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What is the best recipe you've made that's a shake n vape!


Just literally made this recipe for a quick shake and vape, while another creating is beginning its steeping process.

Cheekee Monkee : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1165510/Cheekee%20Monkee

3% 5636E (nat orange)
2.5% Blackberry (FW)
2.5% Blueberry (TPA)
7% Sugar Cookie (CAP)
7% TFA Cotton Candy

Flavor total: 22%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/9haa


I have about three pages worth of flavors and most of them are shake and vape type mixes…check them out, tell me what ya think good luck


That is a pretty high usage of Cotton Candy. Don’t be surprised if you notice the flavor fading badly over time.


You beat me to it, I bet it’s tasty ( to him ) at the moment thou and if the batch size isn’t too bad the muting won’t effect it if it’s gone he hee.


Right on. And a good shake n vape should be just that…shake, vape, gone! :slight_smile:


Dude, I mixed your strawberry lemonade cake, man that’s a nice mix, It’s only been 9 days and it’s oustanding!..really need to put it away but I just can’t lol, thanks man, nice work :wink: :ok_hand:


The reason
Sploosh is so good is because it has a fruit, a dairy, and a baked flavor in it. You could vary the ingredients and still make a really good mix. Just think like a baker. You wouldn’t get too risky mixing things that don’t go together.
I keep single flavors in 10ml bottles that are mixed at 2x what you’d use in your juice.
I take some fruit, cream and baked flavors and some Diluter (PG/VG/Nic only) and put them in my tank, and it’s always…yes always good.
One tank i filled this morning was a ‘’‘cookie’ mix. I put the ingr. below. This is about as complicated as i get.
Usually it’s about 4 ingredients.
This method allows me to mix and taste new mixes all the time.

This morning’s cookie tank:
Sugar Cookie - filled the tank 1/3 full
Gingersnap/ Gingerbread Cookie mix - 10 drops
Clove 1 drop
Apple 5 drops
baked bread .4 drops
Fig 4 drops
Custard 5 drops
Acytyle Pyrazine 2 drops
Stevia 1 drop
Diluter to fill the tank the other 40%

I might also add candy apple or brown sugar, molasses or pie crust, butter. Pandora would work well or even donut IF the particular brand of donut tastes good with the other tastes. If I’m not sure, I might leave it out and then drip one drop into my tank later to test it. I would not add butterscotch because i’m going with the gingersnap flavor in this mix, and i’m not sure how they would blend. i know they would compete with eachother. Just know that the more u add the new flavor has to meld with the other flavors or might cover it up or it might mix werid. So, the amounts you add are based on that premis and the flavor itself. I’d never add too much fig for example because it’s strong and would overpower and turn it into a fig cookie rather than a gingersnap cookie.


What did you finally do about the FA Custard? The notes on the recipe are/were kinda confusing…

#1 by Pugs1970, Jan 13, 22:44
Fancy a crack at this, do you think subbing FA Custard for Cap V1 would be too detrimental to the mix?..I have everything else
#2 by SthrnMixer, Jan 13, 23:00
I think it may, yes. FA Custard has a lemony flavor, but it’s not a lemonade flavor. In this mix the strawberry already struggles to keep up, and I think FA Custard would push that over the top. I would suggest eliminating the custard altogether and sub with perhaps one of the Bavarian Creams out there. If you have LOR I would suggest 1.5%. If you have TPA then 2.5 - 3%.
#3 by Pugs1970, Jan 13, 23:17
Cool thanks man I’ll give it a shot, i need to put s big order in anyways so I might just get some FA, thanks for the tip :wink:

@SthrnMixer from what you said was that if he used the FA Custard it might be too much on the lemon side, but the recipe calls for the FA Custard… (I’m asking because I also don’t have FA Custard and was either going to use a sweet cream or a Bavarian Cream in it’s place).


I used FA custard, did a big flavour order and bought some in, not sure what the difference would be but I really need to let it steep for longer lol


Thanks bud. Let me know what you mixed because (see below) I obviously had a screwed up moment or 3.

Very good point. I’m confused too. Well at the time I knew what I was saying but got my flaves confused. I was thinking about the attempts I had made and the things I had tried. Confused the use of FW Yellow Cake and FA Nonna’s Cake. Nonna’s has that lemony touch which I thought (again, at the time I responded to Pugsly) would overdo the lemon.

I’m so sorry for the confusion and will place a note in my recipe and try to explain this, if I can find the words. I appreciate you bringing this faux pas to my attention @CallMeTut So stupid of me!


Not a problem and thx for the response.


Best shake & Vape so far is Wayne’s DIY or Die Bronuts, second Strawberry Cheesecake Remix Same guy.

Looking for a doughnut s&v? Well so am I, @Amy2 cronuts looks perfect, 2 flavours short though.









well depends on what flavors your short ?? I could try and see if there are suitable subs.


Hi @Amy2

Thank you :blush: your recipe sounds so nice I feel like I could just drink it straight from the bottle:)

I don’t have FA Custard or TPA frosted doughnut

I could order them & wait :grinning:

I’ve got all the rest, mmn INW biscuit smells so good :wink:

The only other flavours I have that are kinda close are CAP Chocolate Glazed Doughnut, CAP Vanilla Custard & TPA Vanilla Custard?

If I need the other flavours I will order them as I really want to try this, sounds delicious.

Thanks Amy most appreciated :+1:



If you can I’d order both it would be best but nothing is stopping you from giving it a whirl w/ Vanilla Custard the thing is that FA’s Custard is more clean not eggy has a lemon note to it but you don’t get the lemon in this recipe. So there will be a noted difference if you choose to use a common VC in place of FA’s. As far as the Donut well many ppl have used Chocolate and increased it can’t remember to what % it’s on the recipe comments where ppl have made successful ( to their likings ) subs…Also some have added Catalan Cream FA in it in place of the Dulce De Leche so honestly it is really up to you. For me , my opinion would be to go along w/ the recipe. It is a easy going vape.


Looks like this one:

7.50% Sugar Cookie V2 (CAP)
5.00% Vanilla Custard v2 (CAP)
2.50% Cinnamon Danish Swirl V2 (CAP)


Oh @Amy2

Your reply is very much appreciated.

Unfortunately non of my suppliers have FA Custard.

I’ve even tried

And always out of stock…