Which CAP and TFA/TPA flavors

Okay guys, im going to order some Capella and Flavor Apprentice flavors. Im just wanting some suggestions on the best/most popular flavors from each brand. I like cereal, fruity, and dessert flavors the most. So give me some suggestions. Thanks guys!

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TFA French Vanilla Cream
TFA Strawberry Ripe
TFA Juicy Peach
TFA Blueberry Wild
TFA Blueberry Extra
TFA Horchata Smooth
TFA Cinn Sugar Cookie
TFA Milk Chocolate
TFA Malted Milk
TFA Raspberry Sweet
TFA Mex. Liquour
TFA Peanut Butter
TFA Vanilla Swirl
TFA Banana Cream

These are the only TFA Flavors I use and feel they are quite nice. I personally use much more of Flavor West flavors. As far as Cap flavors, I can not help you…

I havent looked into flavor west yet. Im fairly new to the mixing game. But I’d also be interested in what you prefer from Flavor West @ringling

Also thanks for the reply @ringling

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One more TFA Caramel (original). OK I’ll name some FW flavors but I have many so I will name some

All FW Flavors

Blackberry (Natural)
Marshmallow (For juice sweetening 2% or less)
Bavarian Cream
Yellow Cake
Vanilla Cupcake
Sugar Cookie
Butter Pecan
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Kalhua & Cream
Double Dutch Chocolate
Natural Mango
Gummi Bear (Use this for a touch of cherry flavor)
Menthol (Liquid)

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FW Capt Crunch Berries

NicotineLabs.com (Delosi Flavors)

Black Licorice

I would suggest browsing the recipes here and finding some that appeal to your sense of taste, then make a list of flavorings required to make such…

Also, read the comments on some of the flavorings you are interested in.

For instance… If I were interested in a Raspberry, which one do ELR people prefer?

I’d click on ‘Flavor List’, search on ‘raspberry’, then click on the ‘Recipes’ column to get the
flavoring with the most recipes at the top of the list. Then I’d click on the first couple of flavorings listed there
and read what others say about them.

You are making an investment, so it’s worth your time to research.

Just my humble opinion. :smile:
Let us know if you need help with anything else.


Cap - Yellow Peach - Sweet Tangerine - Sweet Cream - Vanilla Custard v1- Sweet Strawberry

TFA - Dragonfruit - Caramel Original - Graham Cracker (Clear) - Brown Sugar Extra- Dulce de Leche - Ripe Banana - Strawberry Ripe

I did exactly what you are doing when I ordered my first round of flavors. I ordered all the most popular flavors. I ended up with one or two flavors of all the top recipes, but not enough to make anything. 2 weeks later I had to order a bunch more.

I would suggest searching your favorite flavor you are vaping (mine was watermelon.strawberry) and getting all the flavors to make that, then if you still want to order a few more. Put the ones you know you are going to order into your flavor stash and start searching by flavor stash. If anything jumps out at you order those flavors to.

This is very true when you have limited experience. I look at what I posted and can see several mixes… but you may not see it that way.

One mistake I made was trying to mix before I knew how certain flavors interact.

Very good advice @cataplt and @Alisa:+1:

This will be never ending. I was trying to post flavors that are popular and close to what they should be. Kinda like must have flavors and a couple extras from the vendors he asked about. These are most of the only flavors I still use from Cap and TPA. There are a few more, but not many.

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I dont know what it is about TFA french vinilla cream but I dont like it. Maybe it’s the way I mix with it but it taste very harsh to me. Just sayin!!

I use it for mixing only. Most of the time 2%. Most I have ever used in a mix is 4%. It adds a nice taste and a mouth feel like cheesecake does. You are using the FV Cream and not the straight French Vanilla? There is a difference…

Here is what I have been using a lot of

TFA Caramel Candy
TFA Caramel Original
TFA Peanut Butter
TFA Marshmallow (comes in very handy)
TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
TFA Apple Pie
TFA Blueberry Wild
TFA Blueberry Extra
TFA Pie Crust

Cap Butter Cream
Cap Sweet Cream
Cap Graham Cracker
Cap Cinnamon Danish Swirl
Cap New York Cheesecake
Cap Vanilla Custard V1
Cap Sweet Strawberry

Vanilla Custard V1
Sugar Cookie
Cinn Danish Swirl
Chocolate Glazed Donut
Double Chocolate - it pretty dark colored
Sweet Strawberry
Simply Vanilla - Looks like this is in the reformation process (bummer)
Yellow Peach
Banana - Candy like Banana
Cup a Joe - very strong coffee flavor

Sweet Cream
Strawberry Ripe
Graham Cracker Clear
Grape Juice
Grape Candy
Juicy Peach

These are the flavoring i use most from the two companies that you asked about.

On a side note, it seems some of my favorites from CAP are being reformulated to remove AP, this saddens me as it means more BTA. YUCK, i hate BTA.

Are they not keeping the originals around like they have with their other v1/v2s? That’d be sad indeed…stock up, I guess and hope it keeps. :frowning:

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Looks like some have been removed from their line up, eggnog for one. I love their eggnog, so creamy, sooo much AP, yum. Ill just go back to LA Eggnog.


Oh man!! Coconut is on that list! I love Cap coconut. :angry: Guess I need to get a 4oz.

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Looks like one of those that they may keep a V1 of as it is still in the product lineup, i think you are safe but ya never know.

Eggnog and NY Cheesecake arent, me so sad.

That is sad. I just got turned on to the NY Cheesecake. :frowning: Why do people have to go and mess with a good thing? Guess I’ll have to find a new cheesecake.


I think I am stupid sensitive to EM and I think Strawberry Ripe has a fair share because I can’t taste things with it.