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What is the best recipe you've made that's a shake n vape!


I’ve been eyeballing that taffy, it looked interesting. I love taffy! Looking forward to hearing more on this one. :smiley:


For mine Flavor Queen, this one that I recently improved and shared today;



I guess when you don’t want to use any heat, you just use the washing machine SthrnMixer…


Danggit I was guna get that citrus punch n took it out of my cart could remember why I had it in my wish list. Could I use LB’s Mountain dew like flavor ya think ?

I also got that Hawaiian punch drink I think it was you that had a recipe for that one ?


Yes you can use LB Mountain Dew and here is the recipe that uses the TPA Hawaiian Drink http://tjek.nu/r/41dK


Well darn I only have Blackberry LA and I just got Cap’s blackberry, but haven’t worked with it. I love love love LA’s thou suppose I could adapt I don’t know what the real juice taste like anyhow ? Everything in this recipe I love ( except Hawaiian drink is new to me )


If I were going to sub Blackberry I would use LA. I only used FW because I know that is the one that Vapors Knoll used to make that e-liquid. Subbing with LA may even be better IMO…


You will love this recipe(Lunar Harvest Black) Amy without a doubt!!!


I’ll make it up here in a lil bit ! And the adapted version ( lite version ) of SB cracked corn :smiley:


I’m outta likes right now, shucks.:sob:


I have a few S&V but the one I adore is SludgeHammer. Considering it’s got custard, cream and ice cream in it it should not work as a S&V…but it just does? If it’s left to steep the banana fades somewhat and the ice cream becomes dominant, still nice but I just prefer it fresh whilst the banana smacks you in the mouth. I don’t do subtle…

This afternoon I made up a fresh 30ml batch but used Real Flavors Vanilla Ice Cream instead of TPA VBIC… It’s far smoother and less harsh, but I’ve always found that VBIC tastes a little harsh so that’s expected.


You do not mess around with the custard 5 % woo ( whistle ) It looks tasty and I bet it’s an awesome vape. Maybe the EM is fading the banana since it mutes flavors overtime. If you ( not that you asked :wink: ) want to keep it sweet and not have the fading look into getting pyrue stevia liquid sweetener it is organic raw and nothing else is in it. Taste great at Uber low %s and not a coil junker n has not faded one mix.

Thank for sharing !


Thank you so so much! I was wondering if the EM was muting the flavour… I don’t usually use any in mixes but felt that this one needed to be a little OTT. Shall grab some of the sweetner you suggest as soon as funds allow, sounds like it will be far more useful to future mixes!


If you use the search bar and type in Pyrue there is a whole thread devoted to the beloved sweetener that’s how much this community loves it hee hee it’s crazy good and seriously you’ll need to take it right out of that little bottle because it’s drops way too fat ! Put it in a regular 10 ml small nose bottle you want it to drop 0.2 % because it is potent stuff !

Banana fades as well but EM I guarantee is the culprit, also I bet you could bring everything down by 1% when you add the pyrue !


Betamax if you throw in 1% Quince TFA that will help the Banana hang on and you can drop the EM. Here is one of my private Banana batches that I shake n vape in rotation.


I used a ton of quince last night in some mixes but I never pondered putting it with banana thanks BB !


It smells just like Banana Nectar…


Delicious ! I have a Banana and DDL mix steeping. I don’t vape a lot of banana mixes they’re a treat I tire easily even some of the best juices ( not necessarily mine hee hee ) but I do come back to them always.


And I’m outta likes again F@*ge!!!


LOL you LOVE everything Too much I’m Just playing :wink: