Who's your favorite US-based ordering source for flavorings?

Looking for feedback from the community who’ve you found to be trustful, reliable and reasonably priced for your flavor-ordering needs? Why do you like doing business with them? Are they well-stocked? Is their website secure and have they been in business for awhile? Do they stock mixing supplies?

I’ve used https://wizardlabs.us/ over the last year on multiple occasions, they’ve been really good on all fronts so far and their customer service is good and fair, but they’re currently my only source and I’m looking for a few other good sources that I could rely on and go-to if Wizard Labs doesn’t have in stock what I need pronto.

If you’re a vendor replying, please be upfront and say so in your reply.



Nicotine River
BullCity Vapors
Gremlin DIY
*in that order
Speciality Flavors:
One Stop DIY
DIY FlavorShack


Nicotine River

Top two are my go-to and are both tied for number 1

Flavorah direct
Bullcity flavors
Liquid barn
Goodearthbeauty.com ( mf flaves )


Nude Nicotine
Bull City Flavors
Nicotine River
ECig Express


Everyone else has covered it already lol so I’ll go into a little more detail. Nicotine River is a great one stop shop for nic, vg/pg, and flavors, if you hate paying shipping charges then they are your best bet. I use bull city flavors to get some flavors that nicriv doesn’t carry, like liquid barn vanilla ice cream.

If I go anywhere besides those two places it’s for a flavor that neither carry, like jungle flavors, other than that I only use those two for simplicity’s sake, and if you spend $50 at nicriv then shipping is free, and I hate paying for shipping lol


For flavorings, vg and pg- Bull City Flavors. Can’t beat their turnaround time and they’re local for me.
For nic, pg and vg- Liquid Barn
I like Medicine Flower for… well…Medicine Flower Flavorings
Ecig Express and Nic River are very good but I only use them if I can’t get what I’m looking for at Bull City.


Who is my favorite? Bull city flavors just because of how fast their shipping is. Even though it’s across the country I still get my orders faster than a competitor that’s just 4 hours from me. Go figure.


Yes Nicotine River is good if you can manage to spend the $50. Otherwise it’s been my experience on a few occasions that they tack on excessive shipping charges. I don’t always have $50 worth of product I need to order so in that case I prefer Bull City and ECX. I go to Vapors Tek for my nic.


BCF is my first stop always. NR or ECX for flavors BCF doesn’t carry. LNW or NR for salts. LNW has great customer service support.


We should RE-do this thread in the form of a poll, and allow maybe up to 3-4 choices per voter. Would be interesting to see how it would tally up.


To be honest I think it would end up ecx, bcf, and nr at the top with a random rotating for the 4th position.


I’m more comfortable having OEM bottles.

So, BCF for (Cap) and (Flav)
Delosi Direct for them

Need to find a USA source for (FA) - OEM and others.’

Ive out grown TPA stuff, time to move on. :rofl: Added: Not knocking them it’s just - I can’t say if it’s the flavors or bad re-bottling, just had to many bad experiences using them.


Kudos to you. A diverse stash is your best friend!

I ordered from BCF and Nic River on Friday (minutes apart)… I got my BCF order today (Monday)… I haven’t even got a shipping notification from NR yet. I was kind enough to let them know in the survey they asked me to take today… when I checked the status of my order.

So BCF for me!


I had 2 orders shipped to me from BCF one order on the 29th Of December another on the 1st of January. Both Have arrived the last one on the 4th. Ordered this from Nicotine River:

Order #119855

December 29, 2018 10:14AM

Just today the shipping label was printed. I am a bit unhappy Nicotine River had been my favorite shop.


Well I do order a little from the states and by chance ordered from Nic River on the 28th of December when I say it arrived today most of you will :roll_eyes: but for me 11 days from order to delivery to Australia with holidays in between is pretty damn impressive.


I suppose you could still bitch like so many other clueless chuckle heads we have here.


I’m trying to figure out the intent of your post. Of the vendors I use, BCF and NR are my top 2. But BCF kills NR when it comes to shipping. NR’s shipping can be pretty erratic at times… including their shipping prices.


Sry, had just finished reading up posts after a week off and it seems very few understand that there will obviously be delays during the Holiday let alone after a big sale.


I mentioned NRs taking a week to print a label and a competitor ships out 2 more recent orders in half the time. Clueless my ass, If you search a little you will find shipping has been an issue with NR for sometime now, getting slower and charging erratically. @woftam 11 days are good. Mine took longer to just print out a shipping label within the continental united states not sure. Clueless?


I wasnt replying to you so am not sure why you are to me. If you are not one of the mentioned then carry on.