What's Steeping Right Now?

This thread is more meant for the beginners as I am sure a lot of you veterans have 50 recipes going. But chime in if you wish.

I have my first 6 mixes going. A Strawberry Cream Soda, Watermelon Jolly Rancher, Bug Juice, Unicorn Vomit (because I love fruit stripe gum), Strawberry Limeade, and Unicorn Milk.

I am just curious what others are trying for their first mixes.


My first ever diy a menthol 10% and rhubarb and custard 10% mixed about 1 hour ago smells ok eager to taste I might put 1mill of each in a tank to test :slight_smile:

Steeping some strawberry vanilla custard, ,kiwi flavour base and dragon fruit base

@Adam157 - I think the custards take awhile to develope don’t they?

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So I have been told this is my first time I have tried them both and they taste nice I have made another 10 ml of each to steep and vaping my original rhubarb and custard it’s really nice

Our resident custard guru (@Ken_O_Where) has been MIA for awhile now. According to him, the longer the better. I’m pretty sure he did something like a month minimum. I think I agree. I wasn’t a big fan of custard vapes until I had one that I’d given up as lost. Tried it about a month later and it was much better.

Sounds like you guys have got some great stuff on the burner!


A month for me personally :slight_smile:

That’s what I was thinking. I have enough juice going to last me awhile while waiting for the Unicorn Milk to steep. The Strawberry Cream Soda is something I put together based on 3 flavors I did some research on and threw together. So my expectations aren’t too high. But it smells really good so far.

It sounds really good. Let us know how it turns out. I might have to give it a whirl. :wink:

the first one ive done is Red Adstair 30mgs from concentrate lol,really hoping to try HIC’s Orange Tic Tacs next but want to make it a bit stronger so getting confused!!!

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Ya that mix sounds really good, something I’d love to try. Sadly need too many flavors already so it’ll have to wait.

Been trying hard to find an apple mix I love. They’ve all been good but nothing I’m ready to call the one. So right now I’ve got -

Apple Pie V 1- 2- & 3
Apple Cookie V 2 -3
Cinnamon Cookie
Cinnamon Rolls
Mango’s & Caramel Cream V 1- 2- & 3
Cinnamon Crunch V2

Imagine you can tell I love cinnamon vapes. Got a few new flavors in the cart, looking to make some Apple Pie Ice Cream and a few other dessert flavors when I finally get some decent Cheesecake flavor

If you like bakery type cinnamon (as opposed to candy type) you should try some Flavorah Rich Cinnamon or FA Cinnamon Ceylon. And as for apple, I can’t say enough good things about FA’s Fuji Apple. It gives a great apple flavor with a juicy mouthfeel.


Haha if all you juice professionals would leave us some Flavorah in stock I would haha. When I’ve checked that and cinnamon crunch seem to be good sellers. I’ve got a cart I’m working on now ill def add the FA too though.

I’ve been trying a mix of TFA Apple Pie or as I see its now Signature ( I guess trying to steer away from perfume in the TPA haha) and CAP Double Apple.
For the cinnamon its been CAP Cinn Danish Swirl, Cinnamon Coffee Cake . TFA Cinn Danish Swirl DX, horchata . And FW Cinnamon Roll

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Ditto. It seems to help if there is a larger than normal air gap in the bottle as well. Maybe a little extra O2 helps things along.

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Ok, how do you quote on this forum damnit lol.

@TRisin I was thinking the EXACT same thing! Every time there is a sale on flavoring and I have a recipe I want to order flavors for it is out of stock. Share the love people! :couple_with_heart_woman_man:


I’ve heard about Cinnamon Ceylon being awesome and delicious but my kids told me cinnamon isn’t very safe at high wattage? Does anyone know the real deal with cinnamon? I love the Fuji!

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I just read an article rating Flavorah Cinnamon 10/10. And I have read that Fuji Apple is amazing. It’s on the way.

Quite tasty for a bakery cinnamon! However, start with a low percentage, say around .25% and go up from there! It has a very prominent cinnamon flavor kick.:blush: It took me a while to get the knack of just how much to use without it dominating the mix.


Thanks for the tip. I haven’t ordered the cinnamon yet. But its on my wishlist near the top.

I just got my working room setup kindof the way I want it. This is getting out of hand! Bottles were everywhere. Juice is steeping in closets. My mom is coming over and thinking I have started a meth lab. I have flasks of creamy concoctions in the kitchen taking warm water baths. She just looked at me funny and went home. I never said a word lol.


My Mom, still to this day, thinks I’m killing myself with vaping…she believes all the bad press.:rage: She’s 86 years old, lives in a small town in MS and basically is forced to watch FOX news all day long, cause it’s what her husband watches all day long! :pensive: So misinformed…