When strangers ask to "hit" your vape....wtf

I have had family members ask if they could try my vape to see if it’s something they’d like to try… but never a stranger. ,.The lady that runs our B&M though every time I go in there she wants me to hit her vape haahhah, thankfully I carry my drip tip in with me… but I have to wonder who all hits her stuff without doing that LOL yeah freaks me out if we’re not related…

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Hahaha it’s all around weird creepy and gross

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Ya… same deal at our vape shop but they have the taster covers, alcohol and q-tips laying on the counter so no one gets sick. Still freaks me out though honestly.

It’s serious. I know someone who has Hep C and really needs to see a dentist. He has bleeding teeth.


yikes…this thread took a turn for the icky…


After reading this I am so glad that people don’t ask me to try my vape. The last time I was in a vape shop lady behind the counter asked to hold my mod.

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I get asked all the time at work since they know I mix my own juices. They’ll smell it and go omg what’s that one. I don’t mind though. Fortunately at work we have huge boxes of isopropyl alcohol wipes laying around. I clean it before they vape and after they try it.


Fortunate! :thumbsup:

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Yup! A lot of them have gotten to the point they drain their tank and conveniently ask me if I have anything new they can fill it with. I prefer that when it happens.

I’ll take that any day.

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Haven’t had it happen to me but if it does I’ll just say… ewwww

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Just Say NO to Vape Rape


Crank the watts all the way to 200 before you pass it to them. They’ll never ask you again.


It will also be so hot no germ could survive it.


I had a homeless guy ask me for a cigarette today. When I pointed out that I’m a vaper, not a smoker, he asked to take a hit from my vape. The first thing that came out of my mouth: “That’s disgusting! You have no idea where I’ve been!”

Dunno why I said it, but it was totally worth it for the look of utter horror on his face before he walked away.


im litterly coughing right now , due to vaping while reading then sayin DAMN lmao rotflmao


Happens more than I care to say. I have a lot of sweet smelling vapes and tobacco vapes that everyone likes. I usually have my bottle on me and let them take a hit off their own dripper. I tend to surround my self with other vapers. I did the smoking thing and don’t judge. Just do not want the analog smell on me anymore. Except if I am in a poker room taking other people’s money.


I more often than not have a bottle of whatever I’m vaping with me and offer to give them some if they have a mod. Only two times have I filled a strangers tank with my juice.

At my Grand Daughters Birthday party a friend of the family asked and I pulled off the tip wiped the top down and let her try it. Two days later I get a weird phone call from my buddy that has a shop telling me some woman is in there wanting a set up like mine. (I had given her one of Wooddy’s cards) So I talked to her and it was the lady from the party. I told Wooddy what I had been using that day and he sold her a similar set up.


I am so glad people don’t ask to vape my setup. Before August 8 would give coworkers a 15 ml bottle of juice. Now I am the only one vaping. Most when they needed to upgrade from that ego went back to smoking.