Where is the best place to get nicotine?

I have been coil building for months now and I am ready to get even deeper into this. Not wanting to start out with inferior products I was wondering what is the best nicotine solution for purchase.

where you located?
myfreedomsmokes.com has a sale going on right now: 1 liter bottles of 100mg nic for $40…that would be an excellent start.
nicotineriver.com has excellent qualilty nic at very affordable prices for any size or potency.

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Best is subjective. If you aren’t trying to scrimp and save, I’d suggest getting a small size as a sample from any of the following and judge for yourself:

My Freedom Smokes, Heartland Vapes, Nude Nicotine, Wizard Labs, Ecigexpress (ECX), Vapers Tek, Carolina Xtract, Nicotine River.

And if price is a concern, check out this thread Nicotine and Flavoring Prices Actually, just read that thread regardless, it’s really good info about where to source your ingredients.

Keep in mind, if you’re buying 100mg nic and mixing down to 3mg juice, 120ml base = 4L of finished juice, so depending how much you vape, and whether you’re mixing for just yourself a “small” sample could last a while.

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Thank you, a scholar amongst men.

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I’ve tried a lot of Nicotine and IMO VapersTek nicotine is the best. I get the 100% nic in VG. It’s a little pricey but it’s definitely worth it it’s so smooth with no throat hit.

Best Quality or best value? My opinion is Carolina Extract is best quality at the moment, though it is pricey. I’ve bought many times from nude nicotine and nicotineriver and received excellent quality from both.