What's your favorite clone?

I just know a lot will say /u/fizzmustard’s Nana Cream clone.

I really want to try the Nanner/Polar Bear clone.

Nilla Custard by creepylady is really good. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/13333/Nilla+Custard

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That looks so delicious! Right up my alley (I love my GVC-clone)! I’m missing some ingredients though :stuck_out_tongue:

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I made Lady’s Nilla a couple of months ago. It’s so good. I always have a 30 mls. steeping.

Gambit V2 by ADV_search, stunning…

Five pawn’s grand master ! I have it listed as yummy I did an adapt and made a bakery type with a cake batter but the original is just the yummy on my page it is a semi sweet with nutty notes caramel and a like hint of banana. The nutty notes is PB so that is not for everyone took me a while to appreciate the taste I’d say it’s an acquired taste for sure.


This is a clone of my own creation that I like allot, it’s not exact, but it’s exactly as good as the flavor I was going for, at least I think so. I feel like that’s part of the fun of making a clone, sometimes you don’t quite get what you want but are still pleasantly surprised with what you get!

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You’ll find it even nicer when others think your blend is better than the original. That will happen too…


Can’t remember the site now but sometime ago I found a Space Jam Andromeda clone! :yum: I tweaked it a little to my taste but I love Andromeda

@daath you really need to post the snake oil clone up here! One of my ADV’s for sure!

I’ve been trying to clone “Moms pineapple cake” for a little while and this is what I have…Moms Pineapple cake clone . I’m not sure how close I am but I really love it!

You mean this Snake Oil clone from Icu812? :smile:

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Yes sir! SO GOOD!!!

I like this one A lot :kissing_heart::dash:

I Did a ver of snake oil w ry4d in place of coconut… it’s an adv!!! Give it a whirl!!!

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How do I follow someone’s recipes???

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thanks for replying I’ve read some of ur posts and it seemed like u knew ur way around here a bit

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