What scale do you use?

I don’t mix with a scale unless I am mixing 200ml and more and I need some help in finding a halfway decent scale for a cheapskate.

I could really use y’alls help, so before you write a comment telling me to look it up or before you go in search of a link to post instead, then I would rather you did not comment at all. This is not my first rodeo. Meaning I have already searched and did not find the information I was looking for.

I am not looking for someone to do my research for me. I just need to know what scale you use and if you want to tell me why you like it then that would be that much better.

Thank you, my Friends.

Dan the Man


This one Dan is cheap and very accurate. One really needs the .01g vs the .1g and the .001g is too much as our craft isn’t rocket science. Close though lol. He .01g scale is perfect. Forgot to add that the .1g is not enough because many flavors are very strong and only need 1-3 drops, which are sometimes hard to measure and a .1g scale won’t register those small drops


I have to agree with @R113 above. The reason I like it is if you have it plugged in to household current it does not shut off after a certain period of time. They also have something like a 10 year warranty. Comes with proper calibration weights. Easy to see screen with back lighting.


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Same for me as well


Awesome. Thank you very much you guys, I appreciate it an awful lot.

I agree. thanks again.

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@Dan_the_Man LB-510 here as well. Re-stating what others have said already. VERY accurate scale (can see it fluctuate when the HVAC kicks on some times), and it’s more accurate than my flavor bottles are. Plugs in, so you NEVER have to worry about it going to sleep. Has good backlighting for mixing in lower light situations. Easy to clean up in case of a spill. Has a protective folding/snapping cover, which IMO is one of the MORE important features, so you can protect it while it’s not in use. Calibration was super easy with the provided weights. I can’t think of any con’s on this one.


You asked for it… both bought from you know who…
The one on the left goes up to 20 grams and it’s blazing fast, I use it for rocket science… ! don’t breathe on it… or shake the table. But it shuts down…
The one on the right well everybody knows that one… but it’s sooooo slooooow…
Both are cheap, yes I’m a bit “tight”… unless there are flavours to buy… (on sale…) :joy:


Who ??? I dont know … :slight_smile:


As @R113 said, the LB-501 is excellent!


it A mazes me… :joy: A mazon… both of them…


ah ha lol ty


dont feel bad, i had no clue either


I went with the lb-501 as well…because you can calibrate it. I used another type of scales and always felt something was off. Found out it was .36g off…which when you use something like Flavorah makes a huge difference.


I’ve used the LB-501 for three and a half years and never felt I needed anything else. Super reliable and very accurate.


I have been using the AS 501 for over a year now and It works great. It is really worth its money.


I wonder how American Weigh Scale’s profitability has been since the DIY market hit the scene. Bet they been gettin’ some nice Christmas bonuses!


Questions about the LB-501:

  1. Can you take the hinged cover off easily?

  2. How many places are there after the decimal point when measuring in ounces?

  3. Does the weight flucuate like mad (up/down on the low end: i.e. after the decimal point) as I’ve seen on a couple of Amazon video reviews? I know bumping the table and room airflow sometimes play a part in low end number fluctuation (user error), but let’s say a careful user is operating the scale… will the scale hold a precise number for an extended period of time without fluctuating.


Ill be home in 30min if you dont getvthe answers by then ill look for you , as far as question 3 it will fluctuate maybe a couple hundreths so if im on .12 it may go up to .14…but ill test that for you as well …


For what it’s worth I use a Digitech QM-7264 1KG measuring to 0.00g bench top scale.
This has proven reliable and robust.
Mains powered so holds the measurements without powering off.