Who else is waiting patiently for orders placed last week?

Last week I ordered from 2 different vendors. One in NC and the other MD. The orders were sent to the shippers the same day, but then the storm hit. I would imagine deliveries are piling up which is going to make it take even longer. Anyway, not really bitching because shit happens, just wondered if anyone else is suffering the same pain.

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I placed an order coming from New York late Friday and it will be in Indiana Thursday Morn.

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I have received mine from last week. Placed the orders around the 18th. Then the snow hit. I got one from Bull City Vapor yesterday, and one from Wizard Labs today…along with a new carburetor for my “new to me” generator. I’m too old and it got too cold to be without power. The generator is now functional and I have a few new flavors to play with. :slightly_smiling:
Not sure where you are at, I’m in south central Kentucky. We had over a foot since last Weds.
It shouldn’t be too much longer for you.

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Ordered 20 new flavors last Thursday from BCV when they posted the new FLV line. Tracking says it’ll be here tomorrow… I’ll be waiting at the mailbox…


I ordered from BCV on Thurs too…I waited to submit it till I saw FLV. Anyway I won’t get mine till Friday (I’m in MI). Took 2 days to get from NC to MI. Usually takes them less than a day.

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I have a FT order that cleared customs on the 21st, departed Flushing NY on the evening of the 22nd (Friday). When it left NY, USPS updated the tracking to reflect expected delivery date of 1/25. It still shows an expected delivery date of 1/25 as of 15 min ago… Grrrr…

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Raises hand. I knew when I ordered it might be delayed, thankfully it’s just a small order LOL

I ordered from California (Coil Master kit), tracking says it’s due here (Florida) on saturday.
Smooth, quick sailing until it reached Atlanta yesterday morning at 3am…then no tracking(USPS) updates.
I checked my tracking at 10am this morning and it’s got that yellow banner that tells me it’s going to be delayed, greeeeeat!
So then I look at it, to gather facts before posting this, and SURPRISE! It actually left Atlanta at 4am yesterday and is now in Orlando…so by estimate I REALLY should have it tomorrow.

So to sum it up…USPS tracking sucks, and they are full of blanket excuses.
This is nothing new for this Monopoly that is poorly run and operated.
Rain, sleet and snow are nothing new…and a 2 cent stamp sent first class got to its destination quicker and with less excuses…albeit that did not include tracking to watch over the process…but as poorly as tracking works, and how packages are neglected (sometimes for days), I can see them doing away with tracking in the not so distant future, for “financial reasons”.

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try dealing with Fed Ex then you’ll worship USPS… 2 orders they have claimed to have been deposited on my porch weren’t there… I’ve canceled the order and within a day they miraculously show up and then I have to repay because I got funds back. Total nightmare with Fed Ex here.

I can’t recall the last time I received anything from fedex.
I do like how UPS under promises and over delivers though…to bad the other carriers never learned how to excel with the customer service end of the shipping game.

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I’m joining this group.
But I’ll be here a while. Ordered from FastTech

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Waiting on my order from FA UK since Feb 16th. Hurry hurry!

Michelle, I’m sure you are just trying to forget all about your Fed Ex woes by now, and you are enjoying your merchandise. Just wanted to say… Isn’t it harder to correct red tape once it went wrong! Hope better times are ahead. xo

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Hey Joy… the UK stuff isn’t late LOL I expected a 10 day at least on the ones before? Yes it is. I still don’t understand why they would state something is delivered that obviously hadn’t been? If I weren’t an honest person those payments would not have been given since they effectively canceled the order each time. To me that’s just ya know… bad business. I’m sure they’ve lost lots of money doing things that way. :slight_smile:

Exactly. Makes you wonder how they can continue to do business when they are so mixed up and confused. It’s the people who do as little as possible and then there’s the people who ruin it for the honest ones. I think I’ve got PSD and can’t even call the bank cause my pin won’t work - again! I have a fear that nothing will go smoothly. All the red tape, jerks and slackers have worn me thin. Now I know why old people are cranky because it has hit me.
I’m on here trying to get a reply to my question from yesterday, and maybe you might have an opinion. VaporWorld sells PG and VG for 1 gallon $24 with is much cheaper than MyFreedomSmokes where I’ve paid about $16 for 1 liter. Is there a difference in quality of PG VG or are they all the same? I’m down to having only 1 liter of each and I’d like to do some mixing.
It says it is USP and Kosher: https://www.vaporworld.biz/propylene-glycol-electronic-cigarettes/

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I wish I had a clue Joy. I’ve only bought from Onestop and Ecigexpress :frowning: Everyone I hear from though get’s their PG VG from Essential Depot or Bulk Apothecary

Well I haven’t done any comparison shopping. I’m going to compare with NicRiver and EcigExpress. they are both good people.

Onestop is personal for me because I love the person that runs it… and she sends candy hahaha. Ecigexpress has never done me wrong so I tend to stick with folks I trust. I wish I knew more about PG/VG the way I see it I trust anything on onestops site because Kimber is such an advocate for health in DIY :slight_smile:

This has been a disappointing week for my vape orders. BCV order arrived promptly, but the cheap-o box was virtually demolished when it arrived. Thankfully everything was still in the box, and only one small leak from one of the bottles. I emailed pics of the box to BCV, and got a quick reply and apology from Jeff at BCV, saying he was going to bring it up at the next managers meeting, and use it for training purposes for future orders. I wont hesitate to order from them again. I’m blaming it on USPS brutality. but a better box may have prevented it. At least everything got here.

2nd order didn’t go as well. Ordered 2 tanks & 2 packs of rebuildable CLR coils from World Of Vape over a week ago. WOV has always been my go-to for tanks & coils. Always had prompt shipping and good prices. What usually took 2 or 3 days turned into 8 days. I checked the tracking. Littleton CO to Denver, to Baltimore (I’m in Detroit) to New Jersey, to Allen Park MI, and finally to my local PO. That’s at least 7 trucks and 4 USPS sorting facilities.

When the cheap-o bubble envelope arrived, the end was blown out, and two tanks inside, but no coils. I’m sure that during some backhand sorting flip, ala frisbee, the coils broke through the end of the chintzy paper flap.

WOV suggested filing claims with USPS, along with theft claims, if I thought theft was the issue. It wasn’t theft. Why steal the coils and leave the tanks they fit? For $20 in coils, I wasn’t going to waste my time with the USPS claims runaround. Who packs 4 BOXES (2 tanks & 2 boxes of coils) into a cheap-o envelope?

WOV wont be seeing any more of my money. Lots of other vendors out there to choose from.

On a brighter note. I had to order a special tool to do a repair on my truck, and it was supposed to arrive tomorrow. It arrived a day early! (Amazon Prime)

When I go to my farm in Raleigh NC, I make a big order to BCV and the next day I go to BCV in Durham NC and pick it up:)