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What Vapers Spouses Say:


Fixed it to what my wife yells. LOL



Him: "Can you blow that over there? “It dries out my eyes.” “You need to up your nic, you are vaping a lot.”

Me: I like vaping more with less nic."

Same day, but later:

Him: “I’m out of juice.”

Me: “Already?! You have been vaping a lot.”

Him: “Are you lessening my nic, the juice is weak!”

Me: “No hun, I have been adding even more nic to your juice so I don’t have to make it as often.”

It is like this every couple days. I guess I need to make gallons of juice now…


1st wife: 5 years
2nd wife: 6 months
3rd wife: 19 years

I told number 3, when we were dating, “My first divorce was very painful even though it was mutual and amicable. My second divorce was so much easier. I suspect my third one, if it ever happens, will be very easy.” I get very little shit from #3, even after 19 years.


Enough!!! your fogging me out. The whole house is a thick cloud. Or the occasional one is "what is that one, I Don’t like it, Or less occasional " what is that one it smells nice, I have my own wrath when I get in our new car and smell the scent of cigarettes, especially when I turn on the heat or air. I get really pissed, first brand new car we ever had, If you must smoke take the beater. I get it I smoked for years, but when you spend a years wages on a car I try to keep it clean and new at least until its paid for.


My husband mostly says: “Are you going to order this today? If not I’ll, you’ve 30 minutes”

It doesn’t even matter what it is, from flavors to atomizers to mods, batteries and bottles. Its mostly a challenge between the two of us, depending who’s ordering faster. I wish I had children or something, at least then somebody could keep us in check, clearly we can’t do it ourselves lol


“Why do you have to vape up the whole car, your gonna wreck. Put down the window…what do you mean you can’t see the down button…pull over!”

Said today by my wonderful wife


Mine said ‘Why did you paint your mod and not paint mine too?’ One can of peach paint later and she’s smiling again. These people!!!


In 2 months I have collected 8 devices and a few I have already handed over to my wife and nephew.
I had to work at it for a few weeks, but I got her off the ciggies nearly… she now has 2 of her own.:wink:
She asked me the other day, why do you need so many devices? (I was rotating 3 at a time)
My reply: If it breaks in the middle of the night, I can’t just go to the servo and get a lighter like before.
I don’t think she bought it by the look on her face. :rage:


my GF has lost her setup too many times this is how it goes…

her : omg i cant find my vape , i think i left it wherever , can i borrow one of yours until i find it ? ( she never finds it )

me: jesus christ how can you lose you mod NO you cant borrow one , you need to buy a new one blah blah blah . ( i end up giving her one )

this has happened at least 5 or 6 times , so last night same thing happens but my answer was

yes i do have an extra one , but im gonna charge you …

her reply : are you serious ? look at these you dont use this one , these are brand new you havent even opened them , yadda yadda yadda

my reply : ok ill give you a discount lmao


Off of Retail… :neutral_face:


lmao , not vape shop prices lol


There are far better ways for her to show you appreciation - you know like the stuff she does everyday like washing, cleaning being a couple of the less fun things I can think of :rofl:


My hubby finally gave up smoking!!! And is now vaping!! I gave him my eleaf mod which is my favorite because he liked that one the best. I figured if it helps him quit then I could always get another one. I’m so happy he finally quit!! Its been 2 weeks now.


That is SO COOL!!!
I obviously don’t know your hubby, but tell him CONGRATULATIONS for me!!!


I sure will! Thanks Pap :blush:…I didn’t think he was ever gonna quit!! He started getting episodes of being short of breath and now the past two weeks vaping he hasn’t had any at all!