What is Best Marshmallow and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

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@eStorm did yu layer those three MM mate or are yu saying you just use those three MM in general

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I’ve done both but for me it was too much. It nearly gives the impression that you could chew the vape, if that makes sense, even at the lowest percentages.

Nowadays I use them by themselves, depending on the recipe I am using these in.

toasted for me is the sweetest out of all and I’ll use it just for that, or for the slight malty nutty caramelized note it has.

Whipped marshmallow is the thickest out of the three.

Purilum is the most “milky” and less dry one, for me.

Either way you can stack or use seperate, but if stacking be very careful with the percentage, as well as other flavors you adding to the recipe. It’s definitely heaven if you want to mute a lot of sharper flavors but also can come back and bite you in the butt lol.