What it is feel when you vape by 36mg e-juice?

As a senior vapor, I vape for 1 year. The highest is 6mg and I feel headache. I just curious that how your feeling when you vape by 36mg. Some like flying??


Some like dying! Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lol, hope i will try 36mg in the future. vape on :sunglasses:


Probably like a ten year old child trying the first cigar. Taking a good full lung hit. Cough, choke, gag, loose peripheral vision, become weak in the knees, vomit. I would guess anyway.


Depends on the device you’re vaping it out of. Juul pods have 50mg nic, but they are a high resistance, low power, mouth to lung vape. Try anywhere near that much nic on a sub-ohm, high power, open airflow device and you’ll probably not feel very well.


Device make the juice to smoke, but it still have 36mg. Thank you for you advise and i will try higher mg by your way. thank you


lol, maybe need sleep for a while


Why would you want to try 36mg juice if you don’t use that much nicotine regularly? Just curious! Just to see what it is like, or because you have a bottle of 36mg juice?

Most of us are either trying to maintain the same or lower level of nicotine than when we smoked, or slowly trying to lower our nicotine levels as we can. So that’s why I was curious about trying such a drastic increase.

And at that level, you may never sleep again!


hi Jenny,

Thank you for your advice. I watched a vedio about high mg and tried 6mg,you know headache. So, that time I think this guy must crazy. Maybe I will not try the juice over 6mg. Just curious and hope some one review this topic and don’t do 36mg or higher

That’s my purpose

Thanks again dear


It might not have been the nicotine level in the 6mg juice that gave you a headache, It could be many things. PG/VG ratio, a pg sensitivity, one of the flavors in the juice, all are possibilities.

If you smoked, what did you smoke? Personally, I recommend starting to vape at a lower level than what you were smoking. I smoked lights, which is often said to be equivalent to 12mg, but started vaping at 6mg. I haven’t wanted a cigarette since then! Not even a craving!


easy… get a 12mg nic juice in your RDA/Subohm tank… take some puffs … multiply the burning in your throat X3 or more :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

i vape like 0-3mg … whenever i tried even a puff at 12 i get no flavor… just burning in the throat…


Kungfoogorilla hit it right on the head. People tend to get way too hung up on what level of nicotine to run. It’s all about how much you’re taking in per hour or in short order!


I went through a time to where I cut my nicotine way back feeling like I was doing something good when in reality, personally I just ended up vaping more. I ended up finding out that upping my nicotine was much more satisfying and nowadays I will add more nicotine into recipes that will take it and a little less in those that the nicotine affects more. I always carry multiple devices so it is easy for me to do.


Well, back in the day you used to vape 36mg because, wasn’t 12 the lowest before 0 back then?

But on a sub-ohm tank? Hmm, maybe you get a head buzz like with dokha or thuoc lou? Shit, I’ve smoked thuoc lou, let me give it a try, get back to you in a few minutes


It feels like smoking thouc lou. Man, I haven’t had a buzz since like 6 months after I started smoking dokha, like 3 years ago.

But yeah, pretty nice headbuzz actually, gonna mix up a batch of it for a wake up vape.

And, do not chain actually vape something that strong, you’ll get sick as hell. But for a single hit or two in a RDA? Yeah, why didn’t I think of it.


I was a pack and a half smoker for over four decades and when I started vaping on an ego pen device tried 18mg and it made me feel dizzy. I immediately went (in less than a day) to 12mg…that lasted a week (btw-I was off analogs immediately) until the proprieter of my local vape shop let me try a mod and suggested I try a direct lung hit, saying it was actually smoother…he was right and I immediately bought an IStick 50 and a Kanger Subtank…and went to 3mgs AND was satisfied nicotine wise…Since I started mixing I vary between 2 and 4mg unless I am mixing for a M2L device (rarely anymore) at 5 or 6…I can’t even imagine needing anything over 18mg/ml for even a camel/lucky three pack a day person…I wouldn’t try 36mg on a dare, I don’t like feeling sick.


Started with 18 & 12 M2L. Went to 6 D2L. At about four months in went to 6 M2L and 3 D2L because the higher nicotine levels were firing my my throat. Now at 7 months even the 3 in the morning is hitting me like an analog used to. A lot of coughing until the throat gets accustomed. Not sure how long the 3 will last. Time will tell. More drawn to the sensation of vapor in my lungs than the nic now. Makes me wonder how I ever tolerated analogs. Not well is the first answer for the last decade of analogs. Hated the addiction.

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Didn’t affect me. I needed it. Was heavy smoker 36 years. I’m down to 6 now.


This reminds me of the first time my buddy wanted to try an RDA. I was going to prime it for him (just changed the cotton), but he grabbed a bottle I had on the table, not knowing that I had it mixed at 24mg for a customer who uses it in an ego pen.
Needless to say he had already started drawing when I noticed.
It was hilarious!
He learned 2 valuable lessons that day.

  1. Never vape anything that you don’t know the Nic level of.
  2. Don’t assume that since its on my mixing table that it’s something I am vaping.

sounds like fun gotta try that