When I was a noob I wish...?

What is it that you know now that would’ve helped a lot when you were a beginner?

Duplicate wishes and I wish updates are allowed.

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1- Mixing by weight is way better
2- Higher percentages do not equal more flavor
3- Never buy Flavour Art Joy!

    1. I wish I had SF tested every flavor from the start and kept good notes.
    1. I wish I had really listened to the help that was offered to me.
    1. I wish I had learned to research everything DIY related before I pulled the trigger… including Flavors, Mods, Tanks, Wire, Cotton, Vendors, etc.
    1. I wish I had known that the flavor name on the bottle don’t always correlate to the flavor in the bottle.
    1. I wish I knew that not everyone tasted flavors the same as me.
    1. I wish I knew steeping can benefit most mixes.
    1. I wish REPLAY was around from the start! :star_struck:
    1. I wish I knew how to navigate the ELR Flavors Page before I started mixing and buying flavors.
  1. I wish I had bought the good/better flavors from the start and not followed a cap/tfa/fw beginners list.
  2. I wish I had help at the beginning but I didn’t know about forums to the time lol

Oh Boy… I can relate BIG LEAGUE! <— (My Trump Impression)

  1. Mixing by weight IS better.
  2. TPA/CAP are fine, but not ALL of them are.
  3. NIC goes in the freezer ?
  4. ELR could have saved me a lot of money, had I know about it much earlier.

My only wish is that I had gotten into the habit of posting recpies. Ejuicemeup is so fast I just can’t seem to jump into entering my mixes here…and now that I’m coming up on three years my recpie folder is just deep.


Ya know, I don’t. When I first started, I joined a forum, followed by another, etc. The whole learning experience has been a lot of fun, even the mistakes. Maybe an immunization against vapers tongue would have been nice. I’m still waiting for that.


yep cap/ tpa was a mistake, I use about 15 of there flavors.
I’m still a NOOB, but I get it right sometimes, and still learning from my failures.
I Luv my Failures, they keep me learning more.
I like to experiment sometimes, and it comes out pretty good and vapable.
and try to make it better the next time.
I started reading this forum for at least a month or 2 before I purchased any flavors. actually I had bought nicotine back in 2015, knowing I was going DIY, but business got so busy I didn’t have time until my first mix 1/1/18, and I was shaking like a leaf pouring that 100mg NIC !!!


I wish I had known about this place, I mixed for a solid 6 months by researching flavors via google search and usually going off reddit flavor notes from chris_dvr and concrete river, and even @MysticRose. I was writing down my recipes in a notepad and doing all the math to convert my % into ml and then using syringes. I also wish I would have made other people’s recipes as strange as that sounds, I didn’t start doing that until about 6 months after I joined here, it’s nice to get to taste what other people are doing, and it also helps spur ideas when your having mixers block. I also kinda wish I would have known about squonking sooner, although I feel like I appreciate it more having known the struggle of having to drip all the time lol


I wish i learn to buy flavors that i like to vape, rather than buying flavors that i think i like to vape (i like eating mangoes, so i bought 5 kinds of mango flavorings, to find out i dont like mango vape flavor)
I wish i know that mixing by weight is less messy
I wish i found this forum sooner


Not a immunization or prevention but it works for me every time lol. Of course besides the regular things, like drink a lot, brush your teeth yada yada…

Next time you’re going to the store buy one of these little lemon shaped squeezy bottles, that contain lemon juice and a second bottle with the lime one.

The moment you feel vapors tongue might be coming soon, or arrived already, grab one of these bottles. Decide that day if you want lemon or lime :wink:

Open your mouth, and squeeze a decent amount into it. Now close and wait a minute or two (most people can’t do it for longer then 10 seconds but you’ll get used too it) spit it out. Don’t swallow it, don’t drink /eat / vape anything for the next 5-10 minutes. Then slowly sip on room temperature water (1 glass - 8oz)

Within half an hr after this procedure you should be able to have found your taste back, sometimes even better then before lol.


Who’da thunk!.. Thanks for that tip!


1 Ethyl Maltol mutes flavors but after a good steep the flavors comes back
2 even at higher % like 20%
3 it is not sweet or at least not that much, vanillin for example is sweeter than ethyl maltol. (Close here for EM)
4 Steep- some mixes are good as SnV but some others needs 4 months.
5 Black Fire FA and DNB INW is must have if you want tobacco type flavor (yes a synthetic one :slight_smile: )
Thats for now


This is a good one!

  1. Steep! you have to let those juice steep
  2. Leaving the cap open is not steeping
  3. Mix by weight.
  4. Mixing in a 10ml is a waste of time, you’ll finish it in 5 minutes, not even for a sample test
  5. How can I put a 0.15% in a 10ml with a syringe?? Did I say mix by weight? Did I say don’t use 10ml’s??
  6. Put a tape/rename FA’s flavours, after a while the label fades and you won’t be able to tell what’s inside.
  7. Some flavours have to be bought in a 30ml bottle, not 10ml 3 times… P&P is expensive
  8. But again, don’t buy 30ml bottle just for the sake of it… still got a kaktus feige from CDD sitting there and looking at me…
  9. Stick to one vaping setup, changing setups changes everything! don’t do it
  10. Read a lot, subscribe to ELR then… read a lot… and use “SEARCH” for whatever comes to your mind! You’ll find it
  11. Keep track of your stash… sooner or later you’ll need to know what you’ve got. easy at first but then…
  12. Increasing the percentage won’t improve your mix, it’ll just make it more chemical… start low… very low yes, even TFA’s

#1 That I never heard of GeekVape
#2 That I never watched a Rip Trippers YouTube video

  1. I’ve found that for me, whether I mix by weight or volume depends on my needs at the time whether one is better than the other. For me, weighing involves re-leveling and calibrating my balances as I don’t have a place where I can set them, level them, and calibrate them then leave them alone, so pretty much every time I use it I have to go through the setup process from scratch. This may be required only due to my OCD nature or the analyst in me, but I feel if you’re going to weigh something, do it right or do it differently, so I choose to make sure I am weighing accurately every time I weigh. If I need to spin up a quick bottle of maybe a 3-4 flavor liquid and my balances aren’t already set up, I break out the necessary quantity of blunt tips and a syringe and leave the cleanup for later! :wink:
  2. Double-amen to that brother!!!
  3. Googol-amen to that brother!!! LOL

I wish I’d taken my time and done more research before diving in head-first.

I wish I would have exercised a little restraint and not bought 100 flavors before I knew how to use them.

I wish I didn’t clinch up and skip the scale from day one due to money thoughts. Volume mixing works for some, but not as well for me.

I wish my first recipe was a hall of fame candidate. Fact is, I’ll never have one. No worries, vape happy.

I saw someone wish they didn’t use the “Beginner’s List of Concentrates”, but I am glad I did. It helped me understand that any old ‘flavor’ isn’t like the rest of them. And since I inevitably made a lot of waste, at least I didn’t waste a flavor that cost $22 for an ounce. I mean, who else when they were brand new didn’t think “Cool, here’s a strawberry, here’s a cream, here’s a pie crust. This shit’s easy!!!” only to find the sting of failure…


I wish I hadn’t assumed that, just because everybody was talking about fruit vapes being the dogs bollocks, I would feel the same way about them.
It would have saved me so much money