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What Vapers Spouses Say:


Whats yours say?

Mines usually on the note of, Can you make me ***** usually followed by oh my does that stink like (%*$


Mmmm, you smell like strawberry babe!

Benefit of vaping, because 6 months ago she would have said: Sweat!


"Honey can you add Vaper Towels to the shopping list? …yeah I mean paper towels


More like DO YOU REALLY NEED ANOTHER mod, tank, flavor, battery, etc.etc.etc.


that smells bad. Smells like your baking a cake in the middle of the night he gets up expecting cake lmfao
(while he smells like dirty ashtray)


That’s typically what I hear as well lol


do you really need that much flavours
what happened to your other vape
you say smoking is addictive


I’ve run out of X again can you make me some more and some more of the other one too…

Ergh… that smells like farts… :confounded:


I happen to be clairvoyant and already saw that one coming so I divorced in 1992. No hassle in this house :smiling_imp:


(The Daughter) god it smells nice up here.
(The Wife) SHUT THAT BLOODY DOOR… its stinks





Well she just decided to make a new quote… She said she sometimes feels like she lives with puff the magic dragon


My husband hates the smell hes always saying “can you blow that the other way”. I did run into a stranger that said “wow that smells good!”. I have a air filter in the house which helps for when hes home.


I get the " That stinks like burning candy" Little does she suspect that’s the one I’m trying hardest to clone :slight_smile:


i need a new mod and tank , im tired of getting your hand me downs , lol or , isnt that juice ready , or can you add more nicotine in mine


my lady in a truly sarcastic tone: "oooohhh great another GrimmGreen video…yay"
me: "still better than your Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes"
my lady: …
me: slowly backing away


Serves you right for dissing Buffy :grinning:


Oh I know :laughing::laughing:

edit: I am starting to get into it thanks to her lol


“…another one?”


My daughter was a fan, I know it by heart now.