Who has the best butterscotch flavoring

Hello, I was looking at butterscotch flavoring on Heartlandvapes.com and the Flavour Art brand was almost three times as much as the Flavor West for a 4oz bottle. Is it really that much better? I would appreciate anyone who has tried the Flavour Art brand to chime in and tell me if it’s worth the extra dough. Thank you…


As a general rule, anything FA is generally better just because it is more concentrated, higher quality, and more true to the actual flavor. However, in some cases, the ‘real’ flavor isn’t what you necessarily want. For instance, I don’t really like FA banana because to me, it tastes like a real, slightly underripe banana. I want an overly ripe or candy banana flavor most of the time.

As far as butterscotch, FW is said to have one of the best. I haven’t tried it. I do have FA butterscotch but can’t really say how great it is single flavor. I haven’t had a chance to test it yet. There’s a thread on butterscotch/butter rum here.


I doubt it. I do use FW Butterscotch and it is quite good. Maybe the best tasting butterscotch there is. FA is by far more concentrated but that does not mean it tastes the best. Myself, I go for flavor, not concentration. For me personally, that will never change. Let’s just say it’s doubtful you will be disappointed if you go with the FW brand…


Yup. Have to agree with you there; tried them all and FW wins. :+1:


I agree, FW does have the best single flavor Butterscotch of the 2.

Is this true for all flavors…?


Thanks +Ringling ! I have heard a lot of people say that the FW flavorings and the butterscotch in particular is the best you can buy. I get almost all of my flavorings from TPA buy I’m going for the FW butterscotch.


[quote=“VapinDave, post:6, topic:41438”]
is the best you can buy.
[/quote]They have some good ones… but they are not a top brand. You need mad skillz to master this brand.


Thanks for your reply. I’m going for the FW butterscotch after reading yours and some other replies to my question.


Yes, of course it’s true. I see no reason to buy a flavor, though more concentrated, that does not taste as good. Makes sense, right? Seems logical if nothing else. I will admit I do not shop around for flavors as much as you guys do since my purposes for blending are different, but, I seriously doubt my attitude would be different. If something tastes better than something else, I’m gonna go with the one that taste best whether it is the more concentrated, or the weaker. It’s all about taste in my book…


Be aware, I like a whole lot of FW flavors, but like all flavor companies, not all flavors are good. Some even suck. In my opinion 50% of FW Fruit flavors are either soso, or just plain bad. I use a combo of FW, TPA, and Delosi in my recipes. Those who have used FW products know how to use them and good results follow with this knowledge. I imagine this could be said for any flavor company…

I’m just a little confused is why I posted the question. So you recommend flavors based your needs as a vendor or the best all around flavors? I do the same as you and try to buy the best version irreguardless of concentration or vendor. So you’re saying all the flavors in your stash are the best flavors in your opinion or the best for your business?

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I agree. I buy based on two things normally, right or wrong:

  1. Best flavor
  2. Curiosity

I’ll buy a different brand of flavoring just to try it, but I will only repurchase based
on taste.
FW Butter Pecan
CAP Cake Batter
Flavorah Boysenberry
FA Vienna Cream
VaporFlavors Strawberry Wild
Medicine Flower WAtermelon

Those above are flavors I’ve tasted from several vendors (where available) and found the above to
be superior (IMHO).


Being I have a business I use the best flavors that I can buy from only three companies. As a business I have to keep it simple and cost effective. Least ship costs, etc, etc. Things would probably be different both companies used, flavor brands used, if all my blending was for my personal. I can guarantee though, many of the flavors I use would not be changed. I searched high and low for the taste I was looking for when I had to discontinue the majority of the Vapor Shots (Now Delosi) line and would not want to do that ever again. Some flavors are not replaceable, that’s why I still use Delosi Watermelon and Honeydew (Not Candy, Real Fruit Flavor). Actually their Mocha is another flavor I could not replace so I discontinued it instead. Yes, things would be different to some degree if a business was not involved but, many things would stay the same…


Any chance we could get a recipe now that it’s discontinued? Totally respect if you’d rather not, just thought it couldn’t hurt to ask. :wink:

Ha, Ha, no recipe what so ever, it was one of the few tasty standalone flavors out there. Customers really liked it and I thought it was tasty as well. Both FW and TFA would have required a recipe to duplicate and I just was not gonna try to clone it. You know the kinda time it takes to try to clone something…

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Don’t you wish everybody did? :wink:


Just like mods and tanks has changed tremendously since I started vaping… so has flavors and vendors. A lot of my early mixing problems were using standard flavors. Since I’ve moved to more of the premium (higher priced more concentrated flavors) most of my mixes has improved.

In this day of high vg… high percentage flavors are even weaker. A lot of them are not spot on on top of that. It’s all about research and math. A higher price low % flavor can be more economical than a weak flavor when it comes to $ per ml of eliquid. I’ve learned to do the math and most times it all balance out and I get better, spot on flavor.


@VapinDave, you will find, as all of us have over time, some flavors from some vendors will hit your fancy and others will not…it’s a trial and error kinda thing. There are many varying opinions on flavors and flavor vendors/manufacturers in the vaping community.

When it comes down to it, taste is subjective and you choose what tastes good to you, no matter the opinion of others. High price or low price, that doesn’t matter in the end; what tastes good to you is the key to your mixing and vaping happiness.


You found that to be true with the Hangsen Tobaccos that you scoffed at when I asked you about them.

If you work with any brand long enough you will figure them out. Some are easier than others. For some vendors, the name on the label is what’s in the bottle. It’s a battle of old and new… People can say what they will… FA, FLV, INW, MF is percentage wise across the entire brand , more spot on and a lot less confusing to learn. Lower usage % makes them cost effective.


You know, I think TFA tends to get a bad rap. I mean, they have a lot of bad flavors, that is inarguable. But they have a freaking ton of offerings, so they have a lot of good flavors too.

Your point to is valid and I agree with the sentiment about mixing more easily, that’s also hard to argue against. But flavors like TFA dragonfruit, huckleberry, green tea and a lot more are keepers for me that are just as easy to work with as INW and FA.

One thing I keep wondering is TFA Acai. I got a 4ml? sample and it is so strong that 1 drop in 30ml of VG will light your lungs on fire. I’m wondering if I got some kind of super concentrate on accident. I have yet to dilute it to where I can even taste it.