Where to buy Flavoring

I started with TPA Flavoring because of the low prices and high quality that so many reviews gave. I started buying TPA by the 15ml and 30ml bottles every paycheck. About 4 months later, I realized that you could sign up for bulk purchases on the TPA site for free, and found out that the 4oz bottles were only penny’s more than the 30ml bottles. Furthermore, I found out that I could have bought 140 15ml bottles (sample pack) for $172 bucks… I was pissed to say the least (at myself).

To sum this up, for 172 bucks, you can get 140 bottles of flavoring from TPA. Oh, don’t want to spend that much, no worries… They also sell 144 bottles of 4ml juices for 140 bucks…

Now, I’m not trying to sell (or plug) TPA, but had I known about this after spending 500 bucks over a few months of ordering several flavors from them, I would have jumped on this… Since this is the beginners area, I strongly suggest an option like this to get started.

After creating an account with TPA, just follow the link to buy bulk at the top of every flavor page (its free) and the option to buy the Variety Pack is on page 3 (both of them).

Hope this helps beginners, and if anyone knows about deals like this on other companies, please share!!!



That is an excellent tip, Don! Thank you for sharing.

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I too use some of TPAs flavors and like them. I will admit that I use mostly Flavor West flavors though. I prefer their taste most of the time. You sometimes have to use more since it is not as concentrated as TPA but the flavors are tasty for the most part. Someone started a Flavor West Review category and a few of us gave feedback on some of their flavors. Might help if you decide to buy from them…

I have moved almost exclusively to Flavour Art flavorings. They’re truly excellent, and very very concentrated as well. I’m in Europe, and I buy mine from several sources: Pink-Mule, Chef’s Vapour, VapeInc, FlavourArt.co.uk and I recently discovered german Flaywer.de :smile: I do have a handful of TPA and CAP, even a few FW flavors, but I’m very very pleased with FA :smiley:


I am local to http://www.flavourfog.com/ so I buy from them, saves on delivery cost and time plus Rod is a nice guy with great service.

I prefer to use FA when I can, it always seems a bit wrong when I see 25% flavour in a recipe. I’m not saying it wont be a good recipe, a few of my favourites are 24%, it’s just not as economical when your paying pretty much the same price for the flavour.

As for getting started in DIY, I think you need to look at the flavour profiles that you like and get to know your flavours individually. Having 100’s of flavours is nice if you like all those flavours. If you only like 30% of them that’s quite a lot of wasted money.

EDIT: Didn’t mean to detract from the OP as 140 bottles for that price is a great deal.

@sublime If you don’t know, you get 10% from FlavourFog with ELRECIPES :smile:

Yes, when I see FA-recipes with >15% flavoring, I am always suspicious! :smile:

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Unfortunately Flavour Art flavoring are too costly for me since I’m in the US. I have wished I could use them. Many regard them highly…

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I totally agree that one should get to know the flavorings they use…

ECX sells FA for roughly double the price of TPA (which they call signature flavors) - but the price is roughly the same, or cheaper, seeing as FA is more concentrated :smile:

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I have been using Vapor Renu’s ( http://vaporrenu.com ) flavors for years and love most of the one’s I’ve used. They have hundreds of different flavor extracts. Their customer service and very FAST shipping is EXCELLENT, and what I really love over others.

I’m probably going to order from Perfumers Apprentice today to see what the shipping is like these days, as the bulk pricing would be better for me. I ordered from them once, several years ago and it took like two weeks to get to me, but hopefully they are better now. We’ll see.


I by from diyejuice.com …great service …fast delivery . Good selection…I live in Canada so the shipping is cheaper for me

Yeah, the bulk account helps save a LOT of money. I transfer it all into glass boston rounds for long term storage as suggested by Linda from TFA. Waiting on them to process my order from Saturday, 16 X 4oz bottles on the way and some i havent tried before, its a bit exciting, hehe. I wish Capella offered such a price break on their 4oz bottles.

Dont forget folks, enter “tipsy” for a code at Capellas for a 20% discount on 13ml size bottles. Without the quotes of course. And this does not apply to 4oz and above.

Check out ecigexpress like Daath recommended I use them all the time and if you sign up for their new letter you get massive savings 10-30% off they will email you once a week their specials as well as a new recipe. Totally quick and always professional. Wizard labs is another great place but they don’t offer FA flavors :smirk:

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Thanks Alisa I will check them out !

PA is still the same on shipping ugh if a flavor in your stash isn’t available they will ship once available. Took me a few weeks too that was a couple months ago I haven’t ordered from them since.

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FA are more expensive than American flavours here in Europe too. And there are reasons for that: never had diketones inside, a lot more concentrated, a lot more tasty when used properly.

And since they are concentrated, you save a lot on them. I use their Desert Ship as a single flavour and I can watch how this 10ml bottle lasts - it lasts a lot at 1.7%!

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Firstly, Hi everyone :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m from the UK and pretty much only use TPA flavours. It can be a pain getting them from one place, so normally end up splitting orders between liberty-flights.co.uk and leisureliquids.com however I recently found https://www.chefsvapour.co.uk where they more or less carry all TPA flavours. They also carry a bunch of others including FA, FW and LorAnns. Thought I’d post as I found it tricky when I started DIYing.

Forgot to add, you can use discount code UKV at Chef’s Vapour.


Amy2, thanks for the input. Most of you don’t realize that I blend for a business. I have checked out ecigexpress and you can buy wholesale there, however the amounts they require for me to buy to get the wholesale price just is not feasible for my shop at this time. Unfortunately it’s a whole different ballgame for me. Thank you very much for trying to help, it truly is appreciated…

ringling… if you want to buy wholesale diy for a shop, you might try jason@vaporrenu.com . He does wholesale here in the U.S.

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Hi Alisa; After your mentioning of the company I checked out their website yesterday. If wholesale prices are better than what I saw online then they could be in my future since I can get many of my Flavor West flavors from them and then would be able to try some of the other flavors as well. Will admit this concept did indeed interest me. Thanks for the input. Did the recipe I told you about sound interesting. Just curious…