What 's your reason for Vaping poll

September first was nine for me that I haven’t smoked and never once cheated.
Just a curious poll as to why all you Vape.For me it was time to quit the analogs I was tired of waking up coughing and just felt like shit.I want to be around for my children.
Some people do it for this and others to save money.I don’t care if Vaping actually costs me more with all the stuff I buy.My body is the way more healthy than the last 30 years.


For me it was vaping or smoking. I’m glad it worked for me. Now I vape because I really enjoy all the flavor options.


Same here, exactly. Quit analogs in March. Sharing the experience of hardware and diy-ing with hobbyist hubby, who I’m trying to encourage as he struggles. He’ll get there!


Mine was a curiosity at first and then turned passion :slight_smile:

I originally had quit smoking for 3 years before I started vaping. Long story short…kinda, I had flown out for my sister’s wedding and one of our friends had forgotten her eleaf 50watt and nautilus at the hotel room before getting back on a plane for Heathrow. She didnt have time to drive back so she left it and I was the only one interested.
I picked it up out of curiosity and it was about 2 weeks of trying vendor’s juices before I discovered DIY through a friend at work, who had his own side business.

We all know how the addiction escalated to what it is today. I have a little lab with 100s of flavorings and I’m churning out juices like I’m supplying a small third world country…
Numerous tanks and mods now…all from 1 person leaving a tank with me

Passion turned OCD addictive passion and I’ve never looked back :wink:


I started vaping to quit smoking on fathers day 2014 for my daughter… then it became a hobby and now it’s a lifestyle of sorts…


I started vaping/quit smoking on Mother’s Day of 2014…My kids always give me gifts on Mother’s Day so I thought I would give them one instead :grinning: It has now turned into my biggest hobby and I am thankful for it every day!


Here’s my story of why I started vaping.

Cards on the table.

I began vaping in Oct’14 on a quest to make THC juice usable out and about without anyone knowing I was getting high.

I managed to do it without too much of a problem using a Blueberry concentrate and zero NIC base but heavy heavy PG and PEG400. Throat hit to the max. Lol.

I finally gave up the Icky Sticks on the 26th January 2015 and haven’t smoked or vaped anything THC related for about 4-5months.

I had no idea when I started this crazy journey that I would be giving up the one thing that turned me towards vaping products in the first place. THC.

But here we are now. +90 personal recipes later for DIY juice, coil builds, mechs and RDA’s, TC mods and Boxes lol.

Who would have thought it???

Certainly not me when I bought that Ego C Twist and Glass Globe Dry Herb Atomiser. Lol.



I smoked for over 40 years and hated my addiction. I hated myself for the last 30 years because of the addiction. I tried everything to stop smoking. I quit cold turkey, was put on prescription Wellbutrin (which caused me to be suicidal), used the patch, Nicorette gum, even did Hypnosis treatments. Nothing worked for more than two weeks. I was miserable as a slave to analog cigarettes.

In 2009, I first noticed these ‘e-cigarettes’ on the market and picked one of these ‘cigalikes’ up from a convenience store. I thought ‘what an awesome invention’. It had 18mg of nicotine and tasted nasty, but I KNEW this could be the answer for me, if it was improved in taste and vapor production. I started researching online and found newer models. Bought several different ones and used them irregularly, but cutting my smoking down. I started mixing my own ejuice in 2010 because I had wasted money on subpar juices and just decided I could probably do better DIY. Did a lot of research, then made an order for supplies and never looked back.

January 8, 2015… my husband (who never smoked), took me to a ‘Vape Shop’ here in my town to see if they had a device and some eliquid that would help me finally quit smoking completely. The wonderful people there spent about 40 minutes with me, helping me to decide what would work best and set me up with a new mech mod and tank with some Watermelon-Mint ejuice at only 4mg nicotine. I no longer need high nicotine, as the greater vapor in this device satifies me. THAT did it. I only smoked 3 cigarettes that next day and the next. On January 10, 2015, I became smoke-free!!

I have thought about quitting the vape, but not very much… I just love it and really love making my own ejuice for self and others. I also enjoy encouraging other smokers to switch. I just purchased a couple more ego-type kits to give away.


That could almost be my story! I’ve always had a bigger problem with THC than tobacco. I still get a little bit of THC before I go to sleep but that’s it, no more smoking joints all day, just vape, its like sucking on a bong but way tastier :grinning:


I was sick of coughing… sick of being told I stink… sick of feeling guilty for “falling off the wagon”…again!. sick of spending $75+ a week on shit that was no doubt killing me …I could go on…
I originally looked to vaping as a means of cessation, & maybe, MAYBE, 1 day I’ll quit the lot. But for now, I really enjoy the challenge of creation- the discovery of flavor combinations …holy crap!..like the one I’ve made just now! As I write this, I’m tasting a mix I put down a week ago for the first time…WOW!..DIY coffee, 2 sugars, a dollop of cream, a couple of vanillas, some pie crust, & a smidge of bourbon- GoodLordy!..I’ve just died and gone to heaven! (…a few tweaks and I’ll put it up!)
Hmmm. Seems that was a very big maybe!


Funny thing is, I never wanted to stop smoking. I enjoyed the act of smoking, the habit of taking a break to sit and think alone or socialize with other smoking people and the sophisticated cultural forms some tobacco usages developed… But they told me, “Smoking kills!” Maybe even adding another exclamation mark or two. Couldn’t care less, I shrugged, until a few years back I didn’t enjoy living or cherish having to wait several decades for the crescendo finale.

But then, my son came. Well, as all of you with kids know, that puts things in perspective. As I was fully aware of the bleak chances of success for quitting, I was in deadlock - I could take on a struggle that would cost me lots of precious energy, or I know run the risk of endangering my son’s health and in the long run miss out on the best part of the film, so to say (due to my own health issues). Then I saw some dude - a mover by profession - vape in the elevator. I immediately recognized it, as I had read about e-cigarettes back in 2009 but was appalled by leaks, poor performance, battery issues, bad taste etc.
As you can imagine, I was rather pleased with the progress technology had made!
Oh and then, after countless unsatisfactory liquid purchases, I decided to mix my own, if these imbecile parrots in Chinese labs aren’t capable of producing good juice! :wink: But mostly for safety reasons, to be honest. You know the stereotypes. They exist for good reason in many cases.

So bottom line, it wasn’t for the money (smoking is a lot cheaper than vaping, esp. if you’re a “serious vaper”, haha). It wasn’t for convenience (you can practically smoke everywhere over here). And it wasn’t for my health proper. It was for my son.

Awwww… cheesy. Sorry for that.
It really is a fantastic pastime! Gimmicks to play around with; learned a lot about technical stuff (for my standards); mixing juice even made me reconsider to take up cooking, :smiley: Anyways, brilliant time - and brilliant company. :smile:


I tried vaping in 2007 - the devices were crap. So that lasted two months at best.

In November 2009, it was really cold in Denmark, and I always went outside to smoke. Therefore I decided to give the new vaping devices a try. I ordered a Totally Wicked tornado, I think it was called. It arrived at 10 in the morning on the 28th of November. I charged it, filled it, primed it, then took a few puffs. Then I took a few more. I immediately realized that I wouldn’t need cigarettes any longer.

That year we celebrated Christmas at our house. Late that night, when I drove my sister and her children home, I forgot my device in the car, so I bummed a cigarette off my sister. I lit up, took two puffs, then extinguished it, because it tasted horrible. I donned my boots and fetched my e-cig. Since then I have smoked perhaps 5 cigarettes in total, and never finished one.

Now I made my sister switch as well :smile: She prefers flavorless liquid.


November 8, 2013, VDay! The day I gave up cigarettes and began Vaping. Prior to Vday I started smoking at the age of 13. I smoked for 47 years and the majority of that a chain smoker. I smoked as much as 3 packs a day at one point and the day before VDay I averaged between 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 packs a day. I had been diagnosed with the first stages of COPD years before VDay. I was getting to the point where I could not even smoke a cigarette without coughing my @ss off. Nov. 8 2015 it will be 2 years of vaping AND 2 years of tobacco free lifestyle. I feel much better, cough very little, and actually now feel I have a good chance to live into my 70s or even 80s with a little luck, In the last days of my stinkie dependence I worried I would not make it to 65, now I feel I have added many years to my life I surely would not have had…

This is a prior comment I had already posted in another thread (Vaping Saved My Life) here on ELR. Now you ask what’s my reason for vaping. Simply and to the point, LIFE


What your reason for vaping…that’s the question.

Answer - I don’t want to smoke cigarettes.

The problem is I am a major tobacco addict. If I have it and use it, all I want to do is use it. I’ve done all forms too - cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, snus, snuff (both under the lip and in the nose) and enjoyed each form to one degree or another. I LOVE tobacco.

My only biological child, my son, was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer in November 2006. He always wanted me to quit smoking and I’m sad to say I never gave him that while he was still with me. He passed in August of 2007 at the age of 9. Shortly afterward I got my first e-cigarette kit. I’ve still got some of the bs little cartridges -

I kept after it with varying degrees of success. Whenever I’ve fallen off the wagon it’s only been for short periods. I used cigarettes especially as a crutch which is really embarrassing to say since they actually taste bad and stink like crazy. But there’s something about having one in my hand that soothes and comforts. Oh yeah, I can be an emotional train wreck but have gotten much better. Anyway that’s why I vape - because I don’t want to be a smoker. I guess maybe that little bastard in the youtube video was right - that if you can’t stop smoking without vaping you are a manchild. Oh well, manchild it is then. Because if I can’t vape I WILL smoke. It’s that simple. But as devices advance more and more there is less and less reason to smoke. Fun times.


The only positive thing about smoking is …there is none. That is why I started to vape. Of all the reasons listed, I too site.


I wrote this up for my CASAA testimonial and saved it out so I could easily repost it whenever there was a call for testimonials.

I had been a smoker since 1994.

I’d never seriously tried to quit, even though I kept thinking I really needed to quit, often rationalizing that “at least I wasn’t smoking that much” at just 2 or 3 packs a week.

One day I went into a tobacco store to buy a couple packs of cigarettes. I noticed their ecigs, asked the clerk to tell me about them and ended up buying an Ego style battery and CE4 clearomizer in a blister pack, a bottle of 18mg e-juice, as well as a pack of cigarettes.

I had no intention to quit smoking.

This was just me satisfying my curiosity about these devices.

Over the next 3 days, I “vaped” quite a bit and my cigarette usage dwindled until the 3rd day I realized I had gone all day without a smoke.

So I went outside, lit one up, and was shocked by the unpleasant taste and feeling.

I just didn’t want it anymore.

I put it out without finishing it, and haven’t had one since. That was well over 2 years ago.

I’ve had occasional cravings which I am able to ignore thanks to vaping.

I know other people who are using ecigs to try to quit who have not had as easy a time with it as I have, but for me this just works, and I wasn’t even setting out to quit!


I smoked for 50 yrs and half heartedly gave quitting a try on a few occasions, y’know … Zyban, Champix, Nicobate etc … it was only when I gave up working to care for my sick hubby that I realised just how much money the habit was costing, and I just couldn’t afford them.
I’d tried ecigs years ago but they did nothing for my cravings and I guess that I didn’t really want to quit … anyway, in mid 2013 I tried an Ego set up ( 36mg Ry4) and was hooked … never bought another 'stinkie"
Also converted a few of my friends to the ‘Vape lifestyle and they ,in turn, have educated others about the benefits of PVs
I now sit happily at 18mg, on 1,5 coils and have a few isticks and a couple of Provaris that’ll no doubt ‘see me out’, altho’ not before my much anticipated Provari Radius arrives :smile:
Love this site, I’ve ‘tweaked’ quite a few recipes ( for my own tastes) and this friendly forum is an extra bonus


Damn, that’s a hard one to swallow.


Flavor that is it lol

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I second that my friend!