What Secret ingredient from the Master List do you suggest?

What has worked for your DIY juices?
And what additive do you think is in Unicorns Milk?

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I’d have to say vape wizard first, apple cider vinegar second and distilled water third.

And as for the Unicorns Milk:

(Got to read the reviews!)


Jim, what is that link? I am confused.

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Should take you to an Amazon web page for uranium ore. (Hope the link works properly)

Don’t ever take me too seriously, I like to have fun and kid a lot. Just ignore me if I get on your nerves!


Thats friggin hilarious!!!
A lot of imagination in those reviews
Ukrainian woman the best :smile:!!

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I don’t like Vape Wizard, but I don’t do a lot of tobaccos and it seems like that is what it excels at.

Mine would be: Acetyl Pyrazine and a ways behind that Menthol and Vodka. I don’t use the latter two very often.

I’m sure this isn’t still the case, but it looks like titanium dioxide was used in some company’s UM at one time.


I didn’t see titanium dioxide on the master list, but I will look into this. Thank you.
Also, what do you think Cuttwood and other big players use? ACV? Lemon Juice? EM?

Lemon juice (citric acid) is another popular additive. I add 1 or 2 drops per 10 ml to alot of my recipes. Some recipes call for a little bit of saline.

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No please don’t. It isn’t a good thing. It was a huge ordeal as TiO2 fumes are pretty icky. I was just kinda going off of Jim’s funny post about the uranium. TiO2 isn’t too far off that.

Citric and Malic acid are two things I’d like to try. I’m gonna try ACV too, but I just haven’t had the time or the right mix. I don’t use EM or Cotton Candy anymore as it mutes the flavors of my mix after a week or so. Saline is said to be good (also haven’t tried it) but is said to gunk up coils faster.

It is good to see that people who ordered that also got themselves a Geiger counter. Not so good they spelled nulcear, have they got G. W. Bush on the payroll?


Oh my goodness, that is absolutely hilarious!!!


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If you liked that…check out the Tuscan Whole Milk or the AutoExec Wheelmate Steering Wheel Attachable Work Surface Tray on Amazon; even better!


Where can yo purchase Malic and Citric Acid? I do not see shops online

You can get malic acid on amazon or ECX has it in powdered form. Citric acid is just lemon juice. You can also get both from Nude Nicotine. Not sure where else has them.

Holy crap, that made up for a really bad day! I’m still laughing 20 mins later. Great stuff!

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LOL so what did we learn here, jokes aside, what are your favorite secret ingredients to add?!?

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A good joke, and some laughter, what else…oops, that’s not jokes to the side, Sorry!


Sorry to have gotten your topic so off topic! But I will stand by my first sentence in my first post. Those additives can help with a mix. They can take off sharp edges, make a recipe pop, and deepen the overall mouthfeel of many a mix.

I concentrate on purchasing quality, workable flavorings first. If one starts there, sometimes you don’t need all that other stuff. ; )


Ok @bradleyb5155, marshmallow, but it’s no secret. Marshmallow at 2% or less to sweeten. Any other secret ingredients are nothing more than the correct combinations of flavoring. Though some will use Malic and Citrus Acid, this is not a necessity to blend good juices. I do not use them. The real secret to blending is playing attention to your flavor pairing, learn your flavors, and practice. Most likely the greatest secret ingredient in blending is PRACTICE…


I didn’t think about marshmallow being an additive. So I guess my list is now Marshmallow and Acetyl Pyrazine as the two things I use most.

I have Vape Wizard, Bitter Wizard, distilled water, ACV, menthol, vodka, lemon juice, etc. but I pretty much never use any of them. Every once in a blue moon I will put a drop or two of Vape Wizard in a mix that is really harsh and isn’t mellowing with time.

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