What have YOU done for ELR lately ? What's ELR mean to you?

With all that we are going through (COVID-19), the added stress, politics, heated posts/arguments/disagreements, etc. maybe it’s time to talk about what’s GOOD at ELR, and maybe what YOU have given back to the community, what ELR means to you, or how you’ve been helped by ELR.

NOT a contest, but more of a request of a reminder of what many/most of us are doing that isn’t being mentioned, or thought about here lately.

I know for myself, I do a shit ton of Single Flavor Tests, and share them with everyone (for better OR worse). Review equipment when I have the time, and generally (NOT always LOL), try to be a positive influence, and help others out. I have shipped many shipments out to fellow ELR members for free, if they seemed to be in need, or were having a hard time getting started. Trying to give back, as best as I can. Now I ain’t perfect hehe, by ANY stretch, and @anon28032772, and @Pro_Vapes in particular can attest to my needing some medication to get me over my “political” triggers, but I’m working on it. Far from perfect, but I have really tried to give BACK to the ELR’ers. I check my badges from time to time, and maybe that’s stupid, but I like to check none the less.


So, unlike Trump (see what I JUST did there ?), it’s NOT all about me. It’s about YOU GUYS.
So what do YOU guys/gals give back to ELR. What’s ELR mean to you, how has it or our community helped you out ??

If you can even only think of ONE thing, that you did for someone here, or maybe even only one thing that really helped you out here, POST IT UP !!! All it takes IS one thing.

[shameless plug] A HUGE thanks out to the Boss that started this whole thing off, @daath [/shamless plug]


What a loaded question, Sd! I dont have one thing, I have many…

I find its good to get back down to “roots”… it’s good to know where you were when you were a newbie mixer, just learning. The process is amazing, the little things to pick up along the way. We all have or are in the process of learning… and we all learn and teach differently. We all want to be “that somebody” that matters. How it comes across is yet another loaded area. The mixing journey it’s self is what you make of it.

I want to take a sec to remind not just myself but others… kindness matters.

Being kind. Takes biting your tongue every so often, but rather that than to come across as an adult behaving in non adult ways. We all come from different educations and life experiences. No one here is perfect… but most are perfect friends or co mixers for me. So thank you for the kindness of others.

Recipes… every one of us learns from them… can’t live without them! :slight_smile: I love to mix with one flavor company, and that is my right. What you choose to mix with, how much is yours… Bring back some respect (recipe love) here… :wink: I would love to see more folks dropping recipes… Keep up that good work!

I give away flavors, and shots when I can… I help folks learn to mix. The main thing I know is to have fun while mixing… and try to enjoy the many personalities this forum has…

The best advise I can give anyone… the ignore and mute buttons are free… and yeps, shout out to our @daath <3 and to all the grumpy folks :stuck_out_tongue: haha!


This reminds me of another way to be kind, and that’s when you see a question, that’s already been answered numerous times (for those of you who have been here for years), and STILL helping out.

Great post @anon84779643.


Can’t ever have too much kindness, Sd… no matter who or what… :wink:

Be the bigger person… and give a helping hand up…


Oh I remember THOSE days. I forget who was in charge of naming duplicates back then, but I kept screwing up my MFG’s LOL. Many of my TPA’s had labels that said TFA, which I thought meant FA !!! I made a mess in the beginning, hehe.


Because I mix by weight… I had a heck of a time getting my recipes up… I know.
took me a while and I think I am at least the average smart person lmao… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m trying to remember exactly WHO it was back in my beginning that decided NOT to BAN me hehe, and help me out. I think @TheTinMan, @ken_o_where, and @Fozzy71 were both very instrumental, and @Pro_Vapes forced me to re-think what I thought I knew, about mixing. Too many to remember and list though. I really do miss my dynamic duo @Cutlass92 and @Molly_Mcghee.


I basically went straight into DIY when I started vaping and landed here after watching one of fresh03’s videos.
I’ve picked up a lot on ELR; tips, tricks, battery safety, flavours and where to get them, good deals, what gear to buy, too much to put in a post really, because it’s easy to forget how little I knew when I came to this forum.

As to what I have done :thinking:
I’ll have to admit that I’m pretty useless. I’m a shit mixer and a tobacco nut, not much traction.

But, I’ve never shouted at a noob for asking a question that had been asked and answered a 100 times.
I have always answered the question if I knew the answer to it. If I didn’t feel up to answering, I left it to someone else to answer, instead of posting my annoyance.

I think I’ve always been polite, even when disagreeing, you can correct me if I’m wrong and post em all up here :grin:

I’ve put up some awesome reviews, if I may say so myself. Never won an award of course because @Steampugs ran away with them all. :smirk:

I hate conflict so I usually try to make people laugh, or snort coffee, some people have weird habits, don’t they @anon84779643
Maybe that’s something that gets up some peoples noses too, but hey, you can mute me. :hear_no_evil:

I feel a bit awkward blowing my own :trumpet:, so I’ll leave it at that.

Edit…I can tell you what I haven’t done in a while, donate. I will do that right now :money_mouth_face:


Absolutely agreed (for me, not you hehe).

@Josephine_van_Rijn, THAT, may just be one of the MORE important things here. Not as flashy, not as much fanfare, but THAT I think actually matters MORE, and helps MORE people than you realize JVR.

YES you have, and you are partially to blame for me getting into reivews.

Toot Toot !!!


Yeah you are too cool Josephine… :wink:
I have to say you are one of the quietest members, and yes… you never put out any kind of attiitude that is bad. You remind me of a laid back person, what will come will… :wink:

You keep that up!

I do not think anyone is a bad mixer… but I do think we all pick up bad habits and get set in our ways… it is what makes us, well… us :slight_smile:


:heart: Received! Thank you so much! :slight_smile: :heart:


You deserve it, especially with all the traction the website is getting ATM.
I just wished I had more to give.


One thing I’ve noticed over my time at ELR is a changing of the guard every couple years, It’s my belief that it’ll take at least two years to really get the jist of mixing IMO. I know I’m not very active in the mixing threads, mainly because other newer knowledgeable mixers are there offering the exact same advice that I had in mind. So in order to not be repetitive I fall back. Only if I see bad advice or something important is not covered, then I contribute from my point of view.

As of late ELR has become my prime social outlet, so I’m more into daily life topics… (which some has been considered controversial). Yeah, they get a bit heated at times and I noticed that we all keep it civil and those that want to can get out their stress or opinions. That’s the one thing I like most about ELR is it’s not so rigid… anyone can post or find a topic of interest and air out your thoughts. What I don’t like is when other members take on the responsibility of deciding what should or should not be discussed… I say leave that to the admins. as I feel they have done a great job so far.

EDIT: sorry @Josephine_van_Rijn, this was a general reply and not linked to your reply. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


One big reason for that is because you have taught many successful mixers with your sage advice, and it’s being paid forward. I’d still like to see you over there more.


ditto, me too… get busy Pro!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know about that @Pro_Vapes, you have a very unique style, and your approach to MF is unequaled IMO. Would love to see you re-start that, maybe even see what’s what with the NEW MF line.

I appologize for my part in that @Pro_Vapes


I don’t think @Pro_Vapes can ever run out of sage advice @anon84779643



Yet he wants to pick on my for MY flavorah lmao… :stuck_out_tongue:
He best stick to MF :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart:

and work on new reviews and recipes… I so totally agree… :slight_smile:

Maybe my theory with mixing like and like will pan out… Sd… but I make no promises…


I can’t stress this ENOUGH about @Pro_Vapes, he SCARES me, how SEAMLESSLY he moves between flavor companies. I don’t know HOW he does it, He knows this. I may never 100% agree with him on everything, but I am always in awe of his mixing prowess.

And if THAT wasn’t emough, then he starts mixing his own BASES !!!


Sd… other than wf, vta and rf… I used to have piles and piles of recipes… I still do on my hard drive somewhere. However… I love my flv way too much… and I know mixing like with like works… :wink:

I have stones and bases too… most of my bases, I can not publish, due to the lack of to put it nice, not everyone can get, so it wont be fair. I work for a lab. I also do side work for the industry.

I am sure Pro has some really good things he mixes very well… we all do… :slight_smile:

In fact I know you have some goodies as well… do not forget to include you!! :stuck_out_tongue: