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What is the best recipe you've made that's a shake n vape!


Almond joy, all day vape! shake


You would find out that all eye droppers “drip” is diff weight


Definately ‘Blue Lava’ is my best snv


Almond joy looks fantastic, going to mix it NOW!!!


real easy one can play with choclate intensity with TFA sweet cream


Will say chocolate is not one of my fav vapes. Can u make without? Sweet cream, almond, coconut?


yea of course just use imagination, just make small measured amounts (and keep track) so once you find the right one you can repeat.

i usally use 10ml so all number are easy when looking at percentages.


Been tweaking this for a little while. Trying to lower the Custard (TPA) below that “peppery” threshold. Now you can taste it without so much of what many people hate. This is definitely a SnV for me and I have had some make it 4 weeks and it does steep to a fuller Custard flavor …the 4 week bottle was a lost puppy however …it never makes it (120ml) past the 1+ week mark on purpose. I actually liked the Custard higher (I like that “bite”!), but in the interest of the wider Community :smirk:

Hey look, a use for those discarded DX Flavors! They are the real secret ingredients here. Whether or not Banana was in this Commercial juice (clone) was a previous thread in the [REQ] Clone zone. DX Banana Cream and DX Peanut Butter are a great pairing. Custard and Vanilla Swirl deliver the “Milk” and Marshmallow delivers the “Honey”


@BoDarc Saw this, this morning, stumbling around the house, somewhat hungover, and was thinking, hmmmm, I dunno about that, PB, VC, Creams, as a S&V ??? Well, hehe, IT IS !!!

I’ve had the PB Banana Creme profile before, but this one worked pretty damned good as a S&V and I was surprised. Tasty, creamy, banana-y, just plain good. I’m curious about the addition of the TPA PB on top of the DX, did you feel it gave it a slight PB punch on top ? Thank you for sharing this.


The DXs got added on top of all the others and it worked so it stuck. Strangely it’s not very detectable and I always use two PBs


Wip k.i.s.s.(most of mine are very simple) i liked the tpa PB w/ tad of saline but out so reached for cap which was pif’d to me, i dont think the cap will work, find it too dry, cant say butter just peanut, no sugar, no salt, perhaps the shells. Have u ever licked an ash tray, :thinking: ill save PB (cap) for a 'bacco mix


Have you tried other chocolates? I have choco chunks (wf) and double chocolate clear and milk chocolate as well.

:frowning: I only have roasted peanuts (wf) or torrone for the nut base. dang


Milk chocolate with marshmello and gram crackers ? Good



Which one is the best recipe for grandmaster. I use just grandmaster. İf you help i will be happy. Thanks​:+1::+1:


My best SnV of the new year. Works great with or without the Stevia. Drained the 1st tester in about 4 days, new batch is minus the Stevia, but I kept the EM. It’s a little brighter and getting sweeter at 4 days itself. Both are great an hour after mixing.


Wow…this looks really good. SV with MF flavors…interesting.


Absolutely! And, thanks! They don’t all work that way, but I’ve been very happy quite early in the steep with these two. Grape, as well. It could be that I’m blending them with RFSC flavors. White Peach solo needs a steep.


@Plunderdrum I gotta tag @Pro_Vapes on this one.


If you like watermelon, give this a try. I haven’t noticed a whole lot of change between SnV and when it’s steeped for a long time. Been vaping quite a bit of it and I really dig it.


defiantly my best shake -n- vape. but like fine wine it gets better with age.