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What is the best recipe you've made that's a shake n vape!


you could go direct to fa in italy > https://flavourart.com/en/store/flavors/sweet/custard-flavor/


Hey @Amy2

I just realised why there always out of stock…

It’s your recipes :grinning:

Oh my days, I cannot wait to taste & will wait for FA Custard :sunglasses:


Thank you @woftam

Bookmarked & very much appreciated :grinning:


Hey @woftam

Nice recommendation now I can make @Amy2 juice one more concentrate to get.

And I think I went a bit crazy…

Now I can make HIC’s Tic takes too as well as @Amy2 beautiful recipe.

Right off to buy the final ingredient TPA Frosted Doughnut, should have that in the U.K., fingers crossed :fist:t2:


I love HIC’s O tictac I did have to double the % of everything except the anise and the mild winter to suit my tastes YMMV


Cool thank you @woftam

I will take your advice :grinning:


You must be searching wrong as flavour art uk would never be out of custard


@Shane18 FAUK do have it in stock…


@Will_G & @Lolly

I probably was, I could only find Custard Pi

Still to late know :grinning:

At least I’ll get them in the traditional orange bottles, I ordered some FA Caramel from Vapable & it came in a different bottle, with a white cap.

I had a good moan at him asking if it was real?

Although after emailing FAUK they confirmed that sometimes they do put the concentrates in a bottle with a white cap!

Whoops :grimacing: lol


Oh VapeyMama, Can I please urge you to at least use 3 or 4 different tanks? One for fruits, one for cookies and so on. A few days ago I posted on how I’ve been having a problem tasting my peach ejuice. Finally, I decided to switch my apple tank with my peach tank. One is a SMOK G4 that really throws off a lot of flavor, so I put my peach in there. STILL after 3 tanks, the apple tastes like peach and the peach tastes like apple! So, I urge you with this example - It really does make a big difference.


Hey Don3 this is awesome combination that I will brew . Love it when I find a recipe that have my ingredients . I’am hoping now to find some others with my other aromas , raspberry , forrestfruit, pineapple, coconut . Ps do you think or do you know someone that would advice steeping with the coilmaster ultrosonic cleaner ? Have a lovely vaping day and let us keepon enjoying this .


@Papoes I considered (and researched) getting an ultrasonic cleaner, but never did. When I make larger batches I use a dremel (<-- link to previous post) with a frothier attached that seems to add days to the steeping process in my opinion. Only reason I ended up not getting the ultrasonic cleaner was cost, space, and probably would get pushed to the side after a month or two. Was a personal choice, but I do believe the hype on using them.

As far as raspberry, pineapple, and coconut recipes there are tons of them out there. I prefer using TFA’s Sweet Raspberry and Coconut Candy most the time. TFA’s Pineapple is pretty strong but turns out good (esp if you add a touch of peach to it). As far as Forrestfruit, I haven’t tried that flavoring. Here’s a few I like:

Sweet Pineapple

Stripper Pole



Thank you very very much for your information DON3 . I had a look to the recipes and they look awesome . I will be starting to make some small quantities .I have will have to adapt these recipes to my base of 70 pg 30 vg 3mg nicotine still have some 70 ml left of this . After that will use the other bases I bought a while ago 30 pg 70 vg !!! :grinning::+1: . my favorit e liquids I would like to clone are FUBUKI from Viper Labs 2.0 , Sour Palace from Queen’s Lab they are delicious :+1::+1::+1: . Love to find these recipes :grinning: . Thanks again .


Is this the official Flavor art store ie direct from manufacturer? I see 100ml as largest size available. Oh and they have this flavor lol


Yes I believe that is FA’s official store. Iol I wonder if it makes your wee smell funny.


Yeeei! Asparagus! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Love to eat the stuff but not sure how that would turn out in vape form LMAO


What if i paired it with this lmfao


I’m rolling on the floor lol… You know what if you buy the flavors and mix up a batch and send me a sample I will try it lol but that is as far as I’m going with it lol


Better order some Sweet Potatoes to go with them too and what about a some gravy?