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Who's your favorite US-based ordering source for flavorings?


Ok, if you say so, it was a reply not to me yes, but you pointed a finger with a shot gun effect. I get ya,thanks


My one and only issue with NR.


BCF pretty much owns order fulfilment times.
BCF ordered 12/26 received 12/28
NR ordered 12-28 received 01/08


If you ever decide to order elsewhere, some of the fine vendors mentioned offer 24/7/365 day discounts. (if you know the code :thinking:)


Thank you, @Kanamit! I had pretty much forgotten about that. :smile:


BCF, ECX, for variety and speed, Heartland, Nicotine River, for bulk.


Thanks for the feedback everyone. Certainly will look into many of your recommendations.

To give Nicotine River a fairer shake on the shipping issues I’m reading here, I remember getting a newsletter from them a while back that they were affected by the Cali wildfires, so I wouldn’t be surprised of some impact there, affecting not only their people but mail and distribution too from that part of the country.


Hi, DIY liquid noob here, pretty advanced otherwise- actually this is my first post here, so I hope I’m doing this right- forums intimidate me!

I agree that BCF is amazing- I can’t believe the selection and comparison to NR, who I began with.

But, speaking of as shipping, seems that unless you’re spending at least $50, they both get you. I just placed a big order with BCF and couldn’t have been happier. But I forgot a couple flavors and went back to spend $20. Shipping is $11! For USPS at that.

Is it best to buy only when I’m going to meet that free shipping amount? When I spent the $50 at NR, they shipped less quickly, but used UPS and it was quick in transit.

BCF shipped $50 via FedEx and was faster in packing and transit, but NR sent me 5 2oz bottles of samples. Thing is, only one of them is anything I’d ever use.

Okay. I’m writing a book here (hazard of the trade) when really, I just want to know who does better for an under $50 order.

Also, what does LNW stand for?

Anyone feel free to answer, I just know you (Letitia) seemed in the know about shipping.

TIA. On my way to learn best percentages for flavorings. I’m in Utah and down to my last two sites that will ship here, so I have to get my Cap’N Crunch Berry going ASAP! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again! :heart:


Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers. I use their salts primarily but also have their freebase, happy with the quality of both.

Never had shipping be so high from BCF for 2 flavors, what size bottles did you order? Usually under 4.00 for a few bottles for me there. Shipping price is determined by box size, sometimes it’s cheaper to order a more of the smaller bottles of the same flavor rather than one of the larger size.


I’m surprised not to see diyvaporsupply on this thread. They have always been spot on with shipping and their selection is huge and varied. Lots of obscure flavors along with the usual suspects. They have Nature’s Flavors and RF, so I shop there quite a bit for PG-free flavors. Never had an issue.
Second is ECX, and always NR for nicotine.



I received three orders from Nic River without issue. All came in a very timely matter all within this year. Everything was packaged great and they stayed in contact since I was in and out of town. Not one order was sitting out unattended and very pleased. :slight_smile:


I really like ecigexpress. My wife however ordered me some capela from Amazon so if you have a super time receipt and willing to pay like 50% more that’s a good place to go for some flavors at least for 2 days shipping anyway


Outstanding point @Plunderdrum !!!


I hadn’t heard much about them until a couple people mentioned them on another recent thread. I’m sure everybody who uses them already knows this, but I was surprised by their GREAT price on 30ml Flavorah. I think I’ll be crossing a few things off my shopping list soon. :smile:


Ty for mentioning this . I just took a peak and their 30ml are only a couple bucks more than most companies 15ml … I’ll definitely be using them for some of my Flavorah flaves


And don’t forget the permanent coupon!


I’ll look that up ty …


BCF is my go to if I need something quick and there CS is outstanding. The only thing that bugs me is there 4oz Capella sizes are now rebottled, like OEM whenever possible. ECX is one of the only vendors that still offer OEM Capella 4oz sizes but I fear that might be changing.

NR is my go to for VG/PG and nic salts but gotta be patient, shipping is snail slow but hard to beat the prices. I also like that free shipping starts at $50 and you get 15ml for the same price as other vendors 10ml sizes if your looking to sample a new flavor.

I am not crazy about rebottled flavors unless I just want to sample a new flavor. For that reason I will generally make a Inawera order from https://e-aromashop.com/ once or twice a year. Takes longer to receive but price wise sometimes it is actually cheaper for some flavors.

ECX only for flavors I can’t get elsewhere but price wise you can generally do better from BCF or NR for everything else.

Glad diyvaporsupply was mentioned as I had forgotten about them but the one order I did place went great. The 30ml FLV option price is also a good deal as mentioned, FLV is my exception to the rule of OEM bottling as there OEM bottles suuuuuuuuck. Is the discount code listed in the ELR database?

Edit: Buy from DIY Vapor Supply. For 10% off use code: ELRECIPES


Nic River then BullCity… just wished one of them would carry that Holy vanilla ingredient… been wanting to try that for awhile now



DIYVS or Chefs… so far as I found out

Your may have to rethink your next order like me.

Im going with Chefs cause they have other harder to get stuff and shipping to the US is ridiculously inexpensive.