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Hi all
I’m looking to make some juice after buying loads of concentrates and not being happy with the majority of what I make
I’m looking to find good mixers like enyawreklaw? But I can’t find many others to follow and try. they look as though they make good juice using loads of different concentrates so
This is before I buy a load more flavours again

Hope this makes sense and doesn’t offend people :slight_smile:
Thank you

My advice is simple:

First off add your flavor concentrates to the “flavour stash” - User - My Flavor Stash, click on “What can i make” at the top of that list.

Find what types of liquid you enjoy vaping: dessert? Fruit? Tobacco?
Search for those in the recipe list and try 10ml of ones you like the look of.

Once you pin down the types of liquid you like you can steer your budget / attention to those types of flavors

Following people is all personal preference, if they are making liquids that suit your tastes, follow them.

EDIT: You could also sort the recipe list by rating and try the most popular recipes, thanks @DIYer_Straits

Happy Vaping!


I wouldn’t say you want to follow me since I don’t really post my recpies because they are adaptations.

That being said…adapt adapt adapt.
I adapt recpies from everybody here with pretty good sucess. Some recpies are really hard to adapt to get the same results, but many I find are pretty good.

Who do I stalk. Everybody. I have adapted recpies from…
@@@@@@@@@ and 20 others.

The only other recomendation is to look at how active are they in the forum. Are their recpies highly rated…and have notes and !!!user comments?

From there…do you know your flavors well enough to adapt and build a recpie? Are you will to read all the notes on each flavor?

Keep in mind, here at ELR it’s free of charge. No monthly subscriptions here.


A lot of great advice here already, the best being…

^^This is the most important thing you could do^^
…get to know your flavors.

In the beginning, you’ll need something that’s at least “vapeable” to keep your tank going as you learn. Try a few simple mixes you find that are only 3 or 4 flavors at most to try.

As those are curing, mix up as many single flavors as you can (10ml samples), wait about 2-4wks then dive in on testing them. Make plenty of notes in your “flavor stash” and try to be descriptive as possible. I know the flavor notes are public but I consider them MY notes and some of my reviews can be extremely brutal but that reminds of exactly what I tasted when testing.

Let your nose lead the way. The olfactory system (in your nose) is much more powerful at telling your brain what things taste like so sniff your flavors when deciding where to start. I tried to make 10 solo shots every weekend in the beginning, more than that seemed overwhelming specially when I was looking at a mountain of flavors that needed tasting…

…and remember, if you’re making a mix that you think should work, kinda works or mostly works but something’s missing… post it on the forums and ask for some input :sunglasses:


GREAT advice from the guys above.

I have one question though, that might help us help you more specifically…

What ejuice have you been vaping? What flavor profiles do you prefer?

Just buy as much flavor possible. Wizard Labs has $1.49 samples. Figure out what you like and who here has similar taste. Everyone’s different and we’ve all been where your at.
He who has biggest flavor stash wins! :laughing::laughing:


“She” who has biggest flavor stash wins!

Fixed that for ya… :smirk:


Oh yea I forgot it’s a woman’s world now.
To be politically correct The person with biggest flavor stash wins. :muscle:t6:


I’m with @Alisa on this, nothing personal but it sounds like your going about this back-ass-words. MY suggestion is first think about what you like (not who you like), do a couple searches in the recipe area for that (the what you like), start small… say you like peach… look at the notes and what others have said they use it with in recipes, look at those recipes and decide if it’s something that you might like. Do this same thing with a bunch of different recipes for the peach or whatever. After a bit you will most likely start seeing the same names of people who made what your looking at.
Like @Chrispdx, I don’t list my recipes too much, most of them are what I have gotten from here, but had to change it a bit because I might be using different brands of flavors or whatever. I really see no need to put up the same recipe as someone else (unless it really changes something to the point that it is different type of mix) just because I changed flavor brands.
I follow a couple of people, mainly because I have tried a couple of their recipes and I might see something they put up again that I might want to try. Most the time when I see a new recipe of theirs go up, I don’t make though. I would not suggest buying a lot of different flavors just because “they are out there”. But when first starting purchase flavors that fit into those initial recipes that you researched. I say this because I still have a dozen flavors I never have even tried even after purchasing them with high hopes months ago… Grapefruit, Irish Cream, Oba Oba, Pie Crust, Unicorn Vomit… all good flavors, just haven’t played with them. I have too many juices mixed right now that I have steeped and waiting patiently for me to use as it is… they are like tribbles.


Hehe, didn’t mean to sound PC lol. I believe the title was been held by Amy for awhile now :smiley:


This is the exact reason I’m trying to stick with creating 2-5 flavor recipes for quite a while. So new folks searching the recipes can find stuff that doesn’t require purchasing 15 obscure flavorings, lol. I don’t make any of my stuff public until it tastes good, and I keep adaptations private.

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I think she is the flavor queen for sure. Atleast I bow to her experiance. :+1::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::dash::dash::dash:

And yes I suck at emojis


Haha, never thought of my flavors this way… fitting description though

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Thanks for all your replies
I’m in the UK I have 50 flavours , normally I make custards and try make a juice I have bought, I have a few that work but a lot of my trial and error juices I don’t like… what I was saying is when I read recipes from people with high ratings I fancy making some of there’s but I wanted to know who was the top mixers I wanted to make some of theirs for a try of some nice juice
I am still learning and very much interested so I will have to knuckle down and and see what works with what and as you say smell them first etc cheers

You may like:
@Alisa and http://tjek.nu/r/LEA
@Mourning_Glory and http://tjek.nu/r/372j
or possibly one of @Alisa DaMomma’s mixes…

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Thanks il check them out :slight_smile:

One thing to remember is that when you get a recipe from someone is to use the same brands of flavors in that recipe as they have listed, the same flavor from different manufacturers can be dramatically different. Also some flavors don’t play well together, but if you use the same flavors from different companies you might find out it’s great.


Also, FWIW, if/when you see “Stone” in the title when searching through those recipes…it’s not easy to decipher some of the mixing ‘jargon’ when you first start.

EG: “Custard Stone”.
In this case, Stone refers to a ‘base mix’, or stone as in: foundation (meaning a premixed concoction that someone loved so much, that it’s now become a ‘base ingredient’ for them) as opposed to listing those same components over and over in every variation of the recipe that follows…
ie: Blueberry Custard, Apple Custard, etc, etc.

The basis being all they now have to do is add ‘x’ amount of the stone, and then the ‘added spotlight flavor’ to that, and voila! Instant new flavor, that’s still a member of their custard family!!


I normally buy what I fancy but there is far too many to choose from
I do like to make my own up but this time I wanted to make what other great mixers have available
Also I want to make some complex deserts with a lot of flavours and I’m willing to keep buying what I don’t have in my stash :slight_smile:

Since my mind is always in the gutter… the first thought that came to mind was… size doesn’t matter lol

While the comcept of needing a vast (or even large) assortment of ingredients to make a “complex” recipe, the only thing that really matters is that it tastes good to you (unless your selling or giving juice away to others…) of course half the fun of diy is mixing (at least for some of us… others just do it cause it’s cheaper… me I like the sense of accomplishment… if I couldn’t diy I probably wouldn’t vape). Some simple recipes can taste “complex” and some “complex” recipes can taste like shit (that’s french for bad…so pardon my french). I have a few 10 ingredient recipes that I really like and some 5 ingredient ones I like just as well… I am one of those few that dove in and started mixing then combine juices together often… I have only used a couple tries at single flavors and as much as I hate to advise people to do something I personally haven’t done myself. Prior to mixing large quantities of flavors without really knowing how they are going to work and play together… that is the proper way of learning. I basically used the “cookbook©” method, like opening a cookbook and getting the ingredients it called for and baking a cake… sometimes it works… and sometimes the cake falls.