Which Vanilla Bean Ice-cream?

Which brand is considered best?

…to glob-on the apple pie, of course.

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I prefer Edy’s or BlueBell personally… :laughing:


YOU da comedian :smirk:

Which Vanilla Bean Ice-cream?

Actually, I’ve already chosen and gone with TFA - since the reviews seem more WOOWOO for that - and I’ll just cross my fingers I don’t get the dreaded “peppery taste” Peele whinge about.

I’m already afflicted with the strawberry-tastes-weird thing - surely vanilla ice-cream can’t also taste off to me.

No other vanilla flavours taste, abnormal, so me so it’ll be fine.

Just clicked go on a $400 order - larger than my average - but about a quarter of that is for a new device plus extra pods plus extra coils for this tiny, frustrating, feisty little pocket-rocket of a supervisor I’ve now got.

I will give it to her along with a few 15mL bottles of 50mg/mL salts in various flavours I’ll mix in the next day or two for the little bitch.

Tell her next time she’s getting stressed about how many rooms she’s gotta squeeze out her workers or getting the shits about our not managing unrealistic results and doesn’t have any time to go outside for an actual smoke, "take that in whatever empty room is nearest and go nuts - it’ll calm you RIGHT down, FAST."

The VB ice-cream has nothing to do with that, but I’ve not ordered it in any brand and don’t obviously want avoid duds, bbut reviews plus the number of units left told me TFA VBIC is at least acceptable


Course as well as calming her the fuck down, it’ll soften her up and since I don’t know anyone who vapes locally, I’ll be able to test out mixes in her and if she ever does catch me in a bathroom with vaporizer in my mouth, she’ll be doing it too so what’s she gonna say?

Once she’s gone in her office and tried it out a few times she’ll love me for it - especially with 50mg/mL salts - and that’ll lube her up for any extra hours I decide I wanna do.

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I suggest getting Liquid Barn Vanilla Ice Cream. It is so much better than TFA


Too late now :roll_eyes:

But they’reas also no LB at vapoureyes: only the major brands.

Which flavours of salt juices should I make up for her…

Thinking a 15mL bottle each of Custard, Osmanthus Flower & Honey and one Fizzy Fruit concoction to start her off: since I don’t know which flavour profile she’ll be into I want one dessert, one fruit and one obscure mix - to cover all bases.

That’ll sort the little bitch out.

Maybe stop her chewing my ears off nagging me all afternoon even.

Not only can she dose-up on nicotine anytime in any empty room, she’ll be all fluff and fuzzies about the sexy little pod setup I’ve given her - still unopened in its shrink wrap brand new with all the coils and super-potent juice in multiple flavours she’ll need for weeks for the foreseeable future at least - plus bonus extra pods so she won’t even need to clear a tank to change flavours - just pull em out and change them with that satisfying magnetic ‘clack’ and off she goes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

An all new toy that’s all hers with everything she needs to use it for weeks to come, by which time I’ll already have my new Apple-filling & Custard plus a smooth, creamy Gingerbread Cookie mixes ready.

Sometime between now and then I’ll add another 5 pack of coils to one my orders to give her, but I’ll tell her on day one that those little fuckers are $5/coil so don’t just be changing them every time your mood changes - only when they start tasting weird or bad; why I got you extra pods as well, so you can switch flavours anytime without needlessly binning your coils.


I wonder how much it would cost to send some to Australia? If you find it in your area give it try, you won’t be disappointed (probably). :grin:


When Scotty wanted to send me some of her favourite juice, we found the USPS international rate to Australia was anywhere from $USD20 right up to $USD100 - depending on the quality of mail class.

$20 I assume would get your package spat on then kicked onto the back of a mule; while $100 would get you express delivery in an actual cargo hold on an actual plane.

Of course, $USD100 == $AUD180, which in large part formed the reason I told her NO do NOT send me your favourite juice - I’d be reimbursing that postage because I’m not a freebie scab who sponges of people and there’s not a juice on earth worth nearly $200 a bottle to me.


I agree!

It is never too late, if I can have them both, so can you :grin:


truth right here.


I have both but I make more use of TPA’s. To me it has more flavor the the LB version. But that’s just me.


That’s what everyone says: gets to be as bad as political correctness - everyone always adding "…but taste is so subjective" to every fn opinion they have, when taste subjectively doesn’t shrink wrap the truth - that some concentrates are just better quality than others and taste has nothing to do with quality.

But that’s a good answer, since I went with the TFA VBIC, since that’s the one I’ve seen talked most positively about for months now.


TPA VBIC is all peppery to me. That’s why I don’t use it.


I said that because quite a few people favor LB’s version almost to the point of TPA being the minority choice. Actually there’s an Ice Cream Trinity that’s very good also. Uses Hansen French Vanilla Ice Cream, VIC (LB) and Vanilla Swirl (TPA). Try that as well.


I wouldn’t confine myself to just one but you are you and you do you. You might want to try TFA Vanilla Bean Gelato. It is quite tasty. I like it better than the VBIC.

To each their own