Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!

Yep that was on the way to practice to surprise my friend :+1:


OMG That is a sexy beast.


Thank you. WhiteRose does a fantastic job with all his mods. :dizzy:


Looks like I’m going to be joining the WhiteRose club. I’ve spent the last week chatting with him, and we’ve finalized a nice set up for me. At first I was leaning towards a DNA build, but he swayed me towards the Smart PWM 2.2 board. Since he’s got the enclosure in stock, He should have it in the mail in a few days!

So excited about this, my first custom mod, and it couldn’t come from a cooler individual!


You will not be disappointed. You will look at all other mods and be like, “Why can’t you guys perform like that?”


I second that ^^^^


I second that second so i guess I third it.


I’ll 4th it and say it’s all true… everything good you have read about Whiterose mods. It’s not hype or because he’s such a nice guy. It’s quality and can now say for myself, everything tastes better on a WR mod. From the first pull I took, I knew it was special. Flavors I didn’t taste before, I do now. How does a mod do that? I don’t really know. It just does.
Every serious vapor needs to have one or two or… in their hand.
And when @Whiterose0818 starts making flashlights, I’ll order one of those too. :wink:


I fourth or fifth or whatever xxth we are on, that :point_up_2:t3:.
You can not put WhiteRose mod and disappointed in the same sentence.


Unless it has a not in there


What not, whatnots, not what’s, doesn’t matter. WhiteRose mods are the best mods available.
AND … I should be receiving my second one tomorrow!!


Yeah, I’ve been lusting after one since November, so since I got a little extra money come in unexpectedly I new I had to go for it. Of course, now I’m looking for a new tank to go with it, since I can’t top something like this with my crummy old TFV8! So the hunt continues.


I now have a pair of Roses. Working my way up to a dozen.


Mine’s supposed to be here tomorrow, as well as 7 VTC5As and a BFT plus, along with some new building supplies. I can barely contain myself.


I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight, lol.


Well good news and bad news. The good news is that my new mod landed safe and sound, and my BFT plus I’ll be able to pick up from the post office at 4 (apparently, the carrier thought that only three cars a trailer and 3 motorcycles in the driveway meant no one was home to sign). The bad news is that the post office decided that the quickest way from Texas to Pennsylvania was through Los Angeles, California, so I have no idea when my VTC5As will be here. Oh well, I’ve been waiting since November to try out a Whiterose mod, what’s a couple more days?

Of course, pics are a must


Beautiful :heart_eyes:


@phager Just GREAT, now I want MORE @Whiterose0818 in my life !!!

Words don’t do that justice Sir…

If you don’t mind, give us some details on that beauty ??


Just got the tank in and built, it looks a bit comical on my RX200, but sits perfectly on the Whiterose ZOMGWTFBBQ:

As for details, I knew I wanted a stabwood/acrylic for my first custom mod. Originally I was looking for a DNA 250 chip, since I’ve always wanted one, but he Whiterose explained that unless you need temp control (which I haven’t used in probably six months or more) the PWM boards give an excellent vape experience.

After reading all the reviews of his PWM mods, it really didn’t take much convincing to sway me. He gave me a pic of four different enclosures, and this one really spoke to me. Of course if it didn’t, I always had the option of a custom enclosure, but since this one was so nice, I saw no reason to wait for a custom box. Since the box was so dark, he recommended a black FDV 510 and black mitec switch (super clicky!) The board is a Smart PWM V 2.2. whenever those batteries show up, I can give my thoughts on performance, but I have no doubt it’ll blow my mind.

The only problem is, this one is so pretty, it’ll probably stay home most of the time, so I’ll have to get another (less expensive) one for my daily “beater”.


That is absolutely a gorgeous mod! Excellent choice and props to @Whiterose0818 on the build.

I would have to find a couple of batteries to throw in there to try it.