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What Vapers Spouses Say:


Mine says " can you mix that somewhere else the smell is making me nauseous"


I can’t repeat what my spouse says here in the forum.
There are rules about profanity!


Yeah that’s why I cleaned up my comment I’m retired Navy and my wife’s mouth is enough to make a sailor blush


…shit :fearful:




Not for you Pugs, don’t worry :innocent:


oh thank fuck for that …close one :wink:


“I cant see myself in this mirror anymore, can you de-vape the windows?”


You should tell him that he’s the lucky one since you cannot vape over your eyes :grinning:


When the spastic hand waving (to fan the vape away) starts I usually say something like “Oh ok, you like smoke better?”


My wife says two things, and boy do I love her for it:

When I come home and your mixing station is open (about 400 flavors) it smells like someone is baking something yummy.

Your windows are all fogged over. I don’t see how you drive like that. May I clean them? (I swear it is so, she’s just THAT awesome.)

Oh, also: sure is foggy in here…


Wow, this was actually a VERY good post, (thought I was alone lol). She vapes, but swears it’s too much vape inside (might be, can’t tell, it tastes too good), and after I hear about how it’s ruining the curtains, lol, she asks me if I can mix her up some more of her favorite peach LOL.


I guess I’m lucky. Mine doesn’t say much of anything about my vaping… maybe the occasional wow it’s smokey in here. I’ve always had hobbies that I spent a lot on so she is used to that :slight_smile: She’s a non-smoker and put up with my 2 to 3 pack a day cigarette habit for many years. She probably inhaled as much 2nd hand smoke as a lot of smokers do. So… she’s happy that life is a little healthier for us both now.


The old one said ‘the vapor burns her eyes’.

The new one says ‘Can you clone this?’ :wink:


She says, while coughing " ok, that’s enough. Your burning my eyes." And…
My reply is usually" could you please stops spraying all those chemicals in that can of “Lysol disinfectant” at least I can pronounce what’s in that I’m vaping. Wife " can you “smoke” that outside" bwahaha, I’m not smoking, that was over 7 months ago. Wife " it’s the same thing" No, it’s not… Yes it is… It’s almost comical now. The best one(Still watch his videos on occasion) " Omg, if I hear that guys (Rip) voice anymore I’m gonna go nuts…does he always talk like that ? I’m not sure I’ll ask his wife. That usually ends the complaining, We have a great relationship other than that. I just try not to take everything as gloom and doom. Laughter is still the best medicine.


My wife’s traveled the same journey I have, so all she says about it is “my thing needs new stuff” (which translates to ‘my build is fouled’), or “make a juice that tastes like ‘this’”, or “I need new batteries”. Actually, it must be nice to simply vape and not deal with all the background stuff like building, wicking, DIY juice making, ordering supplies, charging cells, etc. Lucky I like doing all that…


My husband: Hey VapeyMama (yes, he calls me VapeyMama), you foruming again? :joy:


Typically after a mail delivery it is ’ Do you really need more flavours? You’ve not even finished the ones you have!'


She pulls that on me and I say “You wanted it, why are you giving me heck??” Does that stop her from whining? Never.


I do this to @Cutlass92 all the time.

He says that to me and helps me figure it out.

We make a good team. :grin: