Where to source nicotine?

With the vape mail ban in place, where will you be sourcing your future nicotine base purchase in the hopes it is not ceased by customs…???

Any reply is helpful!! I think for 2 people, I’m a year If I’m lucky…will buy more before it’s set in place, but wanting to see what others are thinking of. I have no diy shops near me in minnesota.


buy 10 years worth right now. we cannot predict the future.


I bought a new large freezer a month ago. I’ve got nic coming in from three companies over the next two weeks to go with the 4 years worth I already have. People had better get on the ball if they want to keep vaping.


hiliq.com, they will put something else on the paperwork and the bottle if you ask them to.
I think mine said Rose Essence :grin:


Or start focusing on lowering their Nicotine dependance.

You’d be surprised how fast your current supply starts multiplying if you step down your level of intake!

I started at 18mg 5 years ago.
I’m currently under 2mg.
I’m still on my second liter of nic.

I plan on continuing to vape long after I’m done with Nicotine.


^this ^…


would you/anyone happen to know what their shipping costs are ?


I guess that depends on where you are. IIRC the price of their nicotine was such that it was well worth paying for shipping.
They do have free shipping sometimes though.
If you subscribe to their newsletter you’ll be notified about stuff like that.


that is good enough, thanx :slight_smile: . i may order from them just to see.


Yeah, I’ve run the numbers. I just dropped from 4.5 to 4. A drop to 3 is the current plan. That’ll add years to my stash.


I’ve got my third 500mL bottle of 100mg base in the way… we still have into October here so I’m feeling pretty calm about it now I can see large bottles of highly concentrated poison in my cupboard.

Not only that, but seeing how little I’ve used in the last two weeks I don’t know if I needed to be so worried before I started ordering.

I reckon 5 x 500mL bottles will last me longer than I think given the 3mm I’ve used in topping all my juices up from 6 to 12mg/mL plus the fact I only use a dripper since that Vaporesso VM18 tank I ordered for mtl sucks shit.

I’ve even lost interest in ordering salt nic base since I can buy twice the freebase for the same price: I’ll just chuck some citric acid in some freebase and leave it to dissolve a few days if I want salt.

CA like, $3 for a bottle that lasts forever.

I tried it already on some freebase, not even accounting for molecular weight differences or any of that: just sprinkled approximately how many grams of CA would match the mg of nicotine in the 10mL of base into my scale, added it to the base PG solution and left it overnight - next day the wasn’t a trace of CA crystals in the base and a quick shake & vape tasted as smooth as commercially made salts.

I only mixed 12mg/mL of course, which wasn’t strong enough to test the nic level OR lung-hit but, in fact, the 12mg lung/throat hit disappeared completely - the resulting liquid was so smooth.

Sorry I’m veering off topic though.


I just got some nic in from @Nicotine_River. First time in years ordering from them. And wouldn’t you know it, it was light brown. I’m pretty pissed off! Nicotine is supposed to be crystal clear. They have not responded either.

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what i got from them, about a year ago, was ever so slightly colored. i got 250mg.


Can you please DM me your order number, I have been working CS emails all day and not sure if I have seen an email or responded from you.

Thank you!


Yes, our nicotine ranges from clear to faint yellow.


I did what you did. Started at 18mg and dropped to 12mg. I couldn’t mentally drop to 6mg, so I bought 6’s and 12’s and mixed to 9mg. Then dropped to 6mg and then to 3mg. This was over a period of about 3 years. I’ve been at 3mg for the past 4 years. I may try dropping to zero nic, but am worried about losing some of the throat hit.


That’s interesting. I remember seeing instructions on how to do it and it wasn’t hard. If it works then good on ya.


Yeah I’ll do more testing sometime and volunteer my lungs to do the testing, since I like salt nicotine but salt base is literally double the price.

Also, even though the salt nic base from vapoureyes I have does have the lung-hit I love in salts, it’s also not a strange plastic sorta under taste that’s hard to get rid of.

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You’re my French Connection, GF :+1: Do you happen to know anyone who has ordered from the states yet? I suppose I can get on their website and see what the shipping might be from them to me. Now I’m thinking what I want my label to say, lol.


They didn’t give me that choice, they just put something on it other than nicotine :laughing:

It’s been a while since I’ve ordered cause I’m flush and on the other side of the world so you’ll have to check the price of shipping out for yourself :money_mouth_face: