What's the most used PC recipe/flavour/inventory software

What’s the most used/popular/best PC Juice software besides ELR (not PC I know)
Juice Grinder

I still use ELR in conjuction I love it.for searching others recipes what can I make etc. I’ll post my "Final "recipes in ELR. I like the inventory management in the software so that’s a must, I also like the fact it’s on my PC so if my internet is down I can still access my recipes.


JuiceCalculator is all/what I use. I only use ELR for finding recipes I can make/adapt, then they go into JC.


Yeah I don;t want to start using one and putting all my stash into it to find out it’s crap and no one uses it. Therefore no development, etc

Yes ELR is a creativity tool in my eyes. It’s the social media side. Sharing recipes and ideas. My internet is pretty reliable so if it had inventory management I would not do it. But there you go. Also gives me ownership of m flavour database, etc.

JC is free and the dev still updates it frequently based on reported bugs and feature requests on the ECF thread for it. I am overdue to send him a donation but am pretty strapped for cash right now while trying pay off debt from going bonkers on vape gear the past few months. I have never used any other calculator. I did use ELR at first but quickly realized it was lacking a lot of features I needed and I too wanted to have everything stored locally in case I ever needed it without internet, or heaven forbid ELR were to ever go offline for some reason.


JuiceCalculator is very nice and well supported. My only gripe is it displays 3 digits after the decimal point. I’d much prefer 2 as this matches my scale readings. My OCD gets to me if I have to round up or down :slight_smile:

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I sorta wish it did too as I (try to) round up or down as required but I understand the developer’s reasoning for leaving it that way to let the user decide if they want to round up or down on their own.

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I only use ELR but I kinda wish I knew of a back up for when the site crashes and also being offline but I only have a chromebook and it doesn’t like to download anything it is always not compatible w/ most software drives me crazy. Good thing I can get all I need from ELR outside of crashes and no internet connection issues.


can a chromebook run android apps? if so there are probably some options but I only just got my first droid phone (after 2 x iphones) so I can’t recommend anything.

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It would be great to get an offline version of ELR. It has all the tools i need so far and the database is huge. Or have i just not found the “download standalone website” button yet?

u probably dont have a big enough local drive for that i.e. the whole db of recipes, but a local version of your own stash/recipes would be sweet i agree

To be honest, i don’t think it’s very big in terms of disk space. It’s mainly tables and text, barely any videos or images which would take a lot of space.

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call me crazy but old school pen and paper doesnt get lost in the “cloud” lol


lol, the xml files that juice calc saves to can be read with a text editor though obv not as cleanly as in the GUI, and I back up locally to 2 drives (one internal + 1 external) and to dropbox

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To each his own. I know what i have flavor wise because my actual physical concentrates are organised in such a fashion that when i reach for one variety, similiar and potential other useful flavors live where i can see, smell and consider using them.

Truth be told if I didn’t have the software I wouldn’t bother with looking at the xml file most likely… I would just look at the bottle and if it’s empty I can’t use any of it. :wink:

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Agreed inventory wise software is much more efficient. I just walk across my living room and into my den(Lab) to check inventory when re ordering.
Works if you have an entire room with custom shelving dedicated

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must be nice. I have a pretty good sized dedicated work area and a few cabinets in the basement, which is nice and cool even in the summer with its cinder block construction.

I have a 3 tier fingernail polish tray with 60+ (TPA/CAP/FW) flavors that I am trying to use up, and a box of 24 real flavors super concentrates that will replace them (+ more to order) once they are used up in big recipes so I just pull out the tray of concentrates from their dark basement cabinet when I am ready to mix and pull out what I need for each recipe.

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Whilst the reliability of pen and paper is awesome. I’ve moved all note taking to electronic. I use evernote. You cannot beat the searching abilities especially for those notes you forgot you made 2 years ago.

Plus in the cloud I’ll only not have access at times with the hard copy handwritten once they are wrecked your never getting them back. Of course when the world goes to crap and data centres are abandoned all over the world. Then I’m stuffed. Most likely not in my lifetime, next generation can worry about that.

All methods have benefits, at the moment electronic is working for me. I basically don’t write anymore. To the point where I did my first exam for over 20 years and my hand cramped 1 hour into a 3 hour stint. Hah.

Juice calculator looks the go for me. Thanks all.

As much as i like electronics and computing stuff, i don’t use any cloud stuff. Sometimes i leave a picture or something on an email account as a draft but at home I’m using a little network storage with 2 mirrored disks so that is pretty reliable and can be accessed over the internet if i wanted to. Long term storage is a bit of a problem. I would love to get an LTO drive or something but they are just too expensive. Right now i copy the important stuff to 2 usb disks every few months just in case the network storage bursts into flames. Well in this case I’m fucked anyway.

ELR has never been down long enough to cause me worry so it’s all I use…but thinking outside the box I suppose you could screenshot your recipes from ELR and pop them in a file on Evernote? Just my 0.02 :smiley: