Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!

Our member @Whiterose0818 has found a new hobby and is offering his services for our community!
I thought that a picture review would be a great idea to not only let the community know but also a dedicated thread to show off his work!
I had him build me a custom PWM mod with a 3S Lipo battery.
I won’t go into details about PWM mods except to say that they are a proven design and very efficient.
It is very nice being able to control not only color of the mod but also being able to get a design etched into the side.You don’t have to worry about everybody having the same mod as you if you are into that type of thing!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Another important touch is the ability to choose what components that will go into your custom box.I was able to specify what fire button ,bezels ,and 510 connectors that I prefer as well as wire colors!

I am impressed by the fit and finish of this mod ! I have looked all over this box and have yet to find any flaw what so ever! I love the custom signature he is putting on the battery doors , a wonderful touch!


Just gorgeous! I love the signature too, of course I love my roses though!!! Congrats on the new Mod and it looks fantastic @Whiterose0818


The signature takes it to another level ! I also like the led blue light that is on the inside instead of having a light on the outside as most PWM’s have.The light gives details about the battery and lets you know when it is time to charge the lipo.I don’t care for the ones on the outside that light up every time you hit the power button although he has some lighted 510 now that may interest me on the next build!
I am already thinking about what I want next I think it may be time for a DNA 75 squonker! I know a few that would be good with that idea!:grinning:


thank you @Whiterose0818 here is a couple pics of mine which for now im using the smok tfv4 with a .15 coil im hoping to find an rta i fall in love with to dedicate to this mod if i cant ill probably put a clieto on it


I don’t know anything about these types of mods. Is lipo batteries better and I’m assuming needs a specific type of charger? Are they like a mech mod or do they have max wattage? How much are they?


I wouldn’t say Lipo’s are better , honestly dual 18650 batteries make the most sense.Lipo’s will give you more power so the vape time is increased a little .Lipo’s also need a separate charger .I can charge mine in a little less than 90 minutes.
PWM mods or Pulse Width Modulation send impulses rather than a straight voltage.You do need to know Ohms law but they are safer than say a unregulated mechanical mod.You can adjust either a dial as mine or the slide as @fidalgo_vapes has. This allows you to turn up the power as the battery drains if needed.
They are great IMO for their versatility , you can get a great vape without having to go through a menu or special sequence of pressing buttons to set it up.


i am honestly learning about them myself , cost depends on the set up yiu would want to ask @Whiterose0818 about price , its an easy set up though and im pretty ignorant when it come to electrical and stuff but this mod is easy i had a concern about not having a screen to tell me everything but a little reading and its simple , i think anyone who uses rda or rta should learn how to use the ohm law calculator anyway


i think its already been stated, but mods prices are based on each order. hit me if you want details!


Nice looking mods. Sent you a message asking for details!


Just putting this out there: I’ve received a few orders requesting cases with engravings, willl be making an order soon from my guy who does the cases with engravings…anybody else wanna get in on this?


I will send a p.m.after work , I have an idea for another one or two!:slight_smile:


i am considering trying my hand at stabilized wood…anybody know a good place to get some? preferably precut? i googled it and there are many options, so i thought maybe someone knows something/someone…

EDIT: i’ll try my hand at anything, so if there are suggestions, make em!


Did you get my PM ?


I did…I’m not too sure what I’m supposed to do?
I’m definitely not a woodsman…are you wanting me to create a sleeve/holder thingy?


No it turns your Proveri into a squonk mod

And I would have to create that wood part, right?

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Yes … if you are going to start to work with stabilized wood this would be a good starter project

Um, ok…I need to see some parts. I need…insight.


I have the Fatdaddy BF 510 and the ego adapter take a look at the Todd video that is in the PM

I’m in the middle of a build…when I get a minute, I will. This sounds like a challenge, and I like challenges!