When I was a noob I wish...?

I wish i would have researched more and avoided spending a lot of money on smok tanks and coils :smiley:


I wish just once I could go into a hobby / lifestyle without thinking I freaking know everything.

Scale was a biggy for me. Used syringes for the first year before I went with weight. It makes sense for how I mix. SFT’s waited until I had over 100 flavors. :roll_eyes:


1- I wish I had bought an RDA from the start, to test flavors with

2-I wish I had mixed small testers, even with known recipes


I wish I hadn’t made my first recipes public to the detriment of the recipe database! Way too high %s on most, and thinking they were good, until one day they steeped and were blown up crazy-town BS!

I wish I had never tried Cheesecske RFSC at 2.5%. It’s plenty strong at 0.35%

I wish I had purchased 100mg/ml VG nic in NicSheild bottles from the start. I spent over a year fishing my 36mg nic out of wide-mouthed bottles with plastic pipettes. So messy. Please don’t scare noobs out of using 100mg, just educate on safety and nic transferring options! (no derailing on this, plz;)

I am glad, however, that I went the create your own recipes route, rather than recreating the Top Recipes route! Not saying the latter is bad, just glad I wasn’t able to do that due to the lack of PG-free resources. I don’t follow recipes when I create meals, either. Feels great to land a tasty recipe from scratch, which doesn’t always happen.

Nice topic!


Lolol i dilute this one :slight_smile: must have been like vaping paint thinner?


That I didn’t buy a smok for first mod and that I didn’t find this group sooner also that there’s idiots in any groups I nearly stopped vaping because of a person assuming because I was a commercial fisherman that vaping wasn’t for me because fisherman spend all there money on booze and drugs and probably couldn’t afford a decent mod I thought what is this vaping community bit up themselves than met a few good people that have been welcoming and genuine people


Only one thing: Vaping was introduced earlier, like a hundred years.


1 I wish I knew diy was cheaper 3 years ago
2 I wish I knew diy was way fun and easy 3 years ago


I wish I didn’t buy 4oz bottles of flavors I have never tried, I was only a couple months into mixing…DERP!
I wish I believed that nic was better off in the freezer sooner
I wish I didnt post my “recipes” as soon as I mixed them, only to have them finalized by V4 or V5🙄
BUT, finding this forum when I was super new at mixing saved my bootie plenty of times! Yay!


I wish I never found out about DIY lmao

I spend so much time looking through recipes, concentrates, messing up flavours etc. Once you’re bitten by the DIY bug there is no going back!


I wish i would have bought better mods , learned how to build sooner and tried MF and FLV sooner …


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I wishums that I hadn’t let bad ‘pre-made eliquids’ taint my view of certain flavors. I had gotten a bottle of Cheesecake mixed at a B&M in 2015, and upon trying I drove straight back there, walked up to the counter and said ‘Try this and tell me exactly what you think’. Safe to say it was TPA Cheesecake and tasted like death. I swore I would never try another Cheesecake when I started DIY. Same with Apple flavors. Be open to trying flavors even if you’ve had a bad experience, because chances are there is a manufacturer that will make a version you end up really enjoying.


I wish that I didn’t but so many flavours without doing the research before hand. Within 3 months I had more than 200, of which I now use about 30 regularly.

To realise that I don’t need 10 or more flavours in a recipe to make it great!




I am in the same position but also have not mixed for a good while, having too much stock to go through…


I wish that I hadn’t been so closed-minded about speed steeping and invested in an ultrasonic cleaner way sooner! While time based steeping is still best, the ultrasonic truly does shorten the requirement. Amen!


I want me to have vaper friends in my city. People that I know and communicate are skeptical of vaping. I myself find out everything, try, make mistakes, correct myself … It remains to look for answers on the forums.


#1 - More is not always better tasting.

There’s so much learn that it would be practically impossible without the help from others here, and the learning is not stop.

I will never find that one recipe because my taste is always changing.

That not everyone tastes the flavors the same way, it IS totally subjective.

Single flavor testing and keeping good notes is the start.


Amen, brother.

Funny how all of us who have been playing this DIY game for a while now can all look back with the wise eyes of a wise owl.

And to me it’s even funnier to think that if the brand new DIY mixing version of me stumbled upon this thread, I would still probably have made all the same mistakes anyway. It’s human nature to have to figure a lot of things out on your own before realizing there are people that have already gone exactly where you will go, and have happily and eagerly shared their experiences and recommendations so you can avoid the snakebites.

It’s just like telling a kid not to press a button because a nasty surprise awaits. They’s still going to press it, and they are still going to get zapped, and then they will later tell another kid not to press the button, and that kid will press it anyway…