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What Vapers Spouses Say:


“You’re getting MORE flavors ? Who needs that many flavors”?

“Ummmmm, you don’t understand, I can’t sub for this recipe”

“I don’t know what that means but I’m outta Peach, can you make me some more” ?


“How are those ELR kids doing today?”


Wife…you need to quit vapping!
Me… sneeze
Wife…you need to quit vapping!
Wife… you need to quit vapping!
Me… smile
Wife… you need to quit vapping!
Me… breathing
Wife… you need to quit vapping!


Mine isn’t around anymore but when she was:
"Another one? Why do you need another one?"
So you can steal it when you forgot where you put/broke/lost yours.

"what is that smell?"
"smells horrible"
so do you

"think you have enough flavor things?"
Haven’t caught up to your collection of purses

Of course my actual responses were grunts and various snorts. I would never say it out-loud


“Stop fogging up the house, it feels like silent hill”

“you’re getting HOW many more flavors, what about the ones you have already”

“your vape stinks like ass, what is it”

“your vape smells really good, what is it?”

“that’s smells like honey nut cheerios”

"that smells like honey nut cheerios…oh, its peanut butter cream pie reads label


…I too am not bold enough to challenge the dragon-fire my wife houses in her belly.


I don’t have a spouse/partner but my teenage daughter said “I’m so proud of you for giving up smoking mummy”.
Aww :innocent:


These are funny!! Especially from my “single college guy” perspective…


My car windows are foggy too!! I bet lots of vapers have this problem.


“Do you have to do that in the house it stinks”
" Shut your den door your stinking up the whole house"
" Sure you quit cigarettes but your still vaping"
“those flavor smells are making me nauseous”
"Why are you buying more flavors


I can relate brother


Mine complains about only three things, largely because she too vapes.

1.) More frequent window washing.
2.) The vape supply cabinet is too strong since it’s a mix of 100+ bottles.
3.) Some flavors like maple syrup and butter smell like pee when you vape them. Taste great; smell bad in cloud form.


Well, it’s NOT localized to just me then …


So I’m not the only one


“What are you doing on that computer? It looks like your always on the same bloody page. Are you flirting with someone?”

Seriously, I get this every couple of weeks.


Well now you have to stop flirting with me I guess :rofl:


But you’ve got such pretty eyes. Can I touch them?


Honey, did you order your new flavors yet?
God I love that woman!


Wow, she’s a keeper!


Cough Cough … deep sigh
Am I supposed to take a hint? You know I suck at that :stuck_out_tongue:

“Babe, you gotta smell this new flavor, it’s fabulous :star_struck:
“Oh gosh, you know they all smell like jelly beans to me”