What would you do?

Dear E.L.R friends what would you do if this was you being told this by an online store?

To Cloyce Spears
Sep 16 at 11:29 PM
hi Cloyce

Yes ,i know ,since we also get many of customers feedback ,they have the same problem with the mod .
so we checked some of mod in our stock ,also the same . and we confirmed with the eleaf factory ,they said that’s normal .

that is not quality issue ,pls take it easy to use it .
any problem ,pls contact us freely.


To: yolanda@efun.top
Subject: Re: Order
Hi my order arrived today 9/16/15 thanks for the fast shipping, but there’s something loose inside and making noise when I shake it, and it is not the buttons.
What do you want to do about this? I would like to return it for replacement.

Thank you waiting to hear from you.

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You shoulda went with my post I told you so the clone is better hahaha

Thats real funny Haha


Yea thanks for your advice on my problem.

jk… but the clones usually are just after market and money for the distribution teams of the original manufacturing Co??? someone correct me… please…??

I’m just looking for advice on what to do. I’m worried that it could short out and catch on fire or blow up if I use it. And it sounds like there not going to replace it.

I quess I should of got the clone.

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My batteries should be here tomorrow.

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I have an old microwave I don’t use anymore. If it were me I’d nuke that bitch for 10 seconds and fry the board. Send it back and tell them it suddenly stopped working.

I’m just kidding. But seriously…no, don’t do it :slight_smile:

My email to them;
There is something inside that is sliding when I turn it upside down.
We confirmed with the factory, this is because the key botton have tolerance, it will shake. But it can be guaranteed not to affect the using.
Reply; It is not coming from the button, it is something inside the mod itself. If you hold it upside down you can hear something fall down inside like there is a screw or something else in there that shouldn’t be there.
Answer; If you hold down the key, there will be no sound.you try it. There is not problem.

I gave up after that, just can’t be bothered anymore. So it looks like you and me are having the same problem, not that it is any help to you.
There was of course still a sound when I held down the buttons. I will take the thing apart one of these days, if I can get the right tool that is and see what’s inside there. I’m not gonna use it with whatever it is rattling inside there. I ordered one from this site before and that one is fine.

Email them again and tell them you are afraid of a short, it is not normal, and want to return it, PERIOD. If they refuse you tell them it is the last time you will buy from them…

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Paid for it with my credit card, I’m thinking about calling the card company if another email to Efun gets me nowhere.

Thanks @ringling, just the little push this lazy woman needed, here’s my email :grinning:

I did hold down the keys and it is still making that same noise. There is something loose in there and I don’t want to use it and risk getting a short or an exploding device. So I would like to return it for one that has not got this problem. I have read online that I’m not the only one with this problem so it seems to me that you are having the problem and should fix it before you loose customers.

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Damn wrong message

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I sent one that was almost word for word as yours

Where did you buy yours from?

Same place you did!

I’m afraid what ever it is that is loose inside my Istick 100w mod is going to cause a short and could catch on fire or cause it to blow up and hurt my family. I want you to send me a return envelope so I can return this product to you for a replacement or a refund.

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I’m sorry I’m not just busting ur balls …soo my buddy has the same problem and he’s still alive the rattle is just the loose board… is what he says and is rocking a velocity w a. 5ohm build… so don’t worry… I guess?and he just mixed his first batch… so welcome

Hey no problem my balls are fine LOL I just think that a business should stand behind what they sell and make it right.
I am going to try the mod when my batteries get here and see what happens.

What’s up with the grammar in the email they sent you? Was that exactly what they sent you verbatim? Shitty grammar and wrong formatting in emails from companies I deal with I consider red flags. They couldn’t even take the time to spell out “please”?

It’s hard to believe after they typed it out, they read it and said “yup… looks good to me!” I just have a hard time believing whatever company would send an email like that has any idea what they are talking about.

They probably thought you were referring to button rattle even though you told them it’s not.