Where can I get concentrates

Hi guys just wanting to know where you all get your Concentrates, I’m having trouble finding somewhere that will ship all concentrates to Australia and if I buy directly through TFA and FA the shipping rates are huge one wanted to charge over $100! I’m so desperate to get some concentrates that I can’t buy here.

maybe @daath could answer he knows all the euro ones that might be good for u… I hope?

Try pink-mule.com, flaywer.de and chefsvapour.co.uk :smile:


The Vapers Table is based in Australia and has a small list:

Steam-e-cigs carries TPA, FA, and Inawera
Juicewhore carries their own signature flavors, Capellas, FA, and TPA
Vapeking has i-mix and t-juice concentrates
House of Vape has Pink Spot and T-juice
VapourEyes and vapersphere have doublers
Ecigmodshop has their own concentrates


see told u and I’m sorry to forget @jojo

@jojo urfrikn crazy nuts

LOL aw thanks, you say such sweet things… :stuck_out_tongue: They were on The Vaper’s Table website.

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hahaha it’s u

Thanks JoJo I don’t like juicewhore or vaporeyes they don’t stock much of TFA which is what I like to use, but will check out the other sites.

No problem. MFS stocks some flavors. Not a huge selection and not a great price, but shipping to Australia (from what I saw) is cheap.


If I’m buying big orders, I go to TFA wholesale. But if I need smaller orders I buy from http://www.juicefactory.com.au/ Good range (with a few bulk sizes), fair price and local shipping.


Yeah juice factory is good however not all TFA flavour are stocked… How much does it cost for postage from TFA wholesale?

My most recent order was for 12 x 4oz Bottles (just under $100)… shipping at about $60. I compared shipping (with identical items) from a few of the big suppliers (excigexxpress, RTS, MFS etc) and most charged about $100+. It all depends on how much you order (duh).

That’s good $60 what website is it please if you don’t mind?

Register at The Flavor Apprentice, then sign up for Bulk Orders (it’s easy) http://shop.perfumersapprentice.com/c-84-bulk-sizes.aspx PS: Where in Melb are you Ness?

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I’m in Franston


Also there are online shops listed with discount codes on the resource page :slight_smile:

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www.vapetrain.com.au now offers flavour concentrates and e-liquids and it’s in Australia so shipping is reasonably cheap

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There are no concentrates on that page

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I’ve done a Google spreadsheet of flavor vendors. It includes who carries what, links, and prices at Flavoring Sources

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