What is your favourite Butterscotch flavour?

Looking for a butterscotch to pair with coffee type flavours so it has to be quite strong itself I would think.

Medicine flower butterscotch by all accounts, but hard to get in the uk Steve. Tpa butterscotch is my goto but it’s down to preference really. Taste being subjective and all that. :yum:


Thanks @Pattie. I’ll give that one a go.

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I was on that same venture, until I found MedicineFlower…Pattie is right, I believe


I haven’t had MF Butterscotch yet, but my favorite Butterscotch flavor so far is by Flavorah.
Wonderful, creamy and rich. My second favorite is by Flavor West… rich, candied butterscotch.

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@Joy has been having good results with mf butterscotch.

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TPA butterscotch i the only one I’ve tried so far, but it’s pretty good. Works really well with a touch of caramel added, and also works very well with custard and banana.

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Yes, Yes, Yes, so good if you add anything, it is not as good. It’s that perfect. Tried adding (single steeped) drop of banana MF or banana TPA to change it up and tried a few drops Butterscotch FW. Best as is. Nice, creamy and buttery. I’m having good success with a couple of other MF flavors: MF Blueberry at 1.2% in a blueberry cheesecake mix with a tad of Bilberry. I use both Cheesecake TPA or FW. Actually, the TPA cheesecake is better than the FW, but maybe because it is about 5 months old/steeped and the FW is only 1 month old/steeped.
Found a really good recipe last night and I’d appreciate it if someone could please be my mentor and try this and post it. It is MF Blackberry and Sugar Cookie TPA. Use about 90% MF Blackberry mixed at 1% and use 10% TPA Sugar Cookie mixed at 15%. It also was steeped about 5 or 6 months. I have never found a use for the TPA Sugar Cookie before, so this is a wonderful find for me. Please could someone volunteer to test these and take credit for the recipes. I will keep experimenting and let you know when I get something good. So here’s 2 today. Can we start that? Who wants to help me. I do not mix precise enough to make/post recipes. I use single flavors that are pre-mixed/steeped. Usually I mix all TPA single flavors at 12%, all FW and FA at 8% and Capella at 20%. Yes, they are all on the strong side. I use them/add them to my tank - drip, drip, drop to this and that every day.

Summary of Medicine Flower Recipes:
MF RECIPE: MF Blackberry mixed at 1% and FW Yogurt. White chocolate TPA is good with Blackberry too. Not sure if it should be in this recipe.
MF RECIPE: MF Butterscotch at 1% all by itself.
MF RECIPE: MF Blueberry at 1.2% and Cheesecake and TPA Blueberry, and Bilberry and TPA Milk. I discovered the cheesecake covers up the blueberry flavor, use part milk instead.
MF RECIPE: MF Morello Cherry at 1% and Exotic Fruits Inawera and this recipe I tried recently that contains some banana: Boardwalk by [ ENYAWREKLAW ] http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/180177
MF RECIPE: MF Watermelon mixed at 1% (not steeped but heated in microwave) and Pink Lady. Vapable.
MF RECIPE: MF Peach mixed at 1% add 40% and Peach TPA 30% and Vanilla Custard V2 Capella 20%, and Vanilla Cupcake TPA 5%, and Yellow Cake FW 5%.

Need to experiment with Blackberry MF and cola or black licorice or anise.
Green Apple is weak. Needs to be 2%. Lately, I have been writing and deleting it. I am going to post this message today.


I have tried TPA buttercotch with and without complimentary flavours, it works very well both ways. Obviously if you’re going for a butterscotch banana custard like I was :smiley:

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1.5% MF butterscotch and 1.5% MF caramel together is sheer bliss just ask @therabidweasel


You inspired me to mix and it turned out sublime as a shake-n-vape, but
I used my FW Butterscotch instead of the MF (which I don’t have right now).

This is really good. Thanks for the inspiration!


It is a good caramel. . .mine is not steeped but, if I am super honest it is not the best caramel. I think I prefer the FW butterscotch and a little more complexity.

But as I have said several times today my palate is somewhat unusual. I love complexity. But for two flavors it’s pretty impressive.

I’m dripping it now on top of my Apple Tobacco Floral Bomb and it’s definitely hitting the spot!

Apple Tobacco Floral Bomb

Ingredient %
7 Leaves (INAWERA) 1.5
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% 0.5
Bahraini Apple Gold (INAWERA) 1.5
Fig Fresh (FA) 3
Fuji Apple (FA) 1
Glory (FA) 0.8
Honeysuckle (TPA) 1
Jasmine (FA) 1
Tuscan Reserve Ultimate (FA) 4
Vanilla Butternut (LA) 0.5

Flavor total: 14.8%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

Hey @Whiterose0818, do you have any FW salted caramel? A 0.5% of that might be worth throwing in there. Remember I am still unsteeped I reckon. It’s just very butter forward right now.

I know vaping MF is an experience that maybe shouldn’t be diluted with other stuff. Just a thought. I use that stuff in everything.

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How I answer this properly?


Haha! That’s awesome!

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But to your original mix: I juice one coil with it and one with the apple tobacco. . .caramel apple complexity. My Gawd is it swell!

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Thats fucking brilliant!!

You need any of that??? No way I’m going through it all th way my work schedule has been…want me to send you 2-3 ounces?

You are one generous bastard! I think i have 4 ounces in storage in the fridge and one in my lab. But I’d bet there are plenty of poor souls on here that aren’t so lucky. Have you considered deliberately concentrating and inhaling any? hahaha.

You know I started a thread a month or so ago about off-loading extra or unwanted flavors that was met with deafening silence. You know how we all, at some point buy a second bottle or get something g that we don’t like. . .was just thinking maybe we could figure out how to get them out to folks who need or want them. Perhaps it’s a bit idealistic, but you know this forum is full of folks like us.


I may be guilty of having missed that post…link it to me and maybe it will see a revive

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