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What is the best recipe you've made that's a shake n vape!


This is my favorite shake and vape I created but turns out someone on ATF has a similar profile which is understandable since all these flavors are staples…I like my name better anyway

Mix it up and leave some feedback!!



Clever use of the soda base in the peach rings. I use the VG version at similiar %s curious if you have tried a lower % of the SC and the results?



I haven’t tried it lower yet. I was tossing it in at 2% after observing use in others’ recipes, and lowered it in this one to see how it went. I’ll play around with lower %s on some basic fruit soda recipes i have and get back to ya some time soon.

I have noticed, though, that their VG line works great in many cases at lower %s than most thought they needed. 2-3% Creme Brulee, Frosted Cereal, Yogurt Parfait and Milk have been great, where i see recommendations at 9%. Could have something to do with our similar % with VG & SC versions.



And, thanks for the compliment! It works really well in this.