What the..........? Cannot access my recipes

from my recipes page AND when I try I get other people’s recipes instead. Did I miss the memo or WTF? Anyone else having issues?

Check this out

You might be in the same boat.

Thanks but I can access my recipe page and flavor stash. The problem is when I click on one of my recipes someone else’s recipe comes up. Weird. Also, I am not being redirected outside the site.

Summoning the master @daath :grin:

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Okay, looks like it is on me. I was using an old tablet earlier with W7 and an ancient version of Firefox. Now, back on a more updated device, all is well. Still, that was weird getting a revolving number of random recipes

Sorry, please delete this thread if you want to.

Wow, that was a weird bug! Closing the thread for you :slight_smile:

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