What is the best tank for testing a few drops of juice

Hi … I am new to DIY juices, and was wondering what would be the best tank for testing small amounts of juice. I am making lots of different recipes at the moment and only want to try a few puffs of each one to see if they need any tinkering.

I figured that a drip tip is the best way to go, but there are so many.

Please could someone point me in the right direction as to what to buy.

Many thanks and Merry Christmas!!!


An RDA is what you are looking for.
I don’t know what your budget is and if you can build and wick yourself?
Little more info would be good to better be able to help you and guide you in the right direction.


Here are a few links that might help


an anonymous gifter sent me

it was fairly easy to coil and wick and has pretty good flavor.


I use a Kanger Subtank. I just don’t use RDA RTA RBA type devices unless I’m testing for somebody else. between flavors I will clean it out good and then vape a little pure VG to clean the coil and before I get hammered by a large amount of people. Yes there is going to be a small amount of residual flavor for some flavors when you change flavors.


Ditto what you do :+1::blush:


I use the Geekvape Tsunami for testing flavors. Now for prolonged flavors I use the Wotofo Troll V2. That thing to me is a flavor chaser dream. I love the flavor out if that thing.

Tanks I use the Geekvape Griffin and the Griffin 25. Those are my favorite tanks.


Thanks. That’s a great tip, i will try cleaning out with the pure VG.


Checking out the Tsunami now :slight_smile:

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Thanks…Checking it out now!

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I am sure i could build myself, however i will probably go for the ready made wire coils rather than winding them myself. Wicking is not a problem.

I really am looking for a setup where i can use as little juice as possible just for taste testing and adjusting the liquid i am making.

Is there a type of coil that burns the juice out without it hanging around in the cotton too long… or do i just change out the cotton every time?

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What i meant was if you can put coils in yourself and from the looks of it you can.

You could use framed claptons or staggered claptons, both of these should hold enough juice on its own without cotton to give you a few puffs to taste your liquid. Yeah no cotton just the coils, you read it right.

And what RDA you should use is another matter, someone said the Tsunami and i would say the Freakshow 22mm v2, for the money it is a really good RDA.

If money isn’t a problem there is of course other RDA’s out there that out performs the Tsunami and the Freakshow like the Goon, Kennedy, Apocalypse and so on.

There is always the possibility to get a clone of the Goon, it has like the original really good flavor and is easy to put your coils in.

Whatever you decide i wish you good luck.


Wow… That sounds perfect no cotton and just a few tips. Unfortunately i have a few limiting factors, 1, I am new"ish" to vaping ( but took to it like a duck to water), 2 I don’t have anyone around me that vapes for advice ( except you guys), I do not have a good local vape shop so buy everything on line. OK those are the negs, the plus is that budget wise, i have no limits.

I just did some research on those RDA’s you mentioned and cannot figure which is the best to buy, also what ohm coils. I have 3 sub ohm mods, coolfire 4plus, vaporesso target pro, and an Innokin Cortex. Two are TC and one W only. They go up to 80W…I have not gone for a more powerful mod because i am pretty happy vaping at levels around 40W… I am not a big cloud chaser and prefer flavour… Do i need to go for a high power mod? I was actually thinking about getting the Smok Alien 220W starter kit before i posted this question.

So which RDA…money no object, what ohm coils, and do i buy a bigger mod?

Many thanks


You can order a Goon clone just to try it out and if you are happy with it you can buy the original, that way you get a decent RDA for little money just to try.

And for vaping around 40w you should be good around 0.4-0.8 ohm give or take.

If you are happy with the mods you have i don’t see any reason to buy a new one just because you wanna have an RDA for flavor testing.

Hope that helped.


I will see if i can find a goon clone in the UK…i don’t think i would be able to find a real Goon! As for the coils…so far i can only find 0.25 to 0.35 ohm… will keep looking.

Thank you so much for your very sage advice!

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Go with those coils, you can just turn up the wattage to get a good vape out of them.
Here you got 2 Goon clones, 1 is the original Goon and the second is a clone of the new upcoming Goon.
Out of these 2 i might choose the Goon LP, maybe a bit trickier to build on for a beginner but flavor wise its supposed to be better.


You Star!.. Ok i will buy the LP …sadly they have no phone number to see if i could get it delivered to the UK before christma… I have some friends coming out to us in France on Boxing day… So will wait until new year…when hopefully my DIY juices will be well steeped!


By the way… What do you think about Ni coils?..I saw a lot of bad stuff about them on the net, however is that BS or concerning?

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Knucklehead vapes are located in UK near to Melton Mowbray and you could send an email to them.
There is other vendors in the UK and i am sure they might have a clone of this RDA.
If i were you i should check them out as well.

Best of luck.

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NI if that is Nickel coils i would stay away from them unless you are going to use them in TC (temp control)
Kanthal, Stainless or NI80 (Nichrome80) is what i would use. Personally i prefer Stainless.