What is Saline?

I found a recipe that calls for 3% saline (9 grams pure sea salt in 91 grams DW. What is this? Is it an acual flavor or something I have to make? How will it affect the flavor if I do not use?

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salt in distilled water

Can usually buy at pharmacy. Didn’t realize it’s so easy to make.


I would still buy it… Salts you buy like that tend to have impurities… My girlfriend love sea salt for so many things but it tends to have specs of dirt/sand in with it. Lol saline is cheap and you can buy it almost anywhere. That way you can be sure it is pharmaceutical grade… I wouldnt trust grocery store sea salt for vape… Js.


Everything @mikelej14 just said, but also, I wouldn’t add saltwater into my juice.

I get enough gunk accumulation on my coils as is, just saying. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah i havent used it for that reason, and not sure the health hazards of it… Not too keen on smoking salt. That is something that would make the coils black with crap very quick i imagine

I would imagine that a small amount of saline solution would not be to hazardous to your health to inhale… hospitals use saline solution on infants all the time (sprayed up the nose) its pretty safe to assume the wouldnt do that if inhaling it was dangerous to your health since you can pretty much guarantee infants would inhale a wee bit from time to time.

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Hospitals dont burn salt before putting it in people…
Being that salt is sodium chloride… Id be more worried of long term effects of releasing chlorine gas each puff… Certainly not a good thing to be breathing directly daily


If you have not read this thread yet give it a look


Actually it is used in vaporizers commonly by people with sinus issues and very safe to use.


The point i was making was what was quoted in the thread you just shared…

I want actually thinking of it as burning salt so yeah that would be different, that said though im pretty sure the temperature required to burn it would be very high (I would need to look it up as I cant recall the temp off hand) I will certainly take a look at that thread. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I have and still do use saline in my juice and have spoken with my Doctor about it and he sees no issues using it in either a heated room vaporizer or e-juice. I would recommend not making it yourself. I use the injectable sterile saline solution sold at health care supply companies.

EDIT: A little goes a long way like .5% and it does gunk coils. I use it whenever my throat and sinus tract are irritated and it does help.


The thread states it doesnt boil into chlorine until over 2500 degrees, but if thats the case, why use it at all, youd only be vaping distilled water (less flavor) and clogging up the coil… Seems like a lose lose either way…

no idea why people use to be honest… but I have seen it called for in recipes… I dont see it being harmful tbh but I have no desire to use it myself

It is often used to enhance fruit flavors and for the reason I put in the previous post EDIT

How does it enhance fruit flavors, if it doesnt vape, just the distilled water, which would be just water vapor, watering down the vape flavor… Not understanding how that could enhance anything…

I am not any kind of expert on why but I would think the salt does it. I use a pinch of salt in my coffee grounds for the same reason cuts the bitterness down. I read someplace also if you don’t think it works make a glass of chocolate milk but add a pinch of table salt to it and stir very well. The boost in flavor from that pinch of salt is unreal.

I also use Distilled Water in my juice most of the time to sooth my throat and I have never had it diminish flavor. Again in very small amounts .5 to 1% but it can cause unwanted popping and crackling at higher temps or watts.


Perhaps the salt helps to conduct the heat to the rest of the molecules in the juice. Much like adding to water to boil on stove making it boil quicker? Still a shame it gunks the coils up. Does the saline give any kind of a salty flavor note in the vape, for instance if I wanted a sort of salted nuts kind of vape?


I would guess at higher percentages than what I have used it is very possible.

At lower percentages the gunking is not really all that bad but definitely worse than without the saline.