What is this RDA?

This RDA was lost in my drawer of eternal steep. I have no clue what it is or where I got it. Anyone know what this beast is?

Looks a little like a Mutation X,
but the posts are different.

I’m sure it’s probably a clone but it’s a really well made one if it is a clone

I believe they had a version with fins and one without.
Good reviews.

Mutation X v5


This is a little better pic

That’s what it is, thanks @JoJo

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Looks like a cross between the mutation and the bubble RDA, I bought the bubble… It doesn’t work very well. And as long as we are talking about it…

I have to admit how stupid I am and wondering if RDA people could help…

OK… so I bought 4 $5.00 RDA’s from our friends at fasttech. They have those copper screw pins in the bottom. I used pre-coiled Kanthal A1, did nothing wrong as far as a build is concerned and 2 of them are shorting out.

Should I unscrew the copper screws on the bottom so they stick out a little farther to make better contact with the mod? Are they still going to make good contact or are these RDA’s just junk?

That should help but it depends on how the atty is made.Some use the 510 screw to hold in the post as well but most will allow you to lengthen it without making the post loose.
The screw can be a pain as some are left handed threads so you may need to turn it clockwise to back the copper screw out.
Good luck!

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OK… so I tried unscrewing the copper screw a bit and it is making better contact with the mod. The 510 post didn’t move on two of them… so this is safe and I’m not going to get a surprise, right? (Like POW - BANG - EXPLODE)

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Just for the police investigation , what mod are you using?:wink:
You should be good , of course should isn’t the word you want to hear I bet? Unless you are using some unregulated mod you are fine.If it is a noisy cricket please take it to the vape shop to be sure.:grinning:

No (lol) I’m using a cuboid, a tesla nano 100 and eleaf 100 TC all running around 30 watts. One of the copper pins on one of these clones is so loose I’m sure that pin is useless…

The ones I have with (what appears to be ss pins) are hitting like animals with no problems at all. Should I just replace these pins with better pins? What do you guys think?

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You don’t have any safety issue to worry about then as far as 510 connection , it will either fire or not.No sound effects or a light show if it doesn’t make a good connection.
I don’t know why the one pin is loose unless it is about all the way unscrewed ,I have seen longer replacement screws for sale so that is always an option.

Just to further annoy you sir… where could I possibly get such new pins for these little beauties? These are Velocity clones and I wanted to be in love with them! And thank you in advance if you know!

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One of them is loose loose no matter how far in I screw or unscrew…

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I would double check with them to make sure but most all are the same size.[quote=“Maureeenie, post:15, topic:63732, full:true”]
One of them is loose loose no matter how far in I screw or unscrew…

That I don’t know without checking it out.I think I still have one of the velocity clones around here so let me dig around and see what we can find out.

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I just asked the beautiful and unassuming “Ivy” at fasttech to just send me new screws. I had already put in a trouble ticket on them. I’m crossing my fingers to see if the will just mail me some new copper screws.

Good Lord, I did not think I was going to have to be replacing parts on these things this soon!

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You probably won’t need too , I found one and some pics with some troubleshooting to follow so stay tuned!:grinning:

Does your atty look like this @Maureeenie?

If not hopefully this will apply to yours and help explain what could be causing the problem.

Remove your 510 contact screw and hopefully this will have another slotted screw head underneath as shown in the pic.

You may need to disassemble the post and make sure the white insulator isn’t torn or something but you can probably just remove the screw that is loose and tighten down the slotted one that holds the post on.They will work loose over time and cause connection issues.
I hope this helps.

Here is a complete breakdown of all the parts.The white insulators will become damaged over time but yours being new that shouldn’t be your problem.