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What is the best recipe you've made that's a shake n vape!


I can vouch for her bb and cream recipe it’s awesome as a snv but after 4 to 5 days the creams start to take over and the blueberry fades its perfect to make a 30ml of it and vape it up in a day or 2 lol I normally vape25 to 30ml a day… Couldn’t afford that without DIY LOL


Thanks guys It makes me allways happy if I recive info that helps me on my way .
Can any body help me with some shake’nvape recipes with my aroma’s .
Love to have some recipes to use and vape whilst I have to wait on some that have to mature for 10 days or more .
I don’t have so many flavors as I just started to brew some liquids .
These are some flavors not always the brand but I buy what I can get .
Strawberry from Nobacco , Strawberry Ripe TPA, Pineapple AtmosLab , Raspberry ecig , Blueberry jam Capella, Forest fruit ecig , Peach Atmos Lab ,
Coconut Capella , Mint Nobacco , cotton Candy TPA , Vanilla bean Ice cream Capella . Base 70vg .3mg nic .
Love to have a recipe with 2 and maybe 3 aroma’s . And maybe one or two with mint .
Thanks in advance :+1::+1::+1::grinning:


Thank you very much Amy for your rapid reply and the info :grinning::+1: I hope that I will have some responce on to find
some recipes shaken’vape with my aroma’s . That I listed . Have a nice evening Amy 2


i’ve been vaping this recipe in secret for ages now. DF was my stable ADV for close to a year.



Thank you very much Rob for your secret (now not anymore ) recipe mix and vape .
I don’t have dragon fruit nore Koolada (what kind of taste does it taste like ?)
I will bye these what ever , need desparate something to vape now​:wind_face::cry:Whistl making
and waiting for the djuices to steep properly :grinning:


well, funny thing is I hear lots of ppl try to describe it like. “oh its like a mix of kiwi / pineapple or such and such a fruity taste” etc…

Dragon fruit (Pitaya) is a fruit
its a dragon fruit it’s its own thing. it tastes like itself…
hard to describe.
easiest way to describe it is subtle but refreshing, not tangy, not really sweet(if u get tpa) the taste is such a unique flavor that if you like it initially, you dont kinda get sick of it…
koolada is the cooling effect without mint taste. the amount is minute here and u dont realy notice it being “there as such” the blend hides in the background to push a new dynamic out of the “Dragonfruit” that you know doesnt come from koolada… perhaps the distilled water softened it up. it helps it flow too. and u wont get a dry mouth

that help?


its a natural emulsifiant* (is that a word?) it pulls flavors together, and also pushes up fruits in mixes.


I don’t know but I like it :+1::grin:


I recently bought a juice called Pink Floyd in a small vape shop while out of town. I had run out of my commercial Mother’s Milk and it was the owners recipe. I was taste testing a few and that name kinda grabbed my attention. He said it was a Strawberry Daiquiri flav. So… cool names sometimes are definitely important. xD I bought a bottle and loved it sooo much. It’s what actually inspired me to try making my own. And also what brought me here. :grin:


Sorry if my last comment seems out of context here. I just realized I replied to a post from Feb15ish about naming your recipes. Scroll up about 200+ posts. Ha!
This is a great thread BTW. I’m totally new to becoming a " mixologist" and such good info here. My mind is reeling from all of it but that’s OK. I’m a pretty patient person but it’s good to know there are some recipes that are not in need of long steep times. Learning which require that is a bit of a learning curve, It would be a shame to wait that long and find certain flavs have taken over or diminished.
I may repost my previous comment to the other thread, “So you are new here and want to copy a fav commercial juice”. Hahaaa!


Thank you very well for your info this helpt me a lot . I would love to see more simple shake ‘n’ vape recipes .
This is awesome if you ran out of stock and have something to vape whilst making a new recipe or several that have to steep for at least a week . THX again .


I don’t think that will happen to me anytime soon…

This is the result of me over-doing it last fall to make sure I never again had to try speed-steeping or making shake n vape recipes. Everything I am vaping right now is at least 3 - 5 months old while I work on new single flavor and recipe testers, which always end up being mixed together into franken-testers for vaping later. 4 or 5 of the bottles in that pic are ~100ml each of the remnants of 6 x 20ml testers being mixed together.


Credit 99% of this to @Skullblade789


Hello mr. Fozzy I have been busy lately .I got a RTA so I Could try to make Some Coils . The Goblin v2 dificult still to wick not having dry hits or leaking :smirk: love the flavor iT gives . I bought Some liquids to find out what I really like . I have collected Some flavors that I like ,made a stach inventory this was something I descovert a copple of day’s ago that was posible .Maybe there are more posibilitys that I need to find out .I’am doing something wrong because if I select two flavors and then would like to find a recipe is this with no result :disappointed: if I surch for a recipe I nearly allways find one where there is a flavor I don’t have :disappointed:can you give me Some advice ? Ps I have Some premade base left 70vg 30pg 3mg nic (300ml) and 1liter vg ,1liter pg , this to make a easy recipe with 90vg and others with 80 or 70vg . To use with a avocado RDTA :grinning:. Thank you for Reading .


I don’t use the recipe side much. Make sure the flavors you added to your stash were the ones with the highest number of recipes if there were duplicate/similar names for the same flavor, and maybe try adding some other similar flavors from other manufacturers so you get more results to use for ideas that you can adapt to your actual flavors.


[quote=“Fozzy71, post:438, topic:13458, full:true”]
“franken-testers for vaping later.”[/quote]

we all have those =D have about 6 liters of that. lol and about 20 x 30/60mls lol. of that baout 12 of them are awesome. and about 4x250mls that are aging right now. rest are franken. lol


lol that 500ml bottle in the back row of the pic I posted started as a 200+ml baklava single flavor batch that I grew tired of, mixed with a 200+ml pumpkin pie single flavor batch that was pretty good… didn’t care for the mix so I started adding random flavors that I was trying to use up to cut down on the total percentage of baklava in the jar. I hope it is vapeable when I get around to trying it some day. :stuck_out_tongue:


haha, yeah i have 1 “pink lemonade” that hs 50/50 and lemon juice, other lemonades/strawberries, sweetener, more vg, more everything i thought that could fix it… now it just sits there 600ml lol

just do what Ken does. “never throw away your eliquid, just add koolada,extreme ice,menthol etc until u cant taste it”



great idea but I have none of those except a couple randome menthol for my brother’s girlfriend and I dont do menthol


I have a bottle of something that I just kept adding flavors to try to save it but I don’t know what’s in it any more that was a few months ago and afraid to test it


Can some one help me with this I’am stuck . I would like to make some juices but have a
problem to extract small amounts (0.23ml) as my 1ml seringe needle is to thin . And these
needles can’t be replaced with a thicker one . Could I put 23 drops to have the same result ?
Thanks in advance and for reading this .