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WHAT Has Made You Smile Today?


Ah just get back to basics. Here, watch this. The real help for you starts at 28 seconds.



Didn’t mean to steamroll the thread, but smile they do make me do…

Had day at work, only have to look at the Lava Bubinga …

@SthrnMixer I’m a lifer @drumeo, but never seem to have enough time to take full advantage of it.



Well that’s ok sunshine, you just keep at it. One day you may be able to keep that beat.

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and




@SessionDrummer You’ll get it, if you want sure add more mics/ hehehe! First I’d try a adding little higher frequency EQ, since they will be brighter then the others crashes… That might bring em out more. Or focus on hitting them harder when your practicing. :wink:



Friend of mine still smokes. A year ago we tried getting him to join the “light” side.

I bought juices, hardware (tanks, mods, coils etc) only thing he needed to get were batteries.

For the longest time he wouldnt do it. Finally he got some, but says its just not for him. Because he hates the tanks, exchanging coils and what not…too much vape etc. The vaping itself like taste of juices in comparison to cigarette taste he likes.

So i went ahead bought more stuff, still nothing. He then mentioned that he actually likes smoking, and wont give it up. I know its bs, and all he needs is a good device that works for him and his “lazyness”

Today i ordered a pod system. Yep not because i love them so much, but theres nothing “complicated” or battery charging in a seperate charger kinda excuse anymore. And cotton can be exchanged (sounds good to me).

By now i made it my mission to get him off the cigarettes and i always win…sooner or later :rofl:

For now that makes me happy, next week i probably post in the “what makes you mad” thread, till then lets enjoy my attempt of helping someone!



I have over the years given countless devices away to people and I have found that for the most part if they have no skin in the game ($$$$) tand they are reluctant to give up then it is an uphill battle and near impossible. Good luck I do hope you win.



I did the same thing for a family member total resistance…



I’ve experienced that a few times myself. :confused: However, for those folks who take to it, blown away buy the experience, becomes their hobby, and basically saves their own life… it’s a damn good feeling to know you’ve helped them to keep living! :grinning:



To date I’ve converted 4 including myself … I have 2 to go then we will be all good on the light side of the force :slight_smile:



Trust me i see your point. My issue with him is just, that i think its an excuse.

Every time we get together he uses mine or my husband mod, actually enjoying it.

Hence i offered getting his first setup, since he couldnt afford it.

However nobody listens to me, as always lol and i suggested to start with a mtl setup and 12mg of nicotine.

But nope he wanted a dl setup, to make it worse a smok tf tank and then complaint about it being too much vape, too hot and too expensive.

I then said again lets get a mtl device, to that time my husband was using a krixus tank with re wickable ceramic coils, so of course these two went out and got one of these. Then he had issues replacing the cotton himself.

Now that we are vaping mostly rta, thats his new idea, but he lives around 6 hrs away. So i cant get in the car quick and stop by his place to help him building. Also he dont want to “learn” but rather just press a button and it works.

Im not supporting that, because if he hurts himself its on me, if i just give him wire and a rta lol.
He did love my pulse mod with the ammit rda so, but i dont trust that he would be able to build it, without looking stuff up at least.

So anyways, thats why i think that his, i want to keep smoking is just an excuse, till either i give up or he finds something he likes.

Hence giving a pod a try might be not a bad idea, at least it wasnt expensive. But you are right, if that dont work, maybe next time he needs to pay for these things, might change his mind then lol.



Digging my new black stealth rig… so, at work, I’ll be doing my Obi-Wan…



I feel your pain :frowning:



It’s Friday I have 4 days off to party … And did a little mixing too :slight_smile: the blue tape…ugh its cheap and not too sticky



Good on ya!
I use waterproof vinyl mailing labels from Avery. They hold very well onto glass or plastic without pealing off like paper ones and they’re quite easy to remove without too much of a gummy residue.





A couple months ago we had to put my wife’s Pomeranian down. She was not sick, just old (19) and completely miserable with kidney failure taking hold. My wife thought we wouldn’t get another dog but I suppose she decided she could make another commitment. So we picked up this little guy on Saturday. His name is Smokey, and he’s 10 weeks old.



Sorry for your loss @sthrnmixer, but glad you could add to the family again.



one nice kitty deserves another. This is Dimaggio he is a polydactyl cat (7 toes on each front paw) my cuddle buddy :slight_smile:



The terd in a box.



@RexRabbit Those are THUMBS !!!