What's changed for you?

Just curious here…

How has your vape profile changed over time? What did you used to love, but now maybe not so much? And vise-versa?

I’ll kick it off with a couple. I used to love all things blueberry. Lately though I’ve found I’m tired of it and don’t mix of vape much blueberry these days.

Another is butterscotch. I used to avoid it (really bad vendor experience), but I really enjoy just about every butterscotch recipe I can mix.

(And a side note, I still can’t taste vanilla ice cream, I have no idea why. I’ve tried it many ways from several different manufacturers and it just seems invisible to me. I think that’s weird.)


I’m still very much a beginner in mixing. I like to experiment with process and different flavor manufacturers. As far as palet, I guess I can say it’s expanding. There are some mixes that I have dropped but only because I have made similar profiles better. In regard to hardware, I’ve really been gravitating toward mech tubes. Still use regulated mods and tanks at work and such, but for sitting back in the easy chair at home it’s a mech and a dripper. For my short involvement of three years with vaping, I’m amazed at how the “hobby” has grown. Still a lot to learn about mixing and I like that. Hobbies that dead end are a drag.


I loved Cereal Vapes… I dont vape them anymore , just bc I am trying other things…


Well being new to DIY, my vape profile has been like a roller coaster with more lows than highs, vaped a mango commercial juice for 3 yrs before the FLAVORBAN here, was my ADV, problem is I don’t like mango. Ate one once and hated it, every other mango juice I tried or mixed taste (and smells) like cat pee to me.
So to answer your question, my flavor profile has changed to cranberry and grape flavors.


Great post @anon70102222. Like many (or some), I used to like (need) very strong flavors, and sweet, probably because I started out at 24mg right off of cigs. Time wore on, reduced the sweet, the flavor percentages, and NIC.

As far as flavors by themselves, I used to despise CAP VC due to the off notes I got, but use it regularly now, mostly as a mixer. I started out using all the V2’s and DX’s I could find, but after a lot of testing, and the fact that cigs had over 100 times more diacytel than ejuice, and having smoked for 25+ years and not getting popcorn lung from that, moved over to regular and V1 flavors. Blueberry in particular I wasn’t picky about in the beginning but after starting mixing I started growing sensetive to more than a few due to perfume and soapy notes I started to pick up on many, so I moved to TPA Blueberry Wild, and FW Blureberry. Completely stopping using EM after witnessing muting first hand (except for some TPA Sweetener use). Ditched some of CAP’s Vanilla products due to an off putting flavor I get from a few of them. Thanks to @Pro_Vapes stopped NOT buying Medicine Flower despite it’s higher price per ml once I found out how LOW I used them, actually SAVING me money. After learning what worked from what manufacturer for me, did have to invest in multiple brands to get where I needed to go. Learned to READ better on notes on flavors, and TAKE better notes when SF testing.


Damn I wish I did, never cared for cereal vapes or dessert’s / creams. There’s so many great recipes out there, I’ve been trying a few mixes, hopefully I can mix one that can change my flavor profile in that direction :sunglasses:


I’m still the same as on day 1… I change flavors several times a day, don’t have an ADV and I keep mixing new recipes out of curiosity. Every so often I’ll re-mix a recipe that I find good. Didn’t like tobaccos until I discovered RY4 Double but I hate that it’s such a coil killer, almost as bad as sucralose. Now I’m slowly expanding my tobacco concentrates but it’s still a difficult playing field for me.
I still have a love/hate relationship with custards, most fruity vapes still give me heartburn but I keep vaping them in moderation because I like the flavors.


@anon28032772 I’m still in the not like T camp, any RY4 Double mixes you think are worthy for new recruiting ?


Try Goofy’s Juice


I did, and it was so so for me, but not enough to compel a repeat mix. Any others you can think of off of the top of your head ? Not 100% sure I am an RY4 guy, but am trying to make sure I don’t cut it short.


What has changed for me?

I want to say Time.

I want to blame Time.

I Must try, but I can not. I blame me.

I have zero all day flavors, but I do have a few recipes I can say if something happened, I could vape them all day… but no true omg I have to have this one particular profile. I still want to blame time. I look back at the 3 yrs of my recipes being here… all together over 710+ recipes spread out between public and private and I am debating internally … what in the world should I do with them all? I cant even manage them here… well I can… but in the ways I would like to… atm I can not and its hard to really admit it.

Time again… I want to blame it so bad!!

Time gets away from me making my notes more public… Never enough time, Time!! However I also feel if one does not put the work into Time… you still have nothing and nothing from nothing will always be nothing… Time.

Let me take a vape…

Realizing that Time, yes you dirty thing… knowing the PMTA fights are coming, and while that will effect juice and yes, our hardware… Time, can you just stop and roll back a decade, set us free, Time! As the up hill battle comes… Time let us get ready! Let no person that wants to stop smoking… be stopped. Oh time…

If I had a million flavors… I would still have just a hand full of those I hold dear… I would still stick with my ultras, for I know the power in less is more, and how much cheaper it is for us right now… Time…

Keep mixing and vaping… always ask questions… even the ones you might think are n00bish… for after the end of the day… there is always someone fighting to really learn…

Give us more time… <3


Try your single flavor test and see if you can think of pairing it with stuff… if you don’t like it, you don’t. Can’t change your taste no matter how much you’d like to.

I sometimes vape a mix of
6% RY4D
2% Shisha Vanilla INW
1.15% Red Burley FLV

A friend of mine likes that stuff a lot and as a matter of fact, I just made another liter for him.


I started off vaping mostly candy type flavors and sherbets, with a bottle of custard on the side for vaping with my coffee because fruity candy and coffee was yucky. When I started mixing my own juice I bought my first batch of flavors to match my habits, but quickly realized I could make way better custards than I could buy at the store and basically vaped custards exclusively.

Eventually I started playing with bakeries to enhance my custard mixes, then branched into bakeries without custard. Now my weekly vapes are about 50% bakery mixes, 40% custards, and 10% fruit/candy mixes in my one mtl tank.


I hated fruit until a few months ago. Now I find myself drawn to them. I’ve always been a custard or bakery type person so this has opened up new ideas.


I started at ELR at 3mg (was around 18-24 mg when I started vaping) and 50/50 PG/VG. I have not bought a single flavor in approximately year and a half,because I have become extremely PG sensitive. Currently, I’m vaping 100%VG and have found that this is almost as good as a mixed vape. There’s a lot to be said avantage wise by vaping unflavored VG, sure cleans the pallet, intensifies SF testing, and does generate great taste (RDA new wick does the trick).I do miss the mixed flavors variety. Starting about 6 months ago, I have made an up to date study and compilation of the current 100% PG Free flavors available and where to get them in the US. At present, I’m SF testing some of these PG Free flavors in order to see if flavoring itself will induce a PG reaction. In addition, I’m working SF testing ethanol based flavors. Hopefully, if 100% PG free flavors work out, I will have a 9-10 ADV recipes 100% guarantied PG free recipes I hope to share.


When I first start vaping, I liked sweet juice. The sweeter the better.
Now I couldn’t stand juice if it’s too sweet. 0.5% at most, or 1 if mix for someone else.

I used to mix 8-15 flavors in a mix and tried to stay between 15 to 20%. Now I mix atmost 7 to 8 flavors, usually 3 to 5 and doesn’t have any fix percentages.

I used to use kanthal a1, now ss and couldn’t stand the metallic taste of kanthal.

I used to love my mechanical mods, now I stick to my electrical mod after getting my paranormal 250c

Still love my tobacco flavors too much.


Or you could add a little PG to your 100% VG and see if you get a reaction without the flavoring :thinking:


I was exactly the same way. I started by trying to mix for more restrictive atomizers, back when the Lemo Drop was a thing, and for the Kanger Subtank, Innokin Endura (and some random clearomizers). I thought what I liked normally about menthols and fruit flavors would translate well into a vape. It did not however. Eventually, I made mostly Custard/Cereal/Cake mixes (which I still love), but really hit my sweet spot with tobacco flavors.

For some reason, around end of of 2017, I started to really taste the Cyclotene in my flavors and mixes, and gradually started realizing what flavoring ingredients just weren’t agreeing with me anymore. So I stopped heavily mixing with RY4 Double, Soho, any TPA Pie Crust. I even bought FA Vanilla Ice Cream with excitement, only to taste it in there. Great flavor, just that little hint doesn’t agree with me at all. Desserts and Tobacco have become favorites, but this year I have endeavored to try more fruit mixes. I have always loved berries, bananas, apricot, but not quite much beyond those. My palate has opened up quite a bit this past year to more fruit and candy mixes. I still have an issue with any flavors that have a higher alcohol content than others, such as CAP Sweet Tangerine. Spiced Flavors are a long time favorite, and my love for Vanilla has stayed strong.

I’ll only really use SS coils now, and flavor RDA’s have remained a constant over the years. My tastes have definitely changed up a bit, but my favorites have more or less stayed the same.


I think what really kicked it off for me was banana and finding one that didn’t taste like candy. So weird how one little mix can change your ideas. I was really into cinnamon cookie/bakery custard vapes in the beginning and then I started having issues with cinnamon making me cough, and had to drop to no cinnamon at all. It does make you consider that maybe our bodies don’t like certain flavors after a while like your issue with cyclotene.


The great thing about fruits is you can go very light with the background notes. Have you ever seen this one? It’s been one of my favorites for some time now. Also, these types are ready to go in a couple of days.