back last night. A little bit of Key West goes a long way so we were glad to be home.

This was my second trip to KW and likely my last. I mean it’s beautiful. The weather is amazing. And there’s fun to be had. But to me it’s like going to the county fair. You’'re stuck in a small space with a bunch of idiots and all you want is to be back home. Besides, I haven’t been able to party 2 nights in a row for many years now so I could have come home Friday and been happy. Those guys I went with - especially my partner - are young and energetic and in constant beast mode.


Beautiful pic,

I can remember those days but they are a fading memory LOL


Random pick me up when driving in snow…


Did the picture get reversed, or am I only just realizing that you’re a southpaw? :laughing:
(great pic BTW)


LOL, thanks @Sprkslfly, yeah, lefty is the name of the game over here…

tweaking the mics (again…)


I’d love to sit down to that for about 30 minutes. Well, if you put everything in the right order. It’s all backerds! But yeah, I could make some noise fo sho! :star_struck:


@SessionDrummer It’s all correct man from the audience perspective… Since most Mixers on Album/CD releases mix the toms from Left to Right anyways. :+1:


Your humor is offbeat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But I like it! lol


Hehe, you have to love the mixing part. Def. a PITA for me anyway.



I know… done a few recording in my days… Getting the right mic placement for good isolation. The over head mics. making sure nothing is canceling out other mics. Then you have to work on the EQ which is a whole other PITA! Sometime just a good pair of condensor mics over-head will make a for recording. But looks like your going for the full enchilada Have FUN looks like a great start! :star_struck:

The only thing I was going to suggest was… if the 4th and 5th tom mic are picking up too much snare, face them the other way. Can’t wait to hear some beats man!


Yeah, I played around with the tom mics for quite a while, and it was impossible to not get a little bleed, but, little gating, didn’t work out too bad. Toyed around with dual mic’ing kick and snare, but ended up getting getting better results with singles. Luckily had no phasing issues with the overheads, lucky day.

Lucky for me, I’m no engineer LOL, so the learning curve is/was/has been brutal. The suspension mounts ON the toms did somewhat limit where I could put them, which again, didn’t work out too bad, but required a little more gating. Work in progress, like always LOL. Thank you.


@Freddie3 about the only “critical” issue I’ve not fixed is spot mics for the splashes. Overheads are giving a good “overhead” mix, with all the brass and some of the toms/snare, but the splashes are getting lost in the mix. Screw it, I’ve got a few channels left LOL. Never ends, JUST like mixing da jooce.