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What is the best recipe you've made that's a shake n vape!


This is why I use by wieght and got a scale to mix this precise is hard without one just was my solution
I can get much closer to that small of an amount I also use squeeze bottles for everything PG vg and nicotine and flavors one reason I like gremlin diy flavors for thier bottles
Different bottles make different size drops but scales are very close measurements


Hi Papoes, over on the recipe side if you click on your settings, you can change calculator to measure with drops so it will show both the ml required and the number of drops required for a recipe.

Bear in mind though, what might be a measured drop for you might be three drops to somebody else.

Have fun :smiley:


Thanks so much for info. my wife scale doesn’t go under one gram :slightly_frowning_face: All my flavors are in
glas bottles . Only few are in plastique and are easy to use . I think I will visit a Lab and
maybe one of them vapes :grinning: What brand of scale do you use ?


Thanks for the advice I try this :smiley: And will look for scales that can mesure under one gram .
It makes me so h​:grinning:ppy receiving responce great :+1::+1::+1:


2 decimal places is good here is the thread on scales
I think the lb 500 is what I have from amazon

Make sure to select the .01 model not .1
I got 500 not 1000


I got the 500 is that not good? I didn’t know about the 1000 at the time I bought mine .


Me too just the link goes to the 1000 then u choose the 500
And get the one with .01 2 decimal places


mine says 500 X 0.01g LB-501


The 500 is good


I’m a fan of this recipe by lars. It is in my daily cycle

SHAKE and vape


For shake and Vape i only have 2 that are regular to hold me over while the others steep and that is

Purple Drank ( sub grape soda for grape juice)
Monster melon clone ( additon of 2% TFA MM &1% Fa meringue)

I have others that i like but i never get tired of these 2


Get a few 3cc and 10cc syringes and some 16 or 18 gauge blunt tip 1.5" needles. Very inexpensive on Amazon and so much faster. You can wash and reuse them until the numbers come off. The long needles make getting the last drop of flavorings easy.


Thank you so much for your info :+1:I Will have a piep on Amazon and look for Some scales .


I dont belive you can get over 500 grams in a 0.01g scale for anywhere near a reasonable price.
Heres the link for the 500/0.01g kitchen scale


LOL, good for you. I think big batch mixing would definitely be easier with a scale. I’m a nurse, so the syringe is part of my daily life. Mix on and have fun.


Sorry for the late reply😔 So manny things that went wrong . I was really feeling down . So I picked the DIY up again .
If I have more things that I will and I will need more stuff ( like) plastique pipettes ,
and wire tamers from UD or Beadalon . I could order this all together to Ship to Greece .
Thank you very much for the advice.
Have a nice day


Made this yesterday.

I’m not a patient person. Like not even a little bit. So I’m SnVing a mix with medicine flower. Yeah I know, mf needs steeping. I don’t care. Lol
This tastes like purple pixie stix. Yummo!


btw great pic


Thank you, dear. :wink:


Just stumbled on this thread, and it’s amazing. Thank you for all the great ideas everyone. I have a SnV recipe that I use when I’m out and waiting on juice to steep. Super simple, tasty, and gets the job done.